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December 27, 2014

7 Dramatic Responces To PSN Going Down

PSN was alledgey hacked on Christmas Day, these are some of the most dramatic reponses I've seen.

Can You Soda It?

Pickle juice soda anyone?

Every Time I Go On Facebook

facebook sucks amirite

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Stands His Ground After Offending Christians On Twitter

His Christmas Day tweet was a masterclass in trolling. h/t Gothamist

Struggles All Unemployed Grads Know

Welcome to the real world.

This Week's Top 10 Champions Of Extreme Cuteness

The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were the definite champions of cute. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

This "NYPD Funeral" Photo Being Shared On Twitter Is Not From Today

Thousands of police officers from around the country attended the funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos on Saturday, but an old photo is being shared online.

Egyptian Court Reduces Sentences For Eight Men In "Wedding Video" To One Year In Jail

The eight were originally sentenced to three years in jail for appearing in a video that seemed to show two men exchanging wedding rings.

Teen Girl's Christmas Note To Her Divorced Dad Will Make You Smile

"I feel the most relaxed and comfortable when I am at your house."

15 Of The Most Satisfying Ironic Photos

IRONY: a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects.

High School Bans "I Can't Breathe" Shirts At Basketball Tournament

One team blocked from competing in the tournament was reportedly only reinstated on the condition that its players refrain from wearing the shirts.

26 Bold Cross Stitches You Need For Your Home

Because home is where the fart is. <3

25 ejemplares de bulldog francés columpiándose a lo grande

Dejemos un momento a un lado nuestras ocupadas y aburridas vidas para disfrutar de estos 25 perritos gozando de la brisa y columpiándose a lo grande. ¡Empuja con más fuerza, humano!

10 Facts About Taylor Swift You Probably Never Knew

Do you know the code name for the "Shake It Off" music video?

22 Grandparents Who Are Killing It On Facebook

Lots of love from your grandpa and Grandmaster Flash.

'90s Kids Rewatch '90s Nickelodeon

How does Catdog poop?

How Big Of A Sabofan Are You?

Hey Sabofans, it's been an awesome 2014. We've brought the funk to Harold Night and made Saturday night at Philly Improv Theater a weird and wonderful place with our fellow improv house teams (and rad friends). We performed at the Del Close Marathon and the Baltimore Improv Fest and worked our patooties off to be the best team we can be. We couldn't have done it without your loving support...and laughs. Okay, mostly the laughs. To celebrate this awesome year with our friends and fans, we want to know just how BIG of a Sabofan you are! May the odds be ever in your favor.

And Now A Collection Of The Most Terrifying Gifs Known To Man

Kick off the New Year with a Nightmare.

Thoughts You Have On Your Period

"I wonder how many other women in the world are bleeding right now?"

31 Headlines That Require Way More Explanation

It's almost as if they WANT you to read the article.

Things Women Don't Know About Their Bodies

Watch out for those high heels.

The Man Who Tried To Assassinate Pope John Paul II Has Laid Flowers At His Tomb

Mehmet Ali Agca shot the pope in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican in 1981.

Which Iconic '80s Film Are You?

With so many great films gracing the screen in the '80s it's hard to pick a favorite! No need to fret take this quiz and find your perfect movie match!

30 games that turn 10 years old in 2015

2005 was an amazing year in gaming. It was the year that Xbox 360 was released and the 'God of War' franchise got it’s start. Let’s take a look back at a great year that made millions of gamers very happy.

The 7 Best Websites To Procrastinate In 2015

It's almost 2015 now and I should be studying for my exams. But I don't feel like it, so I made this post about how to properly procrastinate, while I procrastinate. Have fun and please share your favorite websites in the comments.

23 señales que indican que antes trabajabas de camarero

Camarero una vez, camarero siempre.

Solid Driving Playlist...

Run, drive, and dance to these FAV ditties.

22 Of The Most WTF Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr

This website can make you question everything you ever knew.

How Ron Swanson Are You?

In other words: How much whiskey and freedom have you had today?

Somali Militant Leader, One Of America's Most Wanted, Surrenders

Al-Shabab leader Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi had a $3 million bounty on his head.

Top 10 Reasons There Should Be A Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie Reunion

We all know we want to see this! More Scooby gang!!!

This Pub Landlord's Rules For Christmas Drinkers Has Gone Viral

The Stoke Inn in Plymouth issues warning to "non-regular boozers" on Facebook.

5 Theological Arguments Proving The Existence Of Santa

I do. I do. I do believe in Santa.

19 Reasons Hugh Grant Would Make The Perfect Husband

The dancing scene from Love Actually should be enough to seal the deal.

32 Reasons Why Iceland Is The Best Country Ever

Reindeer, northern lights, zero crime, and cheese for breakfast.

14 Easy Ways To Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Looking like your style icon is easier than you'd think! Just check out these designers to find something similar to what your fav would wear.

The Ultimate Guide To Paleo

Change is hard, but it might be worth it.

17 Cool And Clever Ways To Repurpose Leftover Christmas Stuff

Cute garland, ribbon, and wrapping paper crafts!

Cops Turn Their Backs On De Blasio At Funeral For NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos

Vice President Joe Biden, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio were among those attending the funeral.

14 Amazing Styling Tips For Curvy Girls

Looking to up your style game? Here’s what you need to know.

29 Foods That Will Sexually Awaken You

Playing it cool is overrated.

23 Gorgeous New Year's Eve Nails You Need To Try

Shine bright like a diamond accent nail.

Here's What You Should Do Instead Of Making New Year's Resolutions

It's called a "rememberlutions" jar and it'll make you feel good all year.

22 Ways To Break Up With Your Cell Phone

Or at least take some time and see other people.

Esta artista crea extrañas y adorables figurillas de arcilla

Una artista de Phoenix tropezó con el inicio de un buen negocio cuando comenzaron a lloverle los beneficios.

This Guy Paid Off His Parents' Mortgage For Christmas

Joe Riquelme's mum and dad burst into tears when they discover what he has done.

America, "The Great British Baking Show" Is The Best British Show You Will Watch This Year

Better than Downton Abbey, better than Doctor Who. This is not an exaggeration. It is the truth.

Pakistan Officials Say They've Killed School Massacre Planner

Military officials said they've killed a man named Saddam, an orchestrator of the attacks, multiple outlets reported.

Why It's Essential That It Snows On Christmas For Every Northeasterner

Depicted solely through "Nightmare Before Christmas" gifs.

North Korea Suffers Another Internet Outage, Blames U.S.

"We do not expect the gangsters to pay heed to our warnings." Update — Dec. 27, 11:44 a.m: North Korea's internet collapsed again on Saturday.

Catholic Priest Kidnapped In Mexico Found Dead

Father Gregorio Lopez Gorostieta disappeared on Sunday in Guerrero, Mexico, according to his diocese. He was found fatally shot on Christmas.

I'll Get Home For Holiday!

True meaning of Christmas!

Are You As Well Read As Stephen King?

In On Writing by Stephen King, he lists 96 recommended reads. Then in the 10th Anniversary Edition, he lists 82 more. So, how many have you read?

Here's A GIF That Will Haunt You For The Rest Of The Year

Just look into its eyes. It'll be OK.

Michigan Will Make More Welfare Recipients Take Drug Tests

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed the legislation into law on Friday.

20 Reasons "10 Things I Hate About You" Is A Cinematic Masterpiece

15 years later and it is still so damn relatable.

Top 10 Movies Of 2014

Here is my top movies of 2014, not yours. But feel free to tell me what yours are! l I didnt see them all so this list is not including The Babadook, Whiplash, and Night crawler. Also, here are the best that did not make the list. Edge of tomorrow - This movie is AWESOME!! Go see this!! How to train your dragon 2 - Great sequel, worth checking out! Captain America 2: Winter soldier - Would have made this list if it weren't for that meddling Guardians movie. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Another great film from Wes Anderson. X men: Days Of Future past - My favorite franchise did not disappoint. Big hero 6: Wait till the end of the movie to see an extra scene with Stan Lee!

16 Rankings From 2014 That Deserve Another Look

From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies to Best Picture winners to Buffy characters and episodes, here are BuzzFeed Entertainment's rankings from 2014. Ironically, these are presented in no particular order.

Supporters Rebuild After Car Drives Through Michael Brown Memorial

A car drove through the candles and stuffed animals on Ferguson, Missouri's Canfield Drive, where Michael Brown died in August. Officials and family members said they're working on plans for a more permanent location.

20 Times You Were Gabe From "Little Manhattan"

AKA Josh Hutcherson's best performance. He remains talented to this day, but it's quite possible he peaked at age 11.

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