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29 Foods That Will Sexually Awaken You

Playing it cool is overrated.

1. These Nutella therapy cookies that want to hear all about your day:

C'mon, let it all out. They're listening. Get the recipe.

2. These cheesy wontons about to go skinny-dipping:

In some sweet, sweet, honey mustard. Get the recipe.

3. This cinnamon orange pull-apart bread that might drown in icing if you don't save it:


4. This peach and dark chocolate grilled cheese that's tired of playing it cool:

Let's just both be really honest about how we feel, OK? Get the recipe.

5. This caprese pasta that's been waiting all day to see you:

6. This salted caramel apple Snickers cake that should probably be illegal:


7. This banana bread, Brie, and chocolate grilled cheese that just can't hold it in anymore:

8. These peanut butter s'mores bars that have something important to tell you:

But you'll have to come closer. It's private. Get the recipe.

9. These cheesy cauliflower breadsticks that are trying to get your attention:

10. This hot chocolate that's basically out of control:

Lauren Zaser / Via

Here's how to make it.

11. This chicken enchilada casserole that just melted at the sight of you:

It likes a cute butt, can you blame it? Get the recipe.

12. These salted caramel cups that are all like 😜

13. This vast, heaving ocean of cheese and quinoa risotto:

14. These pecan pie pancakes that dreamed about you last night:

Maybe if you're really good, they'll tell you what happened. Get the recipe.

15. This molten dulce de leche cake that can't hide how it feels:

The love is real. Get the recipe.

16. This chorizo & shrimp burger that's living out loud:

#BOLO (burgers only live once). Get the recipe.

17. These chocolate chip peanut butter pancakes that woke up feeling saucy:

18. This cauliflower-crust grilled cheese that's trying to help you get over bread:

Forget bread! Bread never loved you! Get the recipe.

19. This chocolate pumpkin streusel bread that trusts you with all its secrets:

20. These eggs Benedict that want to wake up next to you:

21. This Brie & caramel strawberry sandwich that's single and ready to mingle:

22. This Nutella banana tarte tatin that wants to be truly understood:

It's hard when you're a complex, sophisticated dessert. Get the recipe.

23. These ham and cheese sandwiches enjoying an epic cuddle puddle:

24. These s'mores candy cups that just couldn't stay silent:

(About their love for you). Get the recipe.

25. This coconut brownie sundae that wants to show how emotionally available it is:

It's all for you. Get the recipe.

26. This slow cooker mac 'n' cheese that's just doing a little stretching:

Gotta keep those cheese strings limber. Get the recipe.

27. This banana pudding that wants to share its salted caramel with you:

Inspired by the pudding Magnolia Bakery once sent to our office! The circle is complete. Get the recipe.

28. These marshmallow-stuffed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies:

29. These potato croquettes that got a little too excited:

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