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December 12, 2014

What's Your '80s Novel?

"I had no idea she was back in town," Valerie said as she sipped her Cosmopolitan and studied Zach's eyes while Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" played over the restaurant's sound system.

Straight Guys Review Hot Male Celebrities

"John Stamos is a Greek God!"

How April Ludgate Are You?

Are you lively and colorful?

I Sought Solace In My Bookshelf

Amidst protests against police brutality, Daniel José Older returns to a favorite novel and explores the misreading of rage.

Former Bush Attorney General: Torture Report Shows CIA Went Beyond Guidance

Gonzales also said he thinks the drone program has done "equal damage" to the United States standing in the world community.

18 Moments From The Last Day Of Filming "Parenthood" That Will Make You Cry

Warning: The below is not for the faint of heart. #BravermanForever

Watch Seth Rogen, James Franco And Nick Kroll Share A Kiss

Seth and James are looking for a publicist for their upcoming movie "The Interview"

If Emily Gilmore Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Mrs. Gilmore says it like it is.

18 Magical Gifts For "Labyrinth" Lovers

Give me the child. Just kidding. Give me these gifts.

Who Should Win The Grammys?

You may not be able to join the Recording Academy, but you can take this poll.

10 cosas que aprender en 10 minutos que te cambiarĂĄn la vida

Fortalece tu cerebro. Trucos geniales inspirados por Quora.

Meet The Girl Who Ran To Syria To Marry A Militant And The Mother Who Brought Her Back

She converted to Islam, changed her name, and ran away to Syria to marry a jihadi. When she changed her mind, her mother was there to bring her home.

Las 15 mejores obras literarias escritas en Español que debes leer antes de morir

La lista completa para cumplir tus deseos literarios.

PA Congressman: Torture Report Release "Almost Treasonous"

Republican Rep. Scott Perry said the Obama administration seems to care more about the rights of terrorists than those of United States citizens.

Where Are They Now: The Cast Of "NYC Prep"

Don't pretend like you haven't googled Sebastian once or twice.

19 Unexplainably Random Things You Only See At Walmart

Walmart really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Which "Legally Blonde" Character Are You?

Don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey.

Adrian Peterson Appeal Denied, Will Not Play In The NFL This Season

An arbitrator ruled that Peterson was not treated unfairly by the NFL.

24 Useful Filipino Words And Phrases You Need To Add To Your Vocabulary

You didn't hear? Tagalog is the new French. Mabuhay!

26 Intense Photos Of The Gas Attack On A Furry Convention

Photographer Nikki Loehr provides a first-hand look into the gas attack that occurred at the 15th Annual Midwest Furfest.

What Color Is Your Sexual Aura?

Putting the "ass" in "wheatgrass."

16 perros y gatos que no quieren participar en tu belén

El primer dĂ­a de Navidad, mi amo me regalĂł... un descanso asqueroso.

Top 10 Albums Of 2014

I have teamed up with Cate again for our lists of the best albums of 2014. This will be good.

22 Times Animals Proved They Have Souls

From small embraces to acts of heroism: There should be no doubt that animals have souls.

29 Insanely Delicious Gingerbread Recipes To Make

Your holiday season is about to get a little more delicious.

32 Things Every Glasses-Wearer Will Relate To

No, you cannot try them on to see "how blind I am."

7 Photos Of Real Couples Thinking About Obscure Sex Positions

We brought in a bunch of real couples and asked them to think about obscure and wild sex positions. Right when you could tell they were really thinking about it, our horny camera guy Todd snapped a hot shot. The rest, as Neapolitan Boner-part says, is sex history.

4 Students Shot Near Portland High School; Person Of Interest Arrested

Of the four students were shot Friday outside Rosemary Anderson High School, three were hospitalized.The shooting is believed to be gang-related, police say.

How To Fall Without Hurting Yourself When Ice Skating

Let two-time World bronze medalist Michael Weiss show you the ~safe~ way to fall. (Because we're all going to fall.)

13 Things That Haven't Happened Since Marijuana Was Legalized

Washington, Oregon, and Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana use. Other states have hopped on the medical marijuana bandwagon. Surprisingly, since then, the world is still intact.

31 Movies That Need To Stop Telling You What To Do

Don't tell me how to live my life.

What Song Should You Play On Repeat This Weekend?

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

21 Nombres que no funcionan muy bien en español

Esto es lo que pasa cuando alguien no piensa bien las cosas...

21 Things You Need To Know About The Mensch On The Bench

Move over, Elf — this mensch is about to go meshuga.

The 21 Realest Tumblr Posts About Identifying As Asexual

"My anaconda don't want none." Seriously, no thanks.

23 Facebook Buttons So We Don't Have To "Like" Everything

Since we can't have a "Dislike" button, how about an "I'm Drunk" one?

The 15 Best WWE Matches Of 2014, Ranked From Awesome To Legendary

"THIS IS AWESOME!" *clap clap clapclapclap*

18 Problems Every Frequent Flyer Will Understand

Obviously my flight isn't going to be on time.

How "You" Is Your Cat Today?

You're more than soulmates. You're each other.

The 19 Most Southern Things That Have Ever Happened

American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.

So The Cast Of "Parks And Rec" Will Totally Make You Ugly Cry

December 12th was the last day of filming on the beloved series and the cast and crew took to Twitter to reminisce and say their goodbyes. The seventh and final season premieres Jan. 13, 2015.

15 Better Things To Do Than Go To Work Today

Do you really want to be sitting at a desk all day?

How Well Do You Remember These '80s Movie Soundtracks?

♫ Don't you, forget about the '80s ♫

29 Reasons Life Should Come Equipped With A Restart Button

We all deserve a mulligan every once in a while.

The “Hunchback Of Notre Dame” Musical Is A Far Cry From The Disney Film

The stage production — based on Victor Hugo’s novel, but with the music of the Disney movie — proves that pushing boundaries can create a much more effective work of art.

27 muestras de adorable amistad entre bebés y perros de 2014

ÂżPuede haber algo mĂĄs bonito? La respuesta es no. No lo hay.

The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2014

Let's toss this year in the garbage, light the can on fire, and put the ashes in a rocket to outer space. WARNING: This post is absolutely NSFW.

Uber And Lyft's Bitter Battle For Tampa

When it comes to new cities, Uber and Lyft aren't afraid to operate illegally.

Here Are 13 Sex Acts That Are Now Banned From UK Porn

Based on a set of moral judgements, a whole lot of censorship is going down. Here's the complete list.

5 Amazing Covers Of Rebecca Black's "Friday" You Didn't Know You Needed

Because everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend (weekend).

16 Inspiring Thank-You Notes For Ebola Fighters

Here's a sneak peek at a bundle of thanks, from 107 countries, heading to West Africa in time for the holidays. There's still time to add your own.

5 Charts That Help Me Avoid Overeating At Holiday Parties

Or, you know, at least try to avoid it.

18 Friday Struggles As Told By Cats

That Friday struggle.

Christmas Explained By Jews

Can you eat mistletoe?

Hanukkah Explained By Christians

"A dreidel is... a giant spoon???" "No... that's a ladle."

Hot Dogs Or Legs?

Hot Dogs or Legs?

GOP Senator Slams "Elizabeth Warren's Nonsense" And "Professional Haters Of Business"

"This is Elizabeth Warren ginning up the leftwing of the Democratic Party who are professional haters of business. This is absolute nonsense."

Which Tanner Sister Are You?

If you don't take this quiz, you're a nerdbommer with cheese!

21 Fails de quinceañeras que te harån reír

Muy tarde para reconsiderar ese viaje a Europa.

27 Facts Of Life Only True Divas Will Understand

Bow down or get out of the way.

When Your BFF Moves Away

"Call me everyday. Seriously, everyday."

11 Instagrams de famosos que tal vez te perdiste esta semana

Esta semana Ricardo Arjona comenzĂł una nueva gira, mientras que Shakira respondiĂł preguntas de sus fans.

Talking Books With The Editor Of The New York Times Book Review

Pamela Paul conducts one of her famous "By the Book" interviews... on herself.

15 Struggles Of Dealing With A Bad Texter

This is a passive-aggressive response to the responses I never received.

VocĂȘ Ă© supersticioso?

Sabemos que sim, mas vocĂȘ pode descobrir o quanto.

Durbin: "I Begged The Education Department" To Cut Funds To Disgraced For-Profit College

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the top Senate Democrat criticized the federal government's continued bankrolling of a disgraced for-profit college operator.

17 personas que te encontrarås en el primer año después de tener un hijo

ÂżDĂłnde se metĂ­an ANTES de que estuvieses embarazada?

Here's How Ariana Grande Sounded As A Teen On Broadway Six Years Ago

"Brand New You" is the new/old hot song of 2014.

If "Sherlock" Were More Like "Friends"

"The One Starring Baseballmitt Candycrush and Martin Freeman"

White House: Pelosi's Vote Didn't Fracture Relationship With Obama

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defied the White House's request and voted against a bill to fund the government Thursday night.

Teenage Girls Explain Why They Use Hashtags To Talk About Suicide

“I think if I can inspire someone to get help and seek recovery, my struggle can and will be well worth it.”

GOP Congressman Will Not Be Renewing Ownership Of "Blow-Me.Org"

"Prior to serving in Congress, Mr. Farenthold operated a computer consulting company that routinely bought domain names including the one in question. The domain name has never been used and Mr. Farenthold has no intention to renew it."

People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time

“Why do I need to be told that it’s gonna melt and stretch?”

Moms Do A Parody For Taylor Swift - Blank Space!!

The "cool moms" have done it again!!! Check it out!!

9 Mistakes Stoners Make In The Dating World

The ultimate sex-ed for stoners comprehensive guide to getting laid.

33 razones por las que la Australia submarina te estropearĂĄ la vida

ÂĄAllĂ­ hay todo un mundo nuevo sumergido!

The 10 Times You Fell In Love With Neal Caffrey From White Collar

Because we are still 1000% in denial that there's only one week left of Neal Caffrey AKA Matt Bomer in our lives. #bomerfever

Here's The Justice League As The Cast Of "Magic Mike"

DC's new variant month is going to SLAY.

21 Nachos That Changed The World In 2014

Looking back on a big year in chips and cheese.

19 Snapchats From Santa Claus

But first, let me take an elfie.

27 Male Celebrities Who Can Kill You With Just One Wink

It's like a sick and twisted superpower or something.

How School Lockdown Culture Became Normal In Post-Newtown America

In the two years since the Sandy Hook massacre, active shooter drills have become an ordinary — and depressing — part of going to school in America. BuzzFeed News talks to teachers about the frustrating necessity of preparing kids for the worst.

25 Things That Will Happen Now That Animals Can Go To Heaven

This is what the Pope's incredible new decree means for you and the animals in your life.

13 DIYs To Give Your Wardrobe Some Serious Sparkle

Bling in the holidays with glitter & glue!

Dog Hilariously Chases After Laser Attached To His Collar

This is a wonderful way to tire out your dog.

21 Reasons The Deep Sea Is Hell On Earth

The humans have had their time as the world's dominant species. Next year it's the Goblin shark's time.

This Is How Just A Handful Of People Can Influence An Opinion Poll

We throw polling figures at each other in conversation -- but should we? We find out how polls are carried out, and how few people are required to actually change the results.

Obama Says He Spends Most Of His Morning Watching ESPN

"And sometimes when I have a real thick briefing I have to read through, I'll have the game on with the sound off."

15 Unusual Cakes You Need To Make Right Now

Funfetti is important, but there's more to life.

Tamir Rice's Autopsy Report Released, Death Ruled A Homicide

Twelve-year-old police shooting victim Tamir Rice's autopsy report was released Friday by the Cuyahoga County medical examiner.

31 sonrisas de animales del 2014 que te harån feliz también a ti

Reto: intenta no sonreĂ­r leyendo este artĂ­culo.

10 Thought-Provoking Vine Artists You Need To Follow

From a Stop Motion Animator to a Dancer. These Viners will blow your mind.

Can We Guess When You Had Your First Kiss?

It's all fun and games until someone's HEART GETS BROKEN FOREVER.

The 41 Most Awkward Cats Of 2014

Never, in the history of time, have cats been more relatable.

What Happens When You Try To Breastfeed In Posh London Establishments?

Unleashing a nipple in public can trigger a wide range of reactions. From Harrods to the Apple Store, how cool are the capital's swanky establishments with breastfeeding on their premises?

35 Of The Most Amazing Photos Of The Week

Each week, journalists all over the world produce photographs that make you laugh or cry, while others are aesthetically beautiful. These are some of the week's most amazing images created by hardworking photographers all over the globe.

ÂżEl Papa Francisco cree que los animales van al cielo?

El Sumo PontĂ­fice hizo comentarios en el Vaticano que fueron alagados por los defensores de los derechos de los animales.

19 Stupefyingly Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Buy

Slightly NSFW, as any good ugly Christmas sweater should be.

The New "Insurgent" Trailer Shows Tris Fighting For Her Life, Again

In the first full trailer for the Divergent sequel, Tris (Shailene Woodley) is forced to fight the scariest enemy yet: herself.

What Mispronunciation Annoys You The Most?

Espresso? Nip it in the bud?

The BuzzFeed Body Image Survey 2014

Think about the way you view your own body, and see how others feel about theirs.

This Is The Best "Key & Peele" Sketch Of The Season

According to the show's director.

Die bizarrsten Promi-Tweets

Auch auf Instagram haben sie ganz schön komischen Kram gepostet.

13 Things You Didn't Know About The Kingdom Of The Netherlands

In honor of Kingdom Day, or Koninkrijkdag, as we Dutchies say, on Dec. 15, we offer a few facts about the Kingdom you might not know.

The Publishing Process Explained For First Time Authors

Leave the terror and confusion behind. This article unveils the mysteries of the publishing process.

19 Guys With Tat Sleeves Who Will Make You Thirsty

We've got your tall drink of water right here.

We Went To The Mass Face-Sitting Protest Outside Parliament

Dozens of protesters sat on each other's faces while singing Monty Python in protest at new restrictions on what porn can be sold in the UK. NSFW.

This Is Why You Don't Take A Selfie With A Monkey

Well that immediately backfired.

Which Young Adult Novel Do You Belong In?

Discover which fictional world fits you best.

19 cosas que nunca deberĂ­as decirle a alguien que trabaja desde su casa

"Entonces, ÂżcuĂĄndo vas a conseguir un trabajo de verdad?"

Things That You Learn From Job Hunting

Because you are just so un-employable

Severe Disruption At London Airports Following Computer Failure

A technical problem at the Swanwick air traffic control centre in Hampshire has been blamed. This post has been updated.

17 Fictional Locations You Can Actually Visit

Have an out-of-this-world holiday.

21 Mac 'N' Cheeses That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

True love makes you feel all gooey inside.

33 Genius Gifts You Didn't Know You Could Buy At Target

Spelled "Target," but pronounced "Tar-jay." It's fancier.

What Is Your Most Irrational Fear?

"There is nothing to fear but just about everything."- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Pope Francis' Comments Celebrated By Animal Lovers

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church made the comments last week in the Vatican.

25 Perfect Gifts For Every Joss Whedon Fan

'Tis the season of witty one-liners.

What's The Most Life-Changing Makeup Tip You Know?

Share your wisdom with the world!

21 Conflictos que todas las personas que asisten a bodas en el verano entenderĂĄn

ÂżEn realidad tenemos que tomarnos una fotografĂ­a grupal en el desvencijado muelle?

Alleged Brazilian "Serial Killer" Confesses To More Than 40 Murders

According to reports, Sailson Jose das Gracas told police he killed 38 women, four men and a child, after he was caught stabbing a 64-year-old woman in a Rio de Janeiro suburb on Tuesday.

Meet Setsu-Chan, Japan's Amazing New "Jekyll And Hyde" Cat

Setsu-chan is the biggest new cat to come out of Japan in half a decade. By day, he is the sweetest little guy you'll ever meet. But at night...

25 Brutally Honest Peer Review Comments From Scientists

When scientists want to publish their work, other scientists have to review it to make sure it's up to scratch. Sometimes they are mean. (Via Shit My Reviewers Say.)

We Finally Know 5 Character Names From The New Star Wars

Get ready to meet your new favorite Jedis.

Which "Parent Trap" Character Are You?

Are you Elizabeth, the glamorous mum? Martin, the sassy butler? Or Meredith, the bitchy girlfriend.

19 Amazing Gifts Every Feminist Will Absolutely Love

Because who doesn't love smashing the patriarchy?!

18 Things Who Are On Their Way To Steal Yo Man

...And your other personal belongings, probably.

Malala Burst Into Tears Upon Seeing Her Bloodied School Uniform, And Kailash Satyarthi Consoled Her

The uniform she was wearing when she was shot by the Taliban two years ago has reportedly never been displayed publicly before.

24 coisas que dĂŁo pesadelos a todos os perfeccionistas

Participar de qualquer coisa em que vocĂȘ nĂŁo Ă© bom.

17 peinados que encantarån a tu pequeña

No todos los peinados quedan bien en niñas, pero estos sí.

31 Times The Struggle Was Way Too Real In 2014

It's a miracle we all made it through.

21 Things That Happen To Your Body As You Turn 30

It’s all dinner parties, nice bedding and better books. Until the hangovers and neck hairs start to kick in.

Les 42 chiens les plus bizarres de 2014

Mais on les aime quand mĂȘme.

J.K. Rowling Has Released New Info About Vampires In "Harry Potter"

Updated: "Although vampires exist in the world of Harry Potter, they play no meaningful part in the story.”

25 Times People's Tattoos Made You Fear For The Future Of Humanity In 2014

Remember kids: A tattoo isn't just for Kavos, it's for life.

21 cosas que nadie te dice a la hora de estar deprimido

AsĂ­ que estĂĄs triste todo el tiempo y no quieres hacer nada. En realidad, es mucho mĂĄs complicado que eso.

Steve Carrell & Jimmy Fallon In A Barbershop Quartet Is Exactly What You Need Today

Carrell & The Ragtime Gals sing Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" and it's everything we hoped it would be.

If Lorelai Gilmore Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Because Gilmore Girls inspired us all.

Scientists Find Evidence That Men Are Idiots

Finally, hard evidence to back up what we've always suspected.

23 problemas que, a estas alturas, ya deberĂ­amos haber resuelto

Hemos explorado cada rincĂłn del planeta. Hemos utilizado la tecnologĂ­a para crear una comunidad global. Hasta hemos puesto a un hombre en la luna. Pero aĂșn no hemos descubierto cĂłmo hacer que las sĂĄbanas ajustables se queden en su sitio. ÂżEn serio?

16 coisas que nenhum pai deveria mostrar aos filhos

VocĂȘ reconhece quando mostra algo para uma criança pela primeira vez e depois se arrepende para todo o sempre. Isso.

These Blended Famous Faces Are Amazing And Terrifying All At Once

You haven't lived until you've seen Marilyn Monrowan Atkinson.

The Internet Has Completely Fallen For Oxford University's Male A Cappella Group

They're hot, they're doing it all for charity, they're like The Warblers and no one can handle it.

Prosecutors Seek Three Years In Prison For Korean Air Nut Rant Executive

Heather Cho, the daughter of the chair of Korean Air, turned a plane back after being served nuts in a bag and not on a plate, the BBC reported. Prosecutors said she should spend three years in jail.

This Is What Facebook And Twitter Would Look Like As Hot Guys

Photographer Viktorija Pashuta and stylist Jordan Swain have reimagined different social networks as dapper men.

Why I'm Dreaming Of Christmas In Majorca

I love travelling in general but this winter I've got such a hankering to be somewhere else!

UK Porn Stars Debate Today's "Mass Face-Sitting" Protest Outside Parliament

BuzzFeed News spoke to British adult performers about the Westminster demonstration.

22 Things Southerners Learn When They Visit The North

It's not exactly the same, believe it or not.

10 moments oĂč des cĂ©lĂ©britĂ©s ont fait exploser Twitter en 2014

La reine Lorde a ~dominé~ Twitter cette année.

17 Times Spiders Tried To Ruin 2014

The eight-legged creatures have had one hell of year.

This Is What A Year Without Sex Is Like

Because we've all suffered a dry spell, right?

12 Young Adult Contemporary Novels Not Written By John Green

Because YA is not John Green. Thankfully.

Les 34 moments les plus Ă©trangement satisfaisants de 2014

Avertissement : cet article pourrait vous apporter énormément de joie et de bonheur. Via /r/oddlysatisfying.

15 Rajinikanth GIFs That Will Help You React To Life's Important Moments

Indian cinema's Thalaivar turns 64 today – here's our guide to help you channel your inner superstar.

Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Are You?

"I have to ask, do you think "awesome" begins with an "o"?"

Which Christmas Villain Are You?

It is not the most wonderful time of the year.

Uber Executive Who Wanted To Investigate Journalists Went To War With His Landlord Too

A judge tossed Emil Michael's case out of court, but he threatened to call in "my friend the Chief of Police." The SFPD is not amused.

Sony Pictures Lands "Mario Bros." Movie Rights From Nintendo, Leaked Emails Show

The deal came to light in a series of leaked emails between Sony Chief Amy Pascal and producer Avi Arad. UPDATE: Arad has denied that the deal has closed.

Police Now Have To Warn Ferguson Protesters Before Firing Tear Gas

A judge delivered a legal victory to protesters Thursday, saying police have to warn protesters and give them time to disperse before firing tear gas.

20 Reasons 2014 Was The Year Of Lee Lin Chin

Or "The Chin," as she prefers to be called.

11 Australian Celebrities Who Totally Killed It On Twitter In 2014

According to popularity. Because that's what counts on Twitter amirite?

Leaked Emails Suggest Maureen Dowd Promised To Show Sony Exec's Husband Column Before Publication

The end result: kudos at the studio and an email from Dowd after it published saying, "you're amazing." Update: Dowd says she didn't send an advance copy of the column.

Here's How Kanan Gill Feels About The Weird Things His Fans Want To Do With Him

We asked Facebook and Twitter what they would do if they had an hour alone with Kanan Gill... Then we told him what they said.

"Top Five" Is The Most Chris Rock Movie Of All Time

In his third turn as a director, the comedian and filmmaker has finally made a movie that feels as sharp and personal as his stand-up. Not surprisingly, it deals with race, fame, and celebrity.

Giant Panda Triplets Reunited With Mom Who Just Wanted To Hug Her Cubs

The world's only giant panda triplets were reunited Tuesday with their mother, who hugged her cubs like a human mother would, said the zoo manager.

Can The Next Generation Of Morticians Breathe Life Into The Death Industry?

The young, close-knit, predominantly female students in SUNY Canton's mortuary school are fascinated with our most difficult, yet unavoidable, subject. But when it comes to changing attitudes about death and grieving, are educational programs like the one they're in part of the problem?

The Grand Canyon Turned Into A Sea Of Clouds In A Rare Weather Event

A cloud inversion occurred Thursday at the national park, a weather event that only happens there about once every several years.

Women Try Men's Underwear For The First Time

“What’s with these penis flaps?!”

13 Struggles/Feels Only Boys Named Jesse Understand

It can be a boys name too! Gah!

10 Tweets In 2014 That Backfired Spectacularly.

The world was recovering from the infamous AIDS joke tweeted by PR exec Justine Sacco in late 2013. But 2014 was still littered with companies shooting themselves in the foot with ill-conceived, and sometimes just downright insensitive tweets. Let this be a lesson in responsible tweeting. Best Buy learned theirs today.

House Passes Spending Bill To Avoid A Shutdown

Hours before the midnight deadline, the House passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government funded.

11 Of The Sexiest Science Stories Of 2014

There's nothing hotter than copulating till you die.

How The Grinch Stole Yoga

Follow your bliss.

Weird Holiday Traditions Around The World

In all fairness, Santa is pretty creepy too.

Skittles Has A New Ad And It's Kind Of Terrifying

Not sure if we want to taste the rainbow any more...

Plainclothes Officers Were Attacked Before Pointing Guns At Oakland Protesters, Officials Say

The California Highway Patrol said it has used plainclothes officers in the Bay Area since protests against police violence that began Nov. 24. Some protesters are accusing the officers of attempting to instigate looting.

13 choses que vous ne saviez peut-ĂȘtre pas au sujet de Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock a enseigné l'anglais dans un monastÚre tibétain.

This Teacher Gave His Students The Most Meaningful Assignment Of Their Lives

Bruce Farber asks his students to write letters to their future selves — and holds on to them for 20 years.

Facts Of Life For People With Tattoos

We are so proud to show off our tattoos! However, we're also not human-coffee-table-books.

And The Trumpets They Go LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE!

Jason Derulo and Patrick Star have finally teamed up and created this masterpiece!

Spending Bill Battle Pits House Democrats Against The White House

"If the president is lobbying, we do not like it. And we're saying to our members, don't be intimidated by anybody," said Rep. Maxine Waters.

23 faits incroyables sur le monde qui nous entoure

L'univers, l'océan, la nature, tout ça tout ça.

How The Bay Area Is Coping With The Rainpocalypse

#HellaStorm coming to a newsfeed near you!

Maribel Vs. McDonald's

A single mother in South Los Angeles just went on strike for the first time. This is what the fight for a living wage and a union actually looks like.

Buckingham Rocks: 15 Great Guest Appearances By Lindsey Buckingham

Even as Fleetwood Mac's latest tour rolls ever onward - the band, now with 100% more Christine McVie, is on the road through December 20, starts up again on January 16, and carries on through March 7 - let us not forget the wonderful things that the band members have done outside of the confines of the ground. No, we're not talking about solo albums, we're talking about the way they pop up on other people's albums. Take, for instance, Lindsey Buckingham, who's guested on a lot of songs for a lot of different artists, some of whom might surprise you.

Ferguson Divided My Family, But We Were Already Broken

As a black man I'd learned to fear the police. Then the police became my family.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

9 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

An upset Paul McCartney and a Troop Beverly Hills flashback kick off this week’s #Throwback Thursday.

17 Underrated Emojis You Should Start Using

If I send you the rooster emoji, you better wake the fuck up.

The 11 Most Interesting Things From Mark Zuckerberg's Q&A Session

Zuckerberg held another Q&A session today to talk about Facebook and his personal life.

18 Guinea Pigs Who Are Ready For The Christmas Holiday

Fa la la la la, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK

There Is A Monkey Temple In Nepal And You Will Want To Go To There

Can you think of anything better than a beautiful temple filled with baby monkeys?

10 Bilingual Books That Help Kids Learn Spanish

Because one of the best gifts you could give a kid is knowledge.

Critically-Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla Gives Birth At London Zoo

The birth is good news for a population that, according to experts, would take 75 years to fully recover, even with all current threats eliminated.

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