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19 Stupefyingly Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Can Buy

Slightly NSFW, as any good ugly Christmas sweater should be.

1. Literal Christmas Tree Sweater


2. Lascivious Santa Sweater

3. Lewd Gingerbread Man Sweater

4. Teddy Bear Sweater Vest

Note the Bud Light affixed to his hand.

5. Menorah Sweater

Why should Christmas get to have all the horrid fun?

6. 3D Reindeer Sweater

7. Butt Sweater

8. Big-Ass Gift Sweater

9. Couples Reindeer Sweater

These are not "ugly" so much as "nauseatingly adorable."

10. Christmas Bulb Sweater

11. Spidey Sweater?

12. Nonsense Sweater Dress

13. Democrat Sweater

15. Light-Up Grumpy Cat Sweater

17. DIY Ugly Sweater Kit

For ugliness that's truly ~yours~.

18. Total Cop-Out Sweater

19. Reindeer Pasty

Take. A. Seat.