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21 Nachos That Changed The World In 2014

Looking back on a big year in chips and cheese.

1. These egg and black bean nachos that wanted to wake up next to you and make you breakfast:

2. These nachos that totally blew up pizza's spot:

Yvonne Ruperti /

3. These BBQ chicken nachos that went ahead and invited onion rings to the party:

4. These California roll nachos that were fresh as heck:

5. These pork nachos that covered themselves in something called "piña colada sauce":

6. These (ahem) LOADED NACHO FRIES:

Courtney O'DELL /

7. These sloppy joe nachos that very casually incorporated Doritos:

8. These boldly alternative and autumnal pita chip nachos with acorn squash:

9. These sweet, sweet dessert nachos:

10. These sweet potato nachos that made healthy look hot:

11. These nachos that honored the true versatility of Goldfish:

12. These chili dog nachos that weren't afraid to break the rules:

13. These waffle breakfast nachos that proved chips are overrated:

At the end of the day, a triangular carb is a triangular carb. Get the recipe.

14. These kimchi and bulgogi nachos that learned a few tricks on their trip to Korea:

15. These surf 'n turf nachos that wanted the best of both worlds...and got it:

16. These vegan nachos that made you forget cheese even exists:

17. These pulled pork nachos that had absolutely no chill:

18. These very special tater tot nachos:

DON'T forget the guac. Get the recipe.

19. These creamed spinach and steak nachos that should probably be on the menu at every steakhouse:

20. These chicken pad thai nachos that could kick any noodle's butt:

21. These fully loaded nachos that needed a whole dang sheet pan to live their best life: