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    9 Mistakes Stoners Make In The Dating World

    The ultimate sex-ed for stoners comprehensive guide to getting laid.

    Earlier this week, members of Occupy Weed Street held the first ever sex-ed for stoners class in New York City.

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    DNAInfo reports that activist couple Harrison Schultz and Lorna Shannon hosted the course to educate awkward stoners on proper dating etiquette.

    Natalie Shmuel / Via Luna Rouge Pictures

    For those who are unable to attend the next session, BuzzFeed reached out to Schultz and Shannon for some dating don'ts for peeps who like to toke:

    1. Do your homework! If you find the right strain of pot it won't make you stupid, uninteresting or lazy!

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    It's alright to smoke weed before you go out, but make sure to find the right strain of cannabis that will help you navigate the dating world.

    "Certain strains of cannabis sativa can take off your nervous anxious edge all while providing you with an energy boost that can be great for going out, being social and approaching strangers," Schultz told BuzzFeed.

    "Certain strains of cannabis indica will help you relax, slow down the pace of your energy and open your senses for more amazing sex," he said.

    2. When you meet someone for the first time, don't begin the conversation by announcing how high you are.

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    "Talking about alcohol and drugs a lot can be kind of a turn-off," Schultz said to DNAInfo. "It's like talking about your job too much."

    3. Nor should you brag about how much you smoke.

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    "Bragging about how much you can smoke the way frat-boys brag about how much they can drink won't get you laid," Schultz said.

    4. But don't date someone who is anti-pot. It's just not going to work. And it won't be as fun.

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    "If your date isn't cool when it comes to cannabis then don't fret or waste time over him/her because plenty of other people are," said Schultz.

    "Most stoners I know who have tried dating non-stoners have had trouble making and/or sustaining a longterm connection/relationship," Shannon added.

    5. Don't be afraid to ask your date to leave the bar. You have the perfect excuse to go someplace private.

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    "Don't hesitate to ask your date if they want to leave the bar, lounge, or club once the conversation starts to slow down in order to go somewhere more private like a deserted street corner or one of your apartments to get high together real quick," said Schultz.

    6. But don't take the attention off your date in order to get high.

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    "Make sure you have your joints rolled and/or your vaporizer pen fully charged and packed with your favorite THC concentrate before you go out," said Schultz.

    7. Don't hesitate to make the first move.


    You can escalate things quickly. According to Schultz, "Inhaling smoke off each others lips is how veteran stoners melt the ice before a hot and heavy make out session that can lead to sex."

    8. But, coughing is not sexy. Don't forget to practice good "weediquette"


    "Don't Scorch the weed," advises Schultz. Instead, he advocates lighting pot with a small flame, so that you don't create a bunch of resin for you and your date to cough up.

    9. Don't feel shame about cannabis use.

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    Get over your insecurities and just be your sexy self. "Popular support for legal medical cannabis is as high as 88% and support for recreational cannabis is as high as 56% in New York City which is the marijuana arrest capital of the world," said Shultz.

    Now that you mastered seduction techniques for stoners, the only thing left to do is go out and get laid!

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