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There's A Taxi Service For Women In Mumbai Run By Female Martial Artists

Viira Cabs is run by women and for women.

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Ever since a woman was allegedly raped by an Uber driver in New Delhi, the subject of women's safety on Indian transport has been in the headlines.

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As a result, India's Home Ministry advised all states to ban all unregistered web-based taxi firms. Yesterday Hyderabad became the second city to ban Uber.

Now there is a new taxi firm, Viira Cabs, which is run strictly by women, for women, and whose drivers are trained in martial arts and armed with knives and pepper spray.


Photographer and regular Viira Cabs passenger Sajna Sivan told Barcroft Media: “I am a photographer, so I have lot of late nights."

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"So when that happens I don’t want to randomly take a car with all equipment. I’d rather get someone with whom I feel comfortable."

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