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    The 19 Most Southern Things That Have Ever Happened

    American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.

    1. When you learned it's "y'all" and NEVER "you all" at a very young age.

    2. When the drive-thru was more of a ride-thru.

    3. When you could've gone swimming in December.

    4. When light snow flurries were in the forecast and everyone panicked.

    5. When the church per capita ratio was 1:1.

    6. When dinner was Kermit's buddies.

    7. When you discovered camo candy and it made total sense.

    8. When the big wheels definitely compensated for something else.

    9. When bacon-flavored everything seemed like a good idea.

    10. When a pitcher just wasn't big enough.

    11. When there was really only one way to describe everything else.

    12. When literally EVERYTHING was fried.

    13. When your stemware was classy AF.

    14. When everyone laughed uncomfortably at the name of the yearly BBQ competition.

    15. When a fast food restaurant concocted this ungodly sandwich and you tried it anyway.

    16. When you were embarrassed to tell people where you grew up.

    17. When you were an hour late because of this guy.

    18. When you got more than a little mud on the tires.

    19. When this woman's husband came home without any beer.

    KMSB / Via

    Seriously. But don't worry, his wounds were not life-threatening.

    Bless you, South. Bless you.

    Nickelodeon / Via

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