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20 Awesome Christmas Tree Themes You'll Want To Steal

Consider tossing those handmade school photo ornaments next year and making your tree as awesome as these.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to send in pictures of their Christmas trees. Here are the coolest of the coolest, decided on by a panel of cool people*.

*Not exactly.

20. This book tree is doing Christmas the smart way.

Submitted by Catherine F.

19. Disney magic + the spirit of Christmas = amazing.

Submitted by abby ritt.

Submitted by abby ritt.

18. Not only is this basically Mario themed, it features Adventure Time and "Wrecking Ball" video Miley. Epic.

Submitted by rebeccaw43439ec87.

17. This DIY Ariana Grande tree doesn't need any other ornaments to be complete.

Submitted by Fayth.
Twitter: @faythyono

Submitted by Fayth.

16. This tree is peacocking for sure.

Sumbitted by Harlee James.

15. This purple Barbie tree doesn't even care that purple isn't a typical Christmas color.

Submitted by Sally Albright.

14. This wall tree eliminates the chore of vacuuming up pine needles all month long.

Submitted by scorpi084.

Submitted by scorpi084.

13. Dogs everywhere approve of this festive pug-themed tree.

Submitted by Rebecca.

12. Deck the halls with One Direction, fa la la la la la la la la!

Submitted by Molly Delaney.

11. When in doubt, wrapping paper tree.

Submitted by carlys4f67506a4.

10. A totally tubular tie-dye tree.

Submitted by chloeb47313dbb8.

9. This tree is cool because it's a damn classic and DGAF about red and green Christmas color "requirements".

Submitted by Melissa Plizak.

8. A Little Drummer Boy tree FTW.

Submitted by tarac4843eab9a.

7. A tree comprised of candles.

WARNING: do not leave candle Christmas trees (is this a thing?) unattended!Submitted by Melisa Mariani.
Twitter: @melmarian

WARNING: do not leave candle Christmas trees (is this a thing?) unattended!

Submitted by Melisa Mariani.

6. A snowflake-y ski lodge theme is what these guys were going for.

Submitted by teejk.

Submitted by teejk.

5. This Wizard of Oz tree proves "there's no place like home" for the holidays.

Submitted by justinf42155f880.

4. Frosty the Christmas tree snowman... 🎶 ⛄️

Submitted by hollym49a29d67b.

3. This tree IS a nightmare before Christmas.

Submitted by absinthium.

Submitted by absinthium.

2. Sometimes cool means working with whatcha got.

#TotalGymTreeSubmitted by OMGDebbiePoP.
Twitter: @superpsychodebb


Submitted by OMGDebbiePoP.

1. This tree wins the race by a mile.

Submitted by Suzanne.
New Line Cinema / Via

Merry Christmas!

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