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Dec 19, 2014

You Can Now "Stay" The Night In A Gingerbread House

Book your imaginary getaway now!

Want to get away for the holidays?

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Even if it's only in your mind?

Book a few nights at Gingerbread BNB!

Tony Pearce /

There are three delicious options to explore, and the money from each "booked" night goes to charity — specifically, Robin Hood (a foundation that fights poverty). Your virtual "stay" will help a homeless family have an actual place to stay for the holidays.

So which house will you choose? Here we have the "Modern Home."

Tony Pearce /

This swank beach house features a fully stocked gummy bar alongside an abstract candy cane sculpture.

Tony Pearce /

Is that a Pollock painting? Who knew you could buy candy furniture at Design Within Reach!

Too fancy for you? Perhaps you'd prefer a "stay" in the "Cozy Camper."

Tony Pearce /

An amazing yet eclectic getaway choice.

Tony Pearce /

This mobile option is compact, but filled with all the comforts of home. Check out this "stainless-sugar" kitchen!

Tony Pearce /

You'll be incredibly snug in the bunk beds (complete with sour licorice linens — no need to bring your own).

Finally, the festive "Rustic Cabin."

Tony Pearce /

Look at the detailed nut-work on that chimney!

Tony Pearce /

The gummy taxidermy is a nice touch.

Tony Pearce /

The sofa pulls out into a bed, and that pillow would make a perfect midnight snack.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip!

This wonderful project was dreamed up by McKinney.

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