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Instagram Killed Off Thousands Of Spambots And Kim Kardashian Now Has The Most Popular Account

The rapture has begun and Justin Bieber has suffered as a result.

Instagram has been promising all year to remove inactive or fake accounts from follower/following lists.

Which is a good thing, right? Well, not if you look at the comments people are leaving on the Instagram account.

This is a bloodbath.

And people are really not happy.

Not happy at all.

But famous people are the biggest "losers" in this (depending on how you see it).

Check out this chart from web developer Zach Allia. You can see that Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez are among scores of celebrities to lose millions of followers. And the account that lost the most followers? Instagram itself.

Bieber has now slipped from the first- to the second-most-followed personal account – behind Kim Kardashian – as a result. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Rapper Ma$e lost 1.5 million followers and has now deleted his account.

From "Double Up" to "Welcome Back" “@taaalib: ”

It's impossible to say who among the people who've lost followers actually bought them – while the proportion of followers lost by most celebrities is relatively low, one user on Allia's graph lost 99.9% of their followers.

It's certainly not stopped people revelling in "the rapture". As Business Insider pointed out, this guy, who makes jewellery for Kanye West and the like, is enjoying himself.

bruh. J Wow from Jersey Shore went from 2.6 million followers to 116k! now that's WOW lmao even Kim K lost a million followers today damn

Jet Set Life deleted his page lmao! either he got depressed because he went from 890K followers to 172K or because Lilly dumped him. smh

Mind you, Taco Bell's social media continues to win.

@instagram Well, this is awkward.

As does this guy.

RIP to my fallen robot followers on Instagram, if there's a heaven for robot instagram users, you guys are in there