33 Genius Ways To Reuse Your K-Cups

Your single serving habit just got more useful.

1. Make a minimalist wreath.

Twig and Thistle /

See how to make it here.

2. Add some jazz to your twinkle lights.

Directions here.

3. Make frozen herbs in the perfect serving sizes.

Get the instructions here.

4. Make a card holder for kids (or anyone with unsteady hands).

See how here.

5. Make an advent calendar.

Get the instructions here.

6. Make tiny seed starters.

Bonus: coffee grounds make great compost for many kids of plants. See the full directions here.

7. Make an easy necklace craft for kids.

See how here.

8. Make the perfect stamp.

See more here.

9. Make tiny hanging planters.

See more here.

10. Make some ghoulish lights.

Directions here.

11. Craft a friendly flower.

Perfect for a wreath.

12. Or a unique little snowflake ornament.

Directions here.

13. Organize your tiny craft supplies.

See how this blogger did it here.

16. Make egg placeholders.

See how to make them here.

17. Make a giant un-meltable snowman.

All you need is k-cups, a stapler and lots of patience. See the directions here.

18. Update some basic flip-flips.

See how to make them using the K-Cup filters here.

19. Glue them to a paper lantern for a mod look.

See how here.

20. Make a batch of Jell-O shots.

Just use foil or tape on the bottom to plug the hole until the Jell-O hardens. Get some recipes here.

21. Use them as molds to make concrete candleholders.

Directions here.

22. Make some easy turkey crafts.

See how here.

23. Make tiny tabletop planters.

Twig and Thistle /

Just cover them in fabric. See more here.

24. Make a toadstool pin cushion.

See how here.

25. Make iced coffee cupsicles.

Or any other flavor. See how here.

26. Make the world’s tiniest bushel of apples.

See how here.

27. Make these marshmallow shooters.

Directions here.

28. Make a pilgrim (or Leprechaun) hat to hold treats.

Directions here.

29. Make a DIY wind meter.

See how here.

30. Create some pinecone trees.

Just swap out the terra cotta pots for spray painted K-Cups.

31. Make the second most famous snowman ever.

Sorry, Olaf. Frosty’s still on top. Directions here.

32. Make 3D glowing wall art.

See the full instructions here.

33. Or, just refill your old K-cups instead of buying new ones.

Get the directions here.

And don’t forget to reuse all those coffee grounds, too!

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

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