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The Honest Truth About Being Raised By An Extremely Online Parent

“He helped me create my Twitter account when I was 5.”

Tom Gara • One month ago

Ilhan Omar Is Learning The Wrong Lesson From The Trump Era

All those insults and vulgarities and rants and racisms piled up to produce a historically bad president. They mattered. And it's a dynamic the new generation of progressive leaders should learn from.

Tom Gara • 7 months ago

Howard Schultz, Go Back To Davos

The Starbucks CEO is what happens "when the guardians of an unsustainable status quo masquerade as change agents."

Tom Gara • 7 months ago

It's Not Fake Video We Should Be Worried About — It's Real Video

From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the Syrian civil war, we've learned that a real video can be just as misleading as a fake one.

Tom Gara • 7 months ago

25 Things BuzzFeed News Tried And Loved In 2018

Some of these things may change your life.

Katie Notopoulos • 9 months ago

Here’s How The Chief Palestinian Negotiator Described His Last Meeting With Jared Kushner

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: It’s possible that Jared Kushner may not successfully broker a Middle East peace deal.

Tom Gara • 9 months ago

The US Is “Working On” Extraditing Fethullah Gulen, Turkish Foreign Minister Says

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu also talked down the odds of a confrontation between Turkish and US forces in northern Syria, despite a Pentagon warning.

Tom Gara • 9 months ago

Iran’s Foreign Minister Says It’s Impossible For Iran To Repress Its Own People

Javad Zarif went from defiant toward the Trump administration’s pressure campaign to extremely defensive of accusations of repression during a talk at the Doha Forum.

Tom Gara • 9 months ago

Here Are The Big Midterm Election Races That Are Still Undecided

Somehow, the midterms aren’t over — there are a handful of big Senate and gubernatorial races that are still too close to call.

Tom Gara • 10 months ago

Scammers: They’re Just Like Us

Many successful people were once like Anna Delvey, in ways big or small. They just made it to the other side.

Tom Gara • One year ago
Katie Notopoulos • One year ago

In Defense Of The Emotional Support Hamster

For once, regular people have found a way to exploit a poorly worded federal regulation to their advantage — something the rich and powerful do constantly, almost as a matter of principle.

Tom Gara • One year ago

Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods, And The Grocery Industry Is In Big Trouble

The e-commerce giant sent shockwaves across the retail industry on Friday, announcing its biggest move yet into brick-and-mortar stores.

David Mack • 2 years ago

Amazon's 20 Best-Selling Toys Include 15 Fidget Spinners And 4 Fidget Cubes

In the top 20: 15 fidget spinners, 4 fidget cubes, and Adolescent Groot.

Tom Gara • 2 years ago

Couches Matter. Let's Talk About Them.

You’ve probably gone through at least one emotionally taxing couch-shopping experience. Discuss.

Tom Gara • 2 years ago

United Airlines Voluntarily Removed $1 Billion Of Market Value Tuesday Morning

Stock in the airline slid by almost 4% in early trading as investors faced the potential for serious damage to its reputation.

Tom Gara • 2 years ago

Airlines Treat You Badly Because They Can

After a decade of mergers and takeovers, there's not much competition left in the US airline business.

Tom Gara • 2 years ago

The Obama Admin's “Worst Deal Ever” With Australia Really Is Pretty Bad

Australia is taking some Central American refugees, and the US is helping Australia clear out its offshore refugee detention facilities — which many insist are a massive violation of international law.

Tom Gara • 2 years ago

As Silicon Valley Spoke Up On The Immigration Ban, Corporate America Stayed Quiet

The tech community debated whether its leaders should say more, but most corporate giants just said nothing at all.

Tom Gara • 2 years ago

As Trump Was Being Inaugurated, Walmart Began A Round Of Corporate Layoffs

As Donald Trump was being sworn into the presidency, Walmart began notifying corporate staff that they would lose their jobs.

Tom Gara • 2 years ago