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31 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won In 2014

What? I wanted it to look like that.

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3. This sad egg baked in an even sadder avocado:

5. This valentine that may have missed the mark:

10. These unmotivated marshmallow shots:

11. This travesty of a watermelon "cake":

16. Whatever these were supposed to be:

19. These blobs that aspired to be candy corn:

21. These spinach cups that actually turned out to be swamp monsters:

26. These snowmen in dire need of a makeover:

27. These Santa hat cupcakes that had a few drinks too many:

29. These stained-glass cookies that didn't quite achieve perfection:

30. These would-be peppermint patties:

Thanks to Pinterest Fail and Craft Fail for featuring many of these gems.

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