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31 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won In 2014

What? I wanted it to look like that.

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1. This panda bear cupcake that will give you nightmares forever:

2. These not-quite-chocolate-covered bananas:

3. This sad egg baked in an even sadder avocado:

4. This cake that you should avoid viewing at all costs if you have trypophobia:

5. This valentine that may have missed the mark:

6. These egg chicks that didn't quite hatch:

7. This horribly disfigured bunny cake cone:

8. This mug brownie that just wasn't meant to be:

9. These mozzarella sticks that completely gave up:

10. These unmotivated marshmallow shots:

11. This travesty of a watermelon "cake":

12. These pudding pops that turned out to be neither fun nor fetti:

13. These "lazy" strawberry rolls that straight-up passed out in the oven:

14. This Fourth of July fudge that just wanted to serve its country:

15. This calzone that took things to a borderline-NSFW place:

16. Whatever these were supposed to be:

17. These apple bites that just didn't take to caramel:

18. This "pumpkin" "bundt" "cake":

19. These blobs that aspired to be candy corn:

20. These tea bag cookies that refused to conform to your ideas about what shape they should be:

21. These spinach cups that actually turned out to be swamp monsters:

22. These baked spring rolls that got a little too excited:

23. The cupcakes that are theoretically supposed to look like turkeys:

24. This abject tragedy of a rainbow Jell-O cake:

25. These two-ingredient pancakes that magically transformed into scrambled banana eggs:

26. These snowmen in dire need of a makeover:

27. These Santa hat cupcakes that had a few drinks too many:

28. This peppermint bark that's actually too sad to bite:

29. These stained-glass cookies that didn't quite achieve perfection:

30. These would-be peppermint patties:

31. This doughnut hole Christmas tree that fell short of its goals:

Thanks to Pinterest Fail and Craft Fail for featuring many of these gems.

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