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Far Right Political Group Britain First Is Promoting Its Views With A Picture Of A Polish Spitfire

Propaganda fail of the day. H/T Huffington Post.

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Yep, as the exceptionally perceptive Chris York of the Huffington Post unimprovably put it:

That's right, the perma-cap-locked Facebook page of the ever-so-shouty Britain First have used a picture of a fighter plane from the No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron to showcase a country apparently under siege from immigrants...

York also noted that "the BNP did exactly the same thing back in 2009", and questioned why we've not seen a post celebrating "the 400,000 Muslims who served in WW1".

Here's a terrifying reminder that Britain First has somehow ended up the most popular political party on Facebook. Last month Royal Mail refused to deliver the party's leaflets.

Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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