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19 Welcome Mats That Explain Your Feelings So You Don't Have To

Set the record straight.

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4. If you hate your neighbors... / Via

Send robbers to their house. Get it here.

6. If you're ‘Murican... / Via

Exercise your rights. Get it here.

9. If you can't help it... / Via

Just be beautiful and accept it. Get it here.

11. If you ask yourself the same question every morning... / Via

Try using a cute reminder. Get it here.

13. If Lionel Richie is your spirit animal... / Via

Channel his magic. Get it here.

15. If you live like a frat boy...

Party. Get it here.

17. If you like to keep it simple... / Via

Three letters say it all. Get it here.

19. And for when you simply cannot... / Via

Get it here.

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