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18 Crazy Things People Have Done To Avoid Studying For Finals

It's not crazy. It's procrastination.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us some of the weird/crazy/awesome things they've done during finals week, in place of studying. Here are some of the best responses.

I decided to browse my roommates' nursing book (Im not a nurse...LOL) and classify my poops based on the types in the book. I almost took pictures and compared them to the ones in the book. Anyway, its called the Bristol Stool Scale. It is a new hobby of mine. I even ask my close friends and boyfriend to let me in on their poop escapades so I can classify their poops. My last one was a type-4: 'smooth like a sausage.'
At 3 a.m., I first ate an entire bag of Doritos Cool Ranch, then proceeded to print out over 200 pictures of Doritos chips from online. After cutting them all out individually, I put them into the bag and taped it shut, and put the bag back in the cupboard. I'm still not sure what my intentions were.
I sewed a full elf costume (ears, dress, hat, jingle bell shoes, and all) and was in a Christmas parade.
I've binge-watched a Korean drama, The One From the Stars. I'm not Korean; I don't speak the language whatsoever — yet I can tell you everything and anything about Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi's love life.
I went to PetSmart for a 'break' and came home with two hamsters. They ended up living for two years.
Randomly decided I wanted to learn how to pick locks, spent two hours trying to learn with bobby pins, couldn't do it so drove to four different stores looking for a pick set, spent three hours picking every lock in my house, and yup, I was right: It's super cool!
I became fascinated with dreadlocks and now know how to make dreadlocks and care for them even though I would never actually wear dreadlocks.
I watched tutorials and practiced how to do the moonwalk, and spent several hours perfecting it. Then I learned the (whole) 'Thriller' choreography.

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