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39 Renaissance Babies Who Can't Even

They simply cannot. Via Ugly Renaissance Babies.

1. This baby can't even.

2. This baby just can't any more.

3. This baby is 100% over it.

4. This baby has absolutely had it with his creepy family.

5. This baby is completely fed up with playing his kithara while riding on a dolphin.

6. This baby cannot fucking believe his parents haven't noticed that he's being abducted by the devil and replaced with a changeling.

7. This baby simply cannot with these horrible bullies.

Seriously, can you just not?

8. This baby is just not happy with the current arrangement.

9. "Fuck eagles." –This baby

10. "Fuck owls." –This baby

11. "This cow and all these people need to fuck off right now." –This baby

12. This baby just can't with this stupid game.

13. This baby simply did not expect to be swaddled in toilet paper today.

It's just not what he needed this morning.

14. This baby just cannot with this naked lady throwing coins at him.

15. All of these babies have had it with being flying heads.


16. This baby just wants it all to staaaaahp.

17. Staaaaaahp.

18. Just staaaaaaahp!

19. This baby hates apples.

20. We have all been this baby at the party.


21. This baby wishes this girl would just buy a damn music stand.

22. These babies cannot with their massive swollen heads.

23. Can you even blame this baby for hitting the wine right now?

24. This baby just cannot with this beard.

25. None of these babies are even close to handling this other dickhead baby on a swing.

26. This baby could literally not give less of a fuck.

27. Can this baby even? No, it cannot even.

28. This one baby wishes these other two babies would chillllll.

29. This baby is like, "What the fuck are you doing down there?! I am literally Jesus Christ."

30. This baby cannot with adults.

31. Seriously, all adults can shove it.

32. Like WTF are adults even DOING most of the time.

33. Ban adults.

34. Every single one of these babies is over it.

35. This baby's all, "The fuck?"

"Like, the actual fuck?"

36. "Just, fuck it."

37. "Fuck it all."

38. "Because everything's the actual worst."

39. #SorryNotSorry