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    All The "Pretty Little Liars" GIFs You've Ever Wanted, Featuring Shay Mitchell

    The perfect reactions to every insanely crAzy moment you experience while watching PLL.

    Shay Mitchell, aka Emily Fields, stopped by BuzzFeed NY to act out every heart-stopping, thrilling, I'm-so-scared-I-might-punch-my-TV moment every Pretty Little Liars fan knows too well. Here are the amAzing results.

    When you see someone in a red coat walk by.

    When you catch exes sneaking around together when they shouldn't be.

    When you get a threatening text from "A".

    When bae walks into the room.

    When PLL is on hiatus and you have to wait two more months for the next season.

    When Alison is being shady as hell.

    When it's Tuesday and you realize a new episode of PLL comes on tonight.

    When you walk into the first day of class and your teacher is Ezra.

    When you're so confused about who "A" is you start to wonder if it's actually YOU.

    When you found out Mona is dead.

    When you meet someone who has never watched PLL.

    When everyone thought Ezra was "A".

    When you hear footsteps behind you and see a shadow.

    When you found out Alison was actually alive.

    When people tell you to stop being so obsessed with PLL.

    When you think "A" is about to get unmasked, and then doesn't.

    When there's a cliffhanger at the end of the season and you have to wait forever to find out.

    When something bad happens and then you see someone in a black hoodie.

    When Hanna says another one of her ridiculous one liners.

    When Spencer has a crazy new theory about "A".

    When you think "A" is dead.

    ...and then all four of you get a text and you realize "A" is still alive.

    Bonus meme: When Paige is literally out of her mind.

    Don't miss the Pretty Little Liars ChristmAs special tonight on ABC Family at 8/7c!