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August 19, 2014

25 Things You'll Only See In Florida

Oh Florida, never stop being you.

Can You Waffle It? (McDonald's Edition)

Step Up Your Fast Food Game. Waffle It.

Hip-Hop's Top Tier Goes Silent On Ferguson

Superstars like Jay Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne — fitful allies in the fight for civil rights — may be suffering from outrage fatigue.

These Women Are Using Selfies To Reclaim #Latina Identity On Tumblr

Reclaiming the Latina Tag founder Xochilt Montaño sees selfies as "an act of resistance."

20 Anime/Mangas That People Should Be Watching/Reading Right Now!

If you haven't seen these yet I truly feel sorry for you. How long have you been deprived of such anime/manga greatness? Here is basically a list of my favorite anime/manga that I think everyone should watch/read sometime in their life and why.

29 Secrets Sorority Girls Won't Tell You

Sisterhood is not what you think.

24 Things That Give All Perfectionists Nightmares

Participating in anything that you're not good at.

24 Powerful Images From One Photographer's "Don't Shoot" Photo Campaign

"As a black man in America, it is reasonable to believe I can be shot by law enforcement for brandishing a black camera, which can be mistaken for a gun."

10 Rookie Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes

It’s really hard being a freshman!

5 Murakami Books You Should Read Now (Besides Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years Of Pilgrimage)

Last week Haruki Murakami's latest book, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, was released to the extreme excitement of uberfans everywhere. If you are new to the phenomenon that is Murakami, or you're just so excited about the new one that you want more too, here are five suggestions to get you started on what will certainly be a new obsession.

10 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is A One-Of-A-Kind Awkward Role Model

Some people are just awkward. Hey, just embrace it.

Foley Killers' Goal Is Intimidation

ISIS, hostages, and fear.

What Kind Of Pizza Are You?

In God We Crust.

51 Tips For Faking Your Way Through The Emmys

Even if you don't watch every show or know who every actor is, here is some commentary to help you fool your fellow viewers on Aug. 25. WARNING: This post is filled entirely with spoilers!

Top 5 Favorite Celebs Getting Iced For ALS

Watch Your Fave Stars Scream for a Good Cause.

Lo único que nunca notaste en "La Sirenita"

Y no, no estoy hablando sobre la erección del sacerdote.

14 Reasons August Is The Worst Month When You Live In Texas

It'd actually be pretty cool if someone could throw some #shade on Texas.

Russia Sentences Notorious Anti-LGBT Activist To Prison — But Not For Anti-LGBT Attacks

Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich was sentenced to five years in a labor camp, but faced no charges for his infamous videos torturing gay men.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

The 7 Deadliest Selfies

Seemingly Innocent Trend? I Think Not.

Punctuation Marks Ranked From Worst To Best

Because sadly, not all dashes are created equal.

An All-Bacon Restaurant Is Opening In Montreal

Can someone get this man a liquor license ASAP?

ISIS Appears To Behead American Photojournalist In YouTube Video

Updated: Family grieved Tuesday for James Wright Foley, who was kidnapped in November 2012 in Syria. In the video, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, indicates the killing is a response to recent American operations in Iraq.

19 Ways Informational Interviews Are Like Tinder

Walking into an office and shouting as loud as possible “Pay me money to do things. Need money please!” is not going to get you a job.That’s what an informational interview is for. It is the Tinder of networking.

This Project Brings Humanity To The Classroom By Connecting English Students In Brazil To Seniors In Chicago

Seniors find joy in teaching English online while students in Brazil feel connected to those overseas and brush up on their skills.

22 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In The South

It's more than a region, it's a state of mind.

The Internet Reacts To A 'Hunger Games' Theme Park

Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever.

The 14 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges Based On Their Screams

It's all fun and games until they scream and then it's REALLY FUN.

Look At This Baby Who Looks Exactly Like Mrs. Doubtfire

Seriously, was this kid the basis for the character's design?!

14 Decisions Every College Freshman Shouldn't Be Afraid To Make

At first, you won't succeed, but you should try, try again.

Thousands Near Border Without Drinking Water Following Mining Spill

Mexico has filed a lawsuit against the company for the spill. More than 80 schools along the border will remain closed.

27 Things All College Grads Are Still Having Nightmares About

The one time you *tried* to do the assigned reading.

The Evolution of Taylor Swift Music Videos

At twenty-four years old, Taylor just released her newest music video, Shake it Off, which has already gone viral, but who remembers the sixteen-year-old just breaking into the business?

What NYC Apartment Listings Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

You better like cooking in your bathroom.

Uber Hires Top Obama Political Adviser As Chief Strategist

David Plouffe ran Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Uber has had its fair share of run-ins with Democratic constituencies.

10 Times Ed, Edd, N' Eddy Broke Science

This cartoon straight up broke science on a weekly basis, particularly when...

24 Dogs Celebrating #TongueOutTuesday

#TongueOutTuesday gives dogs a chance to let their freak flags/tongues fly!

23 Things All Female Athletes Have Experienced

Yes, there IS a women's World Cup.

Watch How "Ferguson" Spread Across The Country On Google Search

Missouri teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed on Aug. 9.

25 Símbolos Illuminati encontrados en tus caricaturas favoritas

Los illuminati están en todos lados. No hay ningún lugar donde puedas esconderte.

Fox News' Medical And Health Care Advice Is Anything But.

CNN's Brian Stelter "strongly" suggested "you not take ... medical advice" from Fox. He has a point there.

15 intensas transformaciones de travestis que te impresionarán

¿Cuándo fue la ultima vez que trabajaste así de duro?

Welcome To Uncanny Valley

...where robots make you want to throw up.

Two People Rescued After Being Trapped In An Arizona Home Raging Flood Waters

Authorities reached two people trapped after flood waters overran an Arizona house.

What Kind Of Pit Bull Are You?

There's nothing cuter or sweeter than a pit bull!

27 Simpsons Facts You Probably Don't Know

Simpsons facts extravaganza!

What's Your Worst Quality?

Time for some real talk.

This Is The Quickest Way To Make A DIY Baby Groot

Anyone can DIY if you lower your expectations!

This Motorcycle Crash Will Blow Your Mind

Words can't begin accurately describe how epic this video is...

So This Is The Ideal Celebrity Beach Body......

Ever wondered what the ideal Celebrity beach body looks like? Well now you can thanks to this survey MyVoucherCodes did. Do you agree with the results?

21 People Who Don't Have Time For Your Flirtatious Texting

You know what I want right now? Pop tarts.

24 Lindas historias de Humans of Bogotá

“En Bogotá se puede ser”.

23 Lessons The Crap Parents Of Popstars Can Teach You About How Not To Raise A Kid

You know that wistful little song Cats in the Cradle? About a kid who wants to be just like his old man but his dad has no time for him, and then the kid grows up to be just like his dad and doesn’t have time for his old man? Yeah, these examples are a little bit more messed up than that...

Things You Learned In School That You Actually Do Use In Real Life

They were right, this stuff is of critical importance.

Pharrell's "Happy" Is Even Happier In Sign Language

Pharrell must be very, very proud.

Take A Cute Break With The BuzzFeed Animals Newsletter!

Does your day need more adorable? Then the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter is for you!

10 Reasons Why Teen Wolf Is Heaven For Females

Romance, thrills, comedy... And Abs. Don't forget about the Abs.

Life In Canada Vs. Life Everywhere Else

Only in Canada. Avec SLIDEY THING!

The Definitive Ranking Of The 15 Best "Disney Afternoon" Villains

Let's be honest, these baddies were the real reason you tuned in every weekday afternoon.

Check Out The Year Book From The Graduating Class Of “Shake It Off” High!

Taylor Swift just released a new song and video with a bevy of characters. If they went to high school, here is what the year book would look like.

Top 10 Modelos En El Cine

De las pasarelas a la pantalla grande. Los mejores casos de modelos que, después de triunfar en las pasarelas o en sesiones fotográficas, migran al cine para comenzar una carrera de éxitos –o mediocridades, dependiendo el caso- en el cine. El artículo orginal está en KLIC

Missouri Lt. Gov: Anglo-American Civilization Does Not Do Justice In The Streets

"We have legal processes that are set in motion, that are designed after centuries of Anglo-American jurisprudence tradition."

The Lyrics To The Paul Daniels Magic Show In Public Places

You couldn't move in the 1980s for people singing the theme tune to the hit BBC show 'The Paul Daniels Magic Show'. So I put the lyrics up in public for the benefit of everyone.

37 Times Blake Shelton Made Us LOL On Twitter

I salute you, Mister Blake Shelton, for your hilarious Twitter banter and constant state of intoxication. We all look up to you... literally... you're tall as shit.

13 Things As Relieving As The Conclusion Of The India-England Test Series

We want to hold on to the relief like a big cuddly bear.

29 tarefas completamente desgastantes para pessoas cansadas

Alcançar algo não deveria ser tão difícil.

Taylor Swift's Ultimate Life Advice: Have More Fun Than The Haters

The haters gonna hate, hate, hate. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake.

18 Animal Best Friends Who Will Melt Your Heart

Because BFFs don’t always look alike. Based on Lisa Rogak's book, "One Big Happy Family."

How Ferguson Exposed Facebook's Breaking News Problem

Blame the algorithms — or the users.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Paul F. Tompkins

The actor and funnyman takes our Q&A!

Which BuzzFeed International Edition Should You Write For?

BuzzFeed is opening offices around the world. And you should come work for us. But which one is the right international edition...for you?

21 Traumatic Middle School Memories No One Will Ever Forget

The horrific events that bond us all together.

Makeup Tutorials Gone Wrong

Whether it’s a professional makeup artist or an 18-year-old who knows her way around liquid liner, Youtube is filled with videos that can teach you a thing or two about makeup. And then there are these cringeworthy tutorials. These ladies clearly weren’t all there when they hit publish.

Ugandan President Signs Law Criminalizing HIV Transmission

"It seems that Uganda is not committed to scaling down this pandemic — Uganda has chosen to moralize."

13 Reasons Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is The Funniest Scientist On Twitter

Look out, we've got an actual badass over here.

David Letterman Gave A Moving Tribute To Robin Williams, His Friend Of Nearly 40 Years

"Beyond being a very talented man and a good friend and a gentleman, I am sorry, like everybody else, I had no idea that the man was in pain, that the man was suffering."

One Writer Is Creating Her Own Poetry By Erasing Words From Pages Of "Infinite Jest"

"Some poems are direct responses to Wallace's life and work; others are instances in which I find myself in."

Obama Timelapse, 2009-2014

Watch the leader of the free world go gray.

27 Signs You're A Bit Of A Hoarder

This used teacup is supposed to be on this old phonebook. That's where it lives.

13 fotos tras bastidores de algunas atracciones clásicas de Disneyland

Estas imágenes simplemente podrían cambiar la forma en la que ves estas atracciones.

Cold Weather And Frozen Hopes For Peace In Eastern Ukraine

Moscow must somehow avoid a humiliating climb-down, while anything less than total victory for Ukraine will look like capitulation. But it doesn't look hopeful.

11 Unnecessarily Censored '90s Nickelodeon GIFs That Will Ruin Your Childhood

If your childhood wasn't already ruined, this should do the trick. NSFW, probably.

New York Fines British Bank Standard Chartered Another $300 Million For Not Living Up To 2012 Agreement

The bank will also face restrictions on its Hong Kong and UAE businesses.

19 Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Errors That Never Should Have Happened

This is why everyone should carry a dictionary with them at all times.

17 Fantastically Edible Geeky Creations

BRB, gotta go eat ALL the things. Some of these you can bake yourself while others are only for the dauntless. May the odds be ever in your flavor.

Top 23 Pieces Of Freshman Advice From Yik Yak

Entering college can be hard, but luckily we've got some need to know tips for succeeding in every aspect of a collegiate environment.

Celebs Who Have Been Transformed By Bold Lipstick

Who knew one product could make such a huge difference?

Anti-Semitic Incidents In The UK Have Risen Nearly 500% Since Gaza War Began

The Community Security Trust received 240 reports of anti-Semitism in the UK in July. "It's the underlying anti-Semitism."

How I Inadvertently Got The Founder Of An Ephemeral Drinking App To Stop Targeting High Schoolers

Bruce Yang was inspired to create Sobrr after a drunken night in Las Vegas. His target audience? High schoolers.

Bet You Can't...

These tricks are almost impossible Are you up for the challenge??

42 Adorable Things To Take Your Mind Off The World Imploding

Oh the world outside is frightful, but these cuties are so delightful.

All The Other Planets In The Solar System Could Fit Between Earth And The Moon

And with thousands of kilometres to spare, if you arrange them right.

12 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning To Book Lovers

A helpful guide for communicating with bibliophiles.

CNN Anchor Suggests Using Water Cannons On Ferguson Protestors

Her co-anchor Errol Barnett's side-eye is subtle, but piercing.

30 Genuine Laugh-Out-Loud Moments From Kids Films

Childhood movie moments that still make you laugh now.

Watch John McCain Do The Robot, Which He's Surprisingly Good At

My friends, my friends. Beep boop, beep boop.

18 Feelings Everyone Who Lives In London Knows All Too Well

London inspires many emotions, not all of them good.

Laverne Cox Reads A Letter From A Transwoman Currently In Prison

"I want my voice to be heard, I want my dreams to matter, I want people to know who I am because tomorrow is not promised." An exclusive look at The Sylvia Rivera Law Project's petition for safer housing of transgender inmates. [Update: The project removed the video Friday, at Cox's request.]

Everything You Love About Stickers, Explained

Ever wanted to know why stickers are so awesome? Of course you did.

17 Lecciones de vida que nos dejó “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Lo que aprendimos de RuPaul y sus reinas.

What Color Is Your Aura?

It's all about ~energy~, man.

24 Signs Your Pet Is Your Real Best Friend

Let's be honest: who's ACTUALLY always there for you?

This Jewish Literary Map Of New York City Is So, So Cool

From Franny and Zooey to The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

17 Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Tall Person

We. Don't. All. Play. Basketball.

Which Mexican Movie Star Are You?

Luces, Cámara, Acción!

27 Fabulous Plus Size Little Black Dresses Under $50

It's not the dress; it's the girl in the dress.

25 conversas no WhatsApp que só quem tem um irmão palhaço vai entender

"Carolzinha alterou o assunto para 'minhas melhores amigas'. Você foi removido."

How A Girl With Autism And A Misunderstood Horse Saved Each Other

"You don't own the horse, you own her heart."

19 Things You'll Never Want To Hear Again After Freshers' Week


"SNL" Cast Members And Alumni Remember Announcer Don Pardo

Saturday nights will never be the same.

This Video Is All You Need To Understand The Internet In 2014

The most popular guy on YouTube broadcasting himself playing the Kim Kardashian game.

Lesbianas: estereotipos versus realidad

En una relación lésbica, ninguna de las dos es "el hombre". Información anticipada: ambas son chicas.

Taylor Swift Threw A Pizza Party In Her Apartment For Her Fans

Because pizza is the best way to shake off the ~haters~.

"ISIS Here" Banner Raised During CNN Live Show In Ferguson

It remains unclear whether the banner was at all connected to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS].

Which DIY Face Mask Should You Use?

Beautiful skin is waiting in your kitchen cabinet.

Why Love Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Because we all need a reminder sometimes.

Bank Of America Now Has Only One Number Two

Tom Montag will become the bank's sole chief operating officer, the result of his partner Darren Darnell relocating to a vice chairman role in Tampa.

What's The Funniest Thing A Child Has Ever Said To You?

Kids say the darndest things, amiright?

Ben Affleck is Latest ALS Challenge Winner

Because raising money for/awareness about a crippling disease is kind of a popularity contest.

The Ups And Downs Of Being A CA

And there are many...

20 Personas que necesitan parar de usar shorts

Si vas a usar shorts, por favor compra la talla correcta.

Think Tank Blames Intern For Tweet Telling Amnesty International To "Suck It"

"I find his views and the way he expressed them to be abhorrent and will take appropriate action at CSIS to address the matter internally."

18 Stunning Photos Of Black Women At Work During World War II

Thanks to the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter, most people picture white women when they think of women entering the workforce during World War II. But these inspiring photos will remind you that women of color were heroes during the war, as well.

20 astuces beauté que vous devriez absolument connaître

Réalisables sans argent ni trop d'efforts.

23 Everyday Objects That Are Delighted To See You


How "The Knick" Became The Most Hypnotic Show On Television

Cliff Martinez, the composer responsible for the sound of Drive, Spring Breakers, and now The Knick, spoke to BuzzFeed about how he created the series' surprising sound.

15 curiosidades sobre o voto no Brasil

Voto censitário, de cabresto, quem se lembra?

19 Parents Every Teacher Meets

School is back and so are these parents.

NASCAR Is Pumped About Daniel Suarez, Its First Full-Time Latino Driver

Daniel Suarez has been lighting it up as part of NASCAR's Drive for Diversity program. In news first given to BuzzFeed, Joe Gibbs Racing announces Tuesday that Suarez is joining the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Watching This Man's Dreams Come True Will Make You Smile

In London producer Alex Metric's new video, a 60-year-old's dreams of becoming a performer are gloriously fulfilled.

21 femmes qui voulaient défier les lois de la physique mais n'ont pas réussi

Elles ont mal évalué la ~gravité~ de la situation.

Ranking All 69 Counting Crows Songs

From "Accidentally in Love" to "A Long December" revisit the entire Counting Crows catalog from one fan's perspective.

This Sarcastic Guide To Using Hashtags On Instagram Is #Perfect

Graphic designer Djordje Djukanovic wants to show you how to label your pictures with #hashtags without looking like an #amateur.

Israel Carries Out Air Strikes In Gaza In Response To New Rocket Fire

Ceasefire negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian officials in Cairo have collapsed after a temporary truce was broken.

Nicola Sturgeon: Why I Believe We Can Secure An Independent Scotland

"There is nothing wrong in politics in being ambitious, and if the opportunity presents itself, thinking you might like to do the top job," she said. But first there's a referendum to win.

22 choses dont aucune femme ne devrait avoir honte

Vous faites ce que vous voulez.

Something Incredibly Unfortunate Happened When You Googled Greggs Today

Yeah, that's not the company's official slogan.

19 situaciones socialmente incómodas para las personas que siempre llegan tarde

Ser puntual es algo difícil. Realmente lo sentimos, personas puntuales

30 fotos que farão você dizer “Awww”

Está cientificamente comprovado que pelo menos uma destas fotos fará você sorrir. Talvez até duas!

Don't You Dare Wake This Cat Up Or Else It'll Yell At You Real Bad

It's like when anything at all wakes you up before your alarm is set to go off. You will literally lose your mind.

Cats On Instagram Vs Cats In Reality

Some things no filter can fix.

1,000 People Reportedly Rounded Up After Chechnya's Instagram-Loving Ruler Loses iPhone

Ramzan Kadyrov reportedly lost his phone at a medieval museum in Chechnya on Saturday.

21 Socially Awkward Situations For Forgetful People

"Sorry, what was your name again?"

How Good Are You At Spelling?

Let's see how much attention you were paying in class.

Here's A Burger Stuffed With Pimento Cheese And Fried Like A Corn Dog

A ~very~ important culinary innovation: The Pimento Cheeseburger Corn Dog.

You Need These Chili Mac 'N Cheese Fries In Your Life

You need them in your life YESTERDAY.

This 7-Layer Potaco Salad Is The Ultimate Bowl Of Awesome

Potato salad can get a little boring. Adding six layers of magic really jazzes things up.

A Bag Of Severed Cats’ Heads Was Left In A Manchester Side Street And No One Knows Why

The police have said the investigation is being run by the local council.

The Definitive Ranking Of Rory's Hairstyles On "Gilmore Girls"

Forget Dean, Jess, and Logan -- Rory's hair choices were always the most important part of Gilmore Girls. To some of us, anyway.

Here Are The Funniest Jokes Told At This Year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The channel Dave has released its list of the funniest one-liners from this year's Fringe. How many of the following make you cackle or cringe?

The Great European Road Trip

Once you get over driving on the opposite side of the road, driving in Europe isn't that different from driving in the UK..... There's plenty of great road trips to take around Europe, here's a few!

How Well Do You Know Classic Literature?

Think you know your Moby from your Dick? Find out.

Puma's Twitter Hashtag Campaign Just Went Very Wrong

If you allow people to make up their own funny names, you're asking for trouble.

17 problèmes que nous devrions avoir résolus depuis longtemps

Nous avons exploré les quatre coins de la planète. Nous avons envoyé un homme sur la Lune. Mais nous n'avons toujours pas inventé des draps-housses qui restent en place.

27 Struggles Only New Mums Will Understand

Enjoy every second! Or not.

This Teenager’s Mugshot Might Be The Most Meta Thing Ever

Clearly a fan of the phrase "sorry, not sorry".

Sid & Nancy: The Sitcom

A TV intro mashup featuring Alex Cox's harrowing 1986 film "Sid & Nancy" recut as an 80's romantic comedy sitcom using the theme song from "Growing Pains"

17 raisons de ne jamais faire le malin devant vos amis

Vous pourriez avoir l'air très con.

New Senator Says Australia Not Prepared For Possible Chinese Invasion

"We need to be prepared for an invasion and right now we are not."

The Official Ranking Of Musical Instruments You Played As A Child Based On Coolness

Just so you know in advance, the recorder didn't rank highly in this at all.

16 Times Your Children Hated Your Pinterest Obsession

For every child who's ever been wrapped in Christmas lights.

The Definitive Ranking Of Bogan Events In Australian History

Get ready to switch your bogan detector to HIGH.

23 Fond Memories All True Indipop Fans Have

"All I want is a song that's made in Indiaaa." ♪

12 Reasons Why Your Crowdfunding Fails

I'am running a crowdfunding project myself with as goal to pay for my photography study. Don't worry I will not spam the url here because a BuzzFeed editor would probably execute me on the spot with a silver bullet between my eyes if I did. We all heard the stories of people raising thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in just a few days for the most stupid things. So I thought it would be a piece of cake convincing people to donate for study purposes. However, after 15 months and 6 people who've donated a total of 190€ (about 250$) I'am slightly disappointed in the whole crowdfunding thing. Probably I'am doing something wrong. After a lot of thinking and self-evaluation this is the list with 12 reasons why your crowdfunding fails.

Prank It Forward- Restoring Faith In Humanity Everywhere

Prepare for happiness and your heart to grow 2 sizes.

44 Vintage Photos That Show How Fast Australia Has Changed

Today marks 175 years since the invention of photography.

Double-Vision At The 2014 Twins Day Festival || Twinsburg OH

The city of Twinsburg was named after identical twins Aaron and Moses Wilcox in 1819, after the twins donated land for the construction of a public square. Every year, since 1976, the city has hosted The Twins Day Festival where thousands of twins and multiples congregate to celebrate their uniqueness and similarities. Here are 10 photos of twin attendees and some interesting information about twins and multiples.

"Saturday Night Live" Announcer Don Pardo Dies At 96

The veteran radio and television announcer died Monday, his daughter Paula said. He was 96.

"How To Talk Australians" Is The Web Series You Didn't Know You Needed

The minds behind Wilfred and Images You Should Not Masturbate To have joined forces to produce a new take on Australian stereotypes. The results are hilarious and controversial.

Gap Tells Customers To "Dress Normal" In Fall Marketing Campaign

"Let your actions speak louder than your clothes," the clothing chain urges customers. BuzzFeed gets a first look at Gap's fall campaign.

Ferguson Is The Beginning Of The End For Conservatives' "War On Crime"

"Right on Crime" arrives. "What are all those things that look like tanks doing?"

15 Things That Make Melbourne The World's Most Liveable City

Melbourne has been named the 'World's Most Liveable City' for a fifth year In a row

After Ferguson Shooting, Americans Still Deeply Divided On Racial Issues

According to the Pew Research Center, 80% of blacks say the shooting in Ferguson raises important issues of race. Forty-seven percent of whites say race is getting more attention than it deserves.

Martin O'Malley Makes New Friends, Keeps Old Ties In New Hampshire

The governor is spending a lot of time in the early primary state these days.

Johnny Manziel Flips The Middle Finger During "Monday Night Football"

Television cameras caught Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel apparently flipping off the Washington Redskins bench during Monday night's game.

Meet The Men With The Most Dangerous Job In Ebola-Ridden Liberia

Ebola is at its most contagious in a human body when that body has just died.

Kevin Hart Engaged To Girlfriend Eniko Parrish

Hart popped the question to his girlfriend while wearing a shirt with a lightning bolt on it, and Drake promptly made fun of him. Congrats though!

Model Ataui Deng Found In New York Hospital After Being Missing Nearly Two Weeks

The New York Police Department said they found model Ataui Deng, who disappeared on Aug. 6, at a local hospital.

18 Questions Sweaty Girls Are Tired Of Being Asked

Yeah. I'm, like, dripping with sweat. Hand me a mini fan or move along.

As Civilian Enrollment Grows, American Public University Pledges To Stay True To Its Military Roots

The schools prides itself on both its military heritage and its bucking of for-profit college stereotypes. But civilians now account for 40% of its student body.

10 Songs From 1989 Taylor Swift Should Reference On Her New Album

Turns out 1989 was a good year for pop music.

Liberals Try Shooting Guns For The First Time

As you might expect, they weren't that into it.

Music For The Final Weeks Of Summer

Checkout These Summer Songs Before It Is Too Late

8 "The Simpsons" GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Awkward Moments

"The Simpsons" understands our awkward lives.

This Woman Has Lived In The L.A. River For 15 Years

For her, the bottom of the river is home. Homelessness doesn't always look the way you expect it to.

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