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August 4, 2014

This Is Either The Stupidest Kickstarter Campaign Ever Or The Most Genius

Why yes, we do need a seven-story tall robot that juggles Volkswagons.

The Top 10 Quotes From Chunk In The Goonies

Warning: reading this may create the urge to do the Truffle Shuffle

The Westboro Baptist Church Loves Google

And will probably be disappointed to find out next week that the feeling is FAR FROM mutual.

32 Plays You Need To Read Before You Die

"The play's the thing," because plays are the best.

The Live Action Team Rocket Inrto You Have To See

Ever wished that Pokemon were real? What about running into Team Rocket?

18 Books Perfectly Described Using Emojis

High five/praying emoji + stack of books emoji.

Ousted American Eagle CEO Takes Over Luxury Jewelry Brand John Hardy

Robert Hanson started as CEO of John Hardy on Aug. 1.

Kids In The '90s Describe What A Stranger Looks Like

They sometimes wear black or brown jackets. Or aliens.

This Animated "Strawberry Fields" Video Will Change The Way You Think About How Food Reaches Your Home

Grammy-winning band La Santa Cecilia brings the journey of strawberries, from fields tended to by farmworkers to kitchen tables, to life. Oh, and the song is pretty good too.

Why The "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Oldies Mixtape Is One Of The Year's Best Soundtracks

"Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" has never felt so powerful.

The 10 Most Popular Lyric Videos Of All Time

Avicii, Adele, and Katy Perry are masters of the art form.

Missouri Puts To Death First Inmate Since Prolonged Arizona Execution

Updated: Michael Worthington was executed early Wednesday after U.S. Supreme Court denied his stay requests. Gov. Jay Nixon refused to grant clemency.

"The Killing" Comes To A Close With A Colossal Mistake

The six-episode final season, released exclusively on Netflix, ties up its loose ends a little too neatly. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

This 6-Year-Old Knows Exactly How To Decide What To Eat For Dinner

He is ALL OF US when we can't figure out what to eat.

Houston Officials Say There Won't Be A Voter Referendum For LGBT Discrimination Ban

Opponents did not get enough signatures to force a vote. “The petition is simply invalid.”

22 Signs You're The Samwise Gamgee Of Your Friend Group

~casually throws away shitty jewelry~

23 señales de que estás saliendo con un jovencito

Jovencito: Un niño molesto viviendo dentro del cuerpo de un hombre maduro.

17 Reasons "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'" Casey Jones Would Be A Fantastic Boyfriend

Two minutes for high sticking. And for stealing my heart.

28 Photos That Perfectly Capture Lollapalooza

No mud could cramp this style.

Spine-Tingling Photos Of London As It Remembers World War I

All around Britain, to mark the centenary of the first World War, people have been switching all their lights off except one. The idea is to leave a single light burning as a symbol of hope amid darkness.

5 Summer Reads For Tweens

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop reading great summer books! If you’re looking for one more book to keep your tween reading until school starts, try one of these!

10 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

17 Sizzling Facts About Attraction

Birth control can be a total game changer.

21 Reasons Why Texas Girls Are The Best

It's that Southern charm y'all.

29 Secrets College Students Won't Tell You

In college, no one is too cool for school.

27 Comebacks All '90s Kids Are Still Using

You are a snob and a half.

O fabuloso destino da Batata de 80 kg

Uma guerreira, uma batalhadora.

These Are Your Saddest Tweets

Don't worry, sad tweets are still real tweets. H/t Rhizome.

28 evidencias del antes y después que demuestran el poder transformador del maquillaje

#sinfiltro Simplemente una demostración de un buen maquillaje.

Some Stuff To Help You Admit You're Happy

August is Admit You're Happy Month! Here are a few things that will help remind you all year round!

Patient At New York City Hospital Does Not Have Ebola

A man tested at Mount Sinai Hospital "has tested negative for Ebola," the hospital said Wednesday.

Here Are 89 Ways Women Can Respond To Unsolicited Dick Pics

This is mandatory viewing for all men.

18 sinais de que você está em um relacionamento sério com o vinho

Caras eu gostaria de apresentar a vocês o meu namorado: um Chardonay obscenamente barato.

Man Shoots Himself In The Head After Trying To Take A Selfie With A Gun

The 21-year-old had been drinking and didn't realize the pistol was loaded. He died on his way to the hospital.

14 Babies That Are Just Trying To Do Their Own Thing

Babies have their own responsibilities.

Israel And Hamas Agree To New 72-Hour Cease-Fire

As Israel's offensive in Gaza ends its 28th day, cease-fire efforts have intensified.

Jon Voight Pens Open Letter To 'Ignorant' Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem On Israel

The Hollywood Heavyweight wrote a guest column in "The Hollywood Reporter" lambasting Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem after they signed an open letter denouncing Israel's military operation in Gaza. Full transcript below.

A Guide To Dealing With Life, According To "The Real Housewives"

Because we can all use some advice sometimes.

Jay Z Advocates For Prison Reform Onstage In California

"California, build more schools, less prisons."

Are You Actually A Replicant?

Sit down. Relax. This is called the Voight-Kampff test. Reaction time is a factor, so please pay attention.

Here's How Many People Have Died From Ebola So Far

At least 11,079 people have died from an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization.

10 Things I Should Have Brought On This Hiking Trip

A Travelogue for the Modern Adventurer

What Will Destroy You?

Something out there will destroy you. Find out what it is!

U.S. Attorney Says Rikers Island Is Like "Lord Of The Flies" For Teenage Inmates

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office released the findings of a more than two-year study of Rikers Island that found the jails to be an extremely violent and unsafe place for adolescent inmates. "Our investigation has shown, for adolescents, Rikers is broken."

Mom Criticized For Dressing Up 4-Year-Old Daughter As Hooters Waitress For Beauty Pageant

"She would probably be a tomboy if I let her," the mom said.

Third Judge In Florida Rules State's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional

“Every win in court brings us closer than we’ve ever been to the freedom to marry in Florida," said Nadine Smith of Equality Florida in a statement after the ruling, which applies to the state's Broward County.

26 Jokes Only Mexicans Will Understand

The proof is in the duvalin.

O quanto mudaram os ícones pop britânicos desde os anos 90

Veja o antes e depois de Thom York, Noel Gallagher e mais.

26 GIFs de telenovela qui s'appliquent à toutes les situations

La telenovela couvre une vaste palette d'émotions.

26 Signs You And Your Phone Need Some Space

"Is anyone getting service right now?" - You, at the beach.

Los 23 peores amigos que alguien podría tener

Estas personas eligieron... mal.

The U.S. Used HIV Prevention Workshops In Cuba As A Front To Foment Dissent

USAID considered HIV prevention workshops the "perfect excuse" for covert, anti-government activities, the AP found.

This Is What The Internet Looks Like Without Facebook

A web without Facebook means mobile traffic would be devastated.


Lights, Camera, Go to Class!

16 Things Only Half-Siblings Understand

For the last time, same father, different mother. Why is that so hard to understand?

13 Chilling True Crime Documentaries To Keep You Up At Night

For when you've finished Making A Murderer.

A Kansas Doctor Opened A Truvada Clinic Because Other Doctors Won't Prescribe It

"I was finding folks whose primary doctors were not willing to provide the medicine and there are probably more of those folks out there. There is a need, I believe, for there to be more access to try this prophylaxis."

Former White House Press Secretary James Brady Dead At Age 73

Brady's family reports that the former White House press secretary, who went on to become a fierce proponent of gun control after he was shot in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, died Monday.

26 People You Wish Were Your Co-Workers

Calling all the Jim Halperts of the world.

Con su monería, estas arañas seguro curarán tu aracnofobia

Advertencia: Podrías sufrir de una agresión de lindura.

Quel est votre quotient sexuel ?

On ne vous jugera pas. NSFW.

Who Says Selena Gomez Doesn't Have A Beautiful Voice?

Selena Gomez took to Instagram to remind her fans that she can sing. Watch the short clip here.

Kanye West Brought North To Work

Rumor has it North is producing/writing/playing drums on his latest track.

17 Hilariously Inappropriate Movie Marquees

Wait, what did the Fantastic Four do?

This "Modern L Word" Twitter Account Is What You Need Right Now

In the style of @SeinfeldToday, the ladies are back. Talking, laughing, loving, and now tweeting.

Distrust Between U.S. And Israel At All-Time High, But Military Support Will Continue

“Obama and Netanyahu are like little kids who have been paired together by their science teacher, but who still want to try and jab and hurt each other as much as possible."

Attacks In Jerusalem Spur Fears That Violence In Gaza Is About To Spill Over

A Palestinian construction worker used his vehicle to attack pedestrians and cars, while an armed gunman opened fire near an Israeli University in Jerusalem.

Listening In The Abyss: The Lasting Legacy Of The "Garden State" Soundtrack

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, and a long overdue release on vinyl, how one soundtrack kicked off the indie revolution and predicted the way we listen now.

Marvel Held A Private Screening For The Brain Damaged Co-Creator Of Rocket Raccoon

Marvel's vice president wanted to make sure the man responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy's foul-mouthed raccoon got to finally see him in action.

18 tortugas que no querrás tener en tu casa

¿Qué crees que es esto? ¡¿Una especie de juego? !

16 Wizards That Would've Killed It At Hogwarts

Accio New Characters! The Wizarding World of Fangirling is finally open.

9 Songs That Have Weird Dialogue In Them

"Oh my god, Becky. Look at her butt..."

Meet The Swaggiest, Most Handsome Pit Bull On Instagram

Pitbull ain't got nothing on this pit bull. Dale.

This Man Is Traveling Around The World One Haircut At A Time

Hair there, hair here, hair everywhere.

Can You Tell Which Historical Event Happened First?

Nintendo has been around for way longer than you think.

Women Are Proudly Posting Armpit-Hair Selfies All Over Chinese Social Media

Female underarm ambush has officially gone global.

21 Reminders You Had The "Cool Parents" Growing Up

If your friends were jealous of your parents, you know who you are.

19 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Humanities Students

"We need to interrogate the performative aspects of these normative constructs, OK?"

Zoe Saldana Sticks Up For Britney Spears

Zoe Saldana defended "Crossroads" costar Britney Spears during "Watch What Happens Live."

Michel Gondry On The Powerful Influence Of Author Boris Vian

"The memory of reading L'Écume des jours has had an influence on many of my films..."

Nigerian Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola In Lagos

The deadly virus was brought to the country two weeks ago by a Liberian traveler. Health officials say three more people may yet test positive.

22 choses à ne surtout pas faire avec son téléphone portable

« Attendez, touchez pas vos assiettes, je prends une photo ! » OUI MAIS J'AI FAIM.

27 Tatuajes que no deberían existir

Malas ideas, pésima ejecución y cero planeamiento.

Premiere: Overnight "#SELFIE" Stars The Chainsmokers Celebrate Confidence With New Single, "Kanye"

"We look at the word ‘Kanye’ as an adjective. The song is about what it means to be like Kanye."

This Is How Many British Soldiers Died During World War I

Tonight the UK is commemorating the conflict's 100-year anniversary by turning off its lights at 10pm for one hour to remember the 888,246 British and Colonial soldiers who lost their lives fighting for Britain. Here is one poppy for each of them.

10 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Say To A Deaf Person

If you're someone who has never been exposed to deaf culture, you may not really understand how the whole "deaf thing" works.

19 Ways Having A Dog Will Prepare You For Kids

Fur babies can change your life.

The 13.1 Stages Of Running A Half Marathon

Months after picking your half marathon, your training is complete and now all that's left is to ruddy well run it.

Remy Ma's Final Days In Jail

Six years in prison hasn't softened the New York rapper's iron will. With her freedom back, can she rule again?

New England Patriots Owner Sends Letter To Parents Of Soldier Killed In Gaza

"He represents the consummate patriot and I am forever grateful for the sacrifices he made to keep our beloved Israel safe."

16 Sims That Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Even Sims ride the struggle bus sometimes.

5 Thoughts That Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Existence

NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME! Look for more over at Distractify.

Google Removes "Bomb Gaza" Game From Play Store After Outrage

Update: Google removed the Bomb Gaza game from its Play Store on Monday after it sparked criticism on social media. The game allows players to pilot an Israeli fighter jet attacking "terrorists" in Gaza.

There Used To Be Mega Penguins The Size Of Humans

Step aside emperors, penguins have got a new king.

20 Miserable Men Who REALLY Don't Want To Be Shopping Right Now

We know it can be rough, but you really have to feel it for these guys.

"Outlander" Is The Feminist Answer To "Game Of Thrones" — And Men Should Be Watching It

The new Starz series, based on Diana Gabaldon's hit novels, offers one of the most committed, complicated portrayals of women on television — and there's no reason men shouldn't be watching too.

23 amis qui vous feront perdre foi en l'amitié

Mieux vaut être seul et asocial que d'être entouré par de tels connards.

13 Maps That Will Change How You See The World

It's a big, weird world out there. These maps will let you know just how big and weird it is.

17 Offbeat Ice Cream Flavors To Make Right Now

Once you've bought an ice cream maker, there's no reason to waste it on plain old chocolate and vanilla.

50 Things That Will Make You Say "What A Time To Be Alive"

There are many brilliantly pointless things, and you're going to want them all.

23 momentos nos quais com certeza houve uma falha na Matrix

Vamos tomar a pílula azul mesmo, valeu!

25 photos prises sous un angle parfait

Méfiez-vous des apparences... Ces bijoux viennent en majorité du subreddit Perfect Timing.

10 Projects To DIY Your Way Back To School

Another summer is already coming to a close. But that doesn't mean you can't make some rad stuff to mentally prepare yourself (or your kid) for another year of getting educated!

18 familias que demuestran que la familia que se disfraza unida, permanece unida

#Disfrazartedeporvida. O hasta que los niños se nieguen a participar.

A Couple Who Were Inseparable For Almost 62 Years Die Within Hours Of Each Other

“It’s just amazing. It really is amazing. It’s a true love story.”

16 Times Seagulls Proved They Are The Real Enemy

Seagulls have been terrorising the UK for generations. This is how bad the problem has got.

São Paulo no Instagram x na vida real

A vida com filtro é melhor.

Conan O'Brien Will Perform "The Monorail Song" During A Live Simpsons Performance Next Month

"Monorail..." "What's it called?" "Monorail...." "Once again!" "MONORAIL!"

11 coisas que talvez você não saiba sobre J.K. Rowling

Também conhecida como a “Trouxa” mais famosa do mundo.

Lindas fotos de tirar o fôlego do Concurso de Fotografia da National Geographic 2014

Aqui estão as imagens vencedoras do concurso de fotografia da National Geographic Traveler Magazine 2014, escolhidas dentre mais de 18.000 inscritas.

The Government Wants To Have One Big File On You, Including Info From Your Taxes And Your Driving Offences

The government would need to pass legislation before it could pass on personal data from one department to another.

13 British Celebrities Unexpectedly Hanging Out With Genuinely Famous People

Suddenly, Lucy Beale's murder makes a LOT more sense.

17 cosas que puedes hacer con cabezas de muñecas

Proyectos "hazlo tú mismo" para asesinos en serie de muñecas.

Mudslides Kill 1 And Leave Thousands Stranded In Southern California

Mudflows caused by torrential rains have left roads in the town of Forest Falls "impassable". This story is developing...

11 cachorros que aprenderam do pior jeito a não comer abelhas

Abelhas não tem um gosto muito bom. Ou têm, cão?

70th Anniversary Of The Warsaw Uprising

70 years ago in August, a brave city stood up against Nazism. Each year thousands of people honor their fight for freedom.

23 chicos atractivos que no sabías que eran veganos

Hacer sacrificios por los animales y por tu salud es TAN sexy.

This Is How The British Press Reported The Outbreak Of The First World War

"At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them."

23 Times Guys Make Absolutely No Sense

Boys will be boys. But we wish they wouldn't.

This Postman Is Creating Penis Pouches From Loom Bands

It’s for charity, guys. A bit NSFW.

Marlon Wayans Accidentally Threw Epic Shade At Delta Goodrem

She is hereby known as "UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN".

18 razones por las que el verano apesta para cualquiera que usa anteojos

Gracias, sudor, por ayudarme a que los anteojos se me resbalen cada cinco minutos. ¡AGH!

Conan O'Brien: People Still Come Up To Me And Want To Talk About "Marge Vs. The Monorail"

BuzzFeed sat down with the TV host in London to talk about his new show, Conan, why he had to leave The Simpsons, and his classy speech at the end of his spell on The Tonight Show.

Photographer Creates Unbearably Cute Pictures Of Babies Sleeping

Warning: contains extreme levels of cute.

Haunting Photos Reveal What Life Is Like For Syria's Refugees

Photojournalist Ben Taub has spent the last two summers on the Turkish-Syrian border, recording the lives of civilians caught up in the conflict in Syria. Contains graphic images.

10 Gifts For New Parents Who Haven't Quite Grown Up Yet

Just because you're going to be a parent doesn't mean you can't still be fun.

7 Amazing Dog Breeds And Their Quality

These are the best dog breeds, based on factors including health, personality, and overall popularity.

A Man In Glasgow Just Found A Tarantula Behind His Oven

HEY, WHAT'S COOKING? This tarantula.

Then And Now - How Things Have Changed Over The Last Fifty Years

Things have changed loads since the '60s, we all know that. But by how much? Some things are almost unrecognisable, but others... well, they've stayed more or less the same. Let's take a look!

7 Things Indigenous Australian Leaders Want To See Right Now

"Aboriginal people should be allowed breathing space."

At Least 125 Presumed Dead In Bangladesh Ferry Disaster

The boat was traveling along the Padma river when it sank.

13 (Fictional) Amputees In Film And Television

Amputees are more of a pop-culture staple than you might realize- heroes, and villains.

Man Who Taped Asthmatic New Yorker's Chokehold Death Arrested

Ramsey Orta, 22, was arrested Sunday night for gun-related charges, the New York Police Department said.

27 catastrophes sexuelles que vous n'oublierez jamais

Du moment qu'on arrive à conclure.

21 Beautiful Photos Of Places In Utah You Should Go See In Person

Because you can't put a license plate in a scrapbook.

"The Wire" Actor Anwan Glover Stabbed Inside A Washington, D.C. Nightclub

"My flesh may be stabbed but my spirit is unbreakable," Glover said after the incident happened early Sunday.

How Many National Park Service Properties Have You Visited?

See how well you do from Acadia to Zion

The Rough Road For Cecilia Muñoz, Defender Of Obama's Immigration Policy

The president's top immigration adviser has lived in D.C. long enough to see herself become the villain. The activists once elated to see her join the administration aren't happy.

The Dog That Looks Like Harrison Ford... Just Being Harrison Ford

So a picture recently emerged of a dog that looks like Harrison Ford, but of course what we all wanted to know was how said dog would fair in classic Ford movies, and what the tag lines / quotes from those would be. Well, that was the assumption anyway.

Expectation Vs Reality: What Life Is Like As An Unemployed Recent Grad

Adult life starts now! Or maybe 6 months from now....

12 Stages Of Emotions I Experienced At The On The Run Tour

I was not physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually prepared for this.

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