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August 17, 2014

Watch Beyoncé Sing "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" To Jay Z

HBO just released a teaser for the On The Run Tour series with Bey covering the '60s song.

Vogue Put Models On Its September Cover

And It's a Big. Damn. Deal.

11 Misconceptions Women Who Love Fashion Are Tired Of

Because loving fashion shouldn't make people think less of you.

34 Times Chelsea Peretti Roasted UberFacts On Twitter

Bringing you the most hilarious responses to the most unimportant things you'll never need to know.

Liberia Finally Gets More Beds For Ebola Patients, Though Most Face A Fierce Battle

Doctors Without Borders has admitted its first patients to the biggest isolation facility it has ever built. But it's still not going to be enough.

How A Trapeze Class Rescued Me From My Quarter-Life Crisis

When I felt stuck, the only thing that helped was flinging myself off a ledge.

"The Giver" Failed At The Box Office Because It Failed Its Fans

With a limp $12.8 million debut, the adaptation of Lois Lowry's beloved novel is yet another casualty of Hollywood's addiction to YA books.

These Elaborate Ball Gowns Were Inspired By Cancer Cells

A professor at the University of British Columbia designed a collection of evening gowns inspired by microscopic photos of the disease.

These Teens Designed An App To Help Track And Prevent Police Brutality

Inspired by the death of Michael Brown and other similar incidents, three Georgia siblings created Five-O to help keep local police accountable.

Ferguson Citizen To Governor: "Speak With Your Chest!"

"You a man! Speak. With. Your. Chest."

22 personas cuyo verano ha sido mucho peor que el tuyo

¿Cómo estás pasando tu verano?

What's Haunting Your House?

Don't turn out the lights.

4 Good Reasons To Watch Porn

Not that you need them.

Dating In Movies Vs. In Real Life

Because Sixpence None The Richer hardly ever plays in the background as you walk down the stairs.

30 Reasons Why We Will Always Be Crazy For Patrick Swayze

The great Swayze would have celebrated his 62nd birthday this week.

11 Foods That May Be The Fountain Of Youth

So much less expensive than a face-lift.

Proof That Apple Is Planning To Conquer Outer Space

This isn't a conspiracy theory. Just look at the signs.

13 Cheaper Alternatives To Life's Expensive Necessities

Sure, Vitamix and Le Creuset are great if you want to spend all of your money. But we found the next best thing that will save you tons.

27 Super-Cool Ways To Eat Cucumbers

Late summer = PEAK CUKE. Get creative.

16 Baby Products That Are Amazing For Adults

Why should babies get to hog all the cool stuff?

This Is What Happens When You Ask The Internet To Draw Your Imagination

Jesus riding a velociraptor? Users of RedditGetsDrawn, you are some talented people.

The Liberal Democrats Have Been Accused Of "Underhand Racism" By The Hackney Heroine

Nick Clegg's party has "neanderthal views on diversity", according to Pauline Pearce, who came to fame during the 2011 London riots.

A Guy Is Posting Terrible Amazon Movie Reviews On Twitter And It's Hilarious

"I for one was more impressed with Rocky 3 cause it had Mr T."

26 platillos que deberías aprender a preparar en tus veintes

Y las recetas que deberías usar para aprender a preparar las mejores versiones de esos platillos.

Check Out These Incredible Cartoons Drawn By A British WWII Prisoner Of War

Des Bettany was a very talented man. All artwork reproduced with kind permission of his family. See more here. H/T i100.

You Can Rent This London House With A Slide In The Living Room

*If you have £15,000 a month to spare.

This Is How To Surf The Internet Anonymously

Now make sure you use it for good, not evil. With thanks to Who Is Hosting This.


WARNING: Contains graphic evidence of plants hatred towards humanity!

Important Fashion Lessons We Learnt From "Empire Records"

Damn the Man! Save yourself from some basic fashion mistakes with these lessons learnt from Empire Records.

16 Unforgettable Moments From "Good Will Hunting"

How ya like them apples? (Spoiler alert if you've never seen it.)

Your Mental Sorbet: Carol Burnett and Robin Williams -The Funeral

I think that Robin Williams would have liked the idea of a "Mental Sorbet" a little spark of madness that we could use to momentarily forget about those things that leave a bad taste in our mouths.

Pizza Kid Is The Best Trend On Reddit Right Now

This child gives me hope for future generations

The Hamptons Welcomes Hillary Clinton Home For The Summer

The vacationing rich in East Hampton embrace Clinton, their regular summer guest. Martha Stewart, Peter Orszag, Howard Dean also stop by.

16 formidables gatos de seis dedos que viven en la antigua casa de Ernest Hemingway

Conoce a Hunter S. Thompson, Tennesee Williams y sus amigos.

My Experience With Dealing With Depression As A Comedian

In the wake of the tragic death of Robin Williams, I want to take a moment to talk about how I as comedian have delt with depression in the past. If you need to talk the number below can help. 1-800-273-TALK

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