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August 25, 2014

PSA: This Is Why You Shouldn't Wear Red To An Awards Show

Red was a big color at the 2014 Emmys, but on the red carpet it's not the best color...

Here's What Lena Dunham Wore To The Emmys

Because you were DEFINITELY wondering.

15 Problems Only Women Who Are Taller Than Their S.O. Will Understand

To wear heels or to not wear heels, that is the question.

Sarah Silverman Shows Off Her Vape Pen On The Emmys Red Carpet

Sarah and her liquid pot: the true story of two best friends.

"It Could Have Been Me:" What Michael Brown's Funeral Meant To The People Who Never Knew Him

Many people who attended the funeral had no personal connection to Brown at all. Instead, they came because they felt the case meant something to them.

24 Things People Who Are Always Hot Will Understand

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Why It's Rough Out There For Geek Girls

"I'm so tired of these fake geek guys. They're just trying to impress us real nerd girls."

The 11 Feelings All Notre Dame Fans Will Probably Experience This Fall

Win or lose, SO MANY FEELINGS. Win or lose, GO IRISH.

All The Red Carpet Looks From The 2014 Emmy Awards

So many gorgeous gowns. Updated live!

The Seven Most Popular Halloween Costumes You'll See This Halloween

Every Halloween, there are a handful of costumes that seem to pop up in every group of friends. After “The Dark Knight” came out, it seemed like everybody was the Joker. A few years ago, Twilight based characters seemed to be what everyone was rocking. And last year, you couldn’t go a block without seeing Miley Cyrus. So what are the hottest Halloween costumes of 2014 going to be? Whether you’re planning on dressing up and joining the masses or wish to avoid the trends, check out these seven.

U.S. Officials Accuse Egypt And The UAE Of Secretly Bombing Libya

U.S. officials said they were kept out of the loop, The New York Times reported.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

18 Adorable Reasons Why Pets Are A Kid's Best Friend

There's no pal that's better than your pet!

Police Demilitarization Advocates To Washington: End The Giveaways And Do It Now

The moment is now when it comes to police demilitarization, say advocates — but it won't stay that way for long.

What It's Like Being In An Interracial Relationship

Is it different? Kind of... not at all, actually.

What Television Role Would You Win An Emmy For?

Are you destined to light up the small screen?

6 Reasons We Keep Watching Shows After They've Jumped The Shark

Why bad TV happens to good people. Warning: Spoilers for the True Blood series finale — if you still care.

Eighty Years Of Fergusons

The story of violent black protest in the U.S. is an old one — it's self-destructive but it sometimes gets results.

Aaron Paul's "Breaking Bad" Scavenger Hunt Was Insane

Today, the actor had fans running all over Hollywood. I was one of them.

10 Weird Things You Do When You're Alone

Hot cheetos and ranch is actually very good.

7 Quick Dinners To Make This Week

Some nights you need a PB&J sandwich, or maybe two, and some nights you need all the spices and pasta things as quickly as possible. Me too, me too.

15 Restaurant Signs That Will Make You Look Twice

Try our new jalapenis chicken poopers!

Argentina en Instagram vs Argentina en la vida real

No creas en todo lo que Instagram te muestra.

17 adorables mascotas que no son gatos ni perros

Háganse a un lado, los hurones y las chinchillas han llegado.

21 Signs You Are Just Too Darn Nice

You = sugar + spice + everything nice.

How We Have Tainted Purity

A Christian's response to the Samantha Pugsley and the Purity Movement

The 24 Thoughts You Have When Substitute Teaching

It sucks. But like you get paid.

21 Struggles All People With Small Wrists Will Understand

My wrists are more decorative than functional.

22 VMA Press Room Surprises You Didn’t See On TV

After they won their awards, here's what Ariana and Beyoncé did backstage.

8 Totally Baseball Handshakes

Maybe it has nothing to do with the game itself, but baseball would be even more boring without the handshakes and no one wants that, so here's a few of the coolest handshakes from around the diamond.

Lawsuit Claims Oklahoma Prison Officials Blocked Reporters' View Of Botched Execution

The ACLU and two newspapers filed a complaint Monday demanding uninterrupted access to witness an execution.

Meet The Guy Who Miley Cyrus Took To The VMAs

His name is Jesse Helt and he's from Salem, Ore.

20 Chistes que son tan malos que te darán risa

Prepárate a cagarte de la risa.

The Last Time My Grandmother Slapped Me

"Sometimes we have to forget in order to keep loving the people we need to love."

22 secretos que las aeromozas nunca te dirán

Lo que ocurre en las escalas se queda en las escalas.

20 Of The Most Magnificent Paws On Earth

These cuties have extremely kissable toes.

"The Comeback" Gets A Comeback Trailer

HBO has released the first teaser for the resurrected show's relaunch this fall.

15 Black Women At Afropunk On What It Means To Be A Carefree Black Girl

It's still the summer of the #CarefreeBlackGirl. Here's how some women define the phrase.

Paul Ryan Doesn't Think Sending Troops To Fight ISIS Should Be Taken Off The Table

"We have to have a long-term, effective program to put them out of existence."

Ex-San Diego Mayor Allegedly Told Staffer: "I Am So Good At Sex"

Bob Filner is facing another lawsuit, this time from a former executive assistant with allegations including sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual battery.

14 cosas que todos los que hayan tomado el colectivo en Buenos Aires saben que son ciertas

Viajar en el transporte público de Buenos Aires es un desafío que pone a nueva nuestro temple y nuestra sanidad mental.

Only 26% Of This Year's Emmy Nominees Are Women

According to data collected by the Women’s Media Center, the gender divide amongst the 66th Primetime Emmy Award nominees is reflective of the gender divide in television overall.

9 Ways Yes Scotland Will Fight The Final Weeks Of The Scottish Independence Campaign

With just weeks to go until the referendum, Yes Scotland explains how it's going to fight the final weeks of the campaign.

40 photos de célébrités super kitsch

Le bon goût des années 1990.

This Palm Reading Quiz Will Reveal Your Future

What hand have the fates dealt you?

Emmy awards 2014 : les gagnants

Peu parmi nos favoris ont remporté un prix, cette année ayant été une fois de plus dominée par « Modern Family ». On se serait un peu cru en 2011.

31 Ridiculously Gorgeous People At Afropunk

This is just a smattering of the beautiful crowd at the Brooklyn-based music festival.

O guia definitivo dos produtos de limpeza e o lugar certo para usá-los

Sabão em pó para lavar o chão, por exemplo, não pode. Isso vai mudar a sua vida.

13 Rookie Mistakes I Made The First Time I Went To The VMAs

I was invited to attend the VMAs as a guest (i.e., a non-VIP). This is what it's like for everyone who isn't allowed on the red carpet.

What Are Some Of Canada's Truly Hidden Gems?

Because there is more than Niagara and Montreal.

12 Things That Happen When You're On The Floor At The VMAs

I went to the 2014 MTV VMAs last night as a member of the casted audience and stood in the pit. This is what I saw.

33 Times Khloé Proved She Was The Best Kardashian

We love them, we love to make fun of them. And we can all agree, Khloé's the best one.

21 People Who Are Definitely Marriage Material

Nothing says "I love you" quite like a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Te sentirás agradecido que estos 12 animales están extintos

Todos debemos estar agradecidos porque no vivimos en la era del escorpión gigante.

17 Thoughts Everyone Has When Buying College Textbooks

If the tuition didn't already kill you, the books will.

This Phone App Helps Transgender Users Change The Pitch And Tone Of Their Voices

“It’s that when I talk, it really isn't a reflection of my soul – it isn't a reflection of who I am.”

Beyoncé Gave Nicki Minaj A "Flawless" Diamond Necklace At The VMAs

"There's no way you could be having a better week than me," Minaj said.

The Newest "Parks And Rec" Blooper Reel Is Here

Starring Li'l Sebastian as everyone. Spoilers ahead.

Premiere: MisterWives' Mega Fun "Reflections" Will Make You Want To Start A Dance Party Immediately

Get a first look at the quirky indie rockers' brand new music video.

17 Reasons Why "My So-Called Life" Like Totally Deserves A Reunion Season

The one-season '90s cult classic premiered exactly 20 years ago today. And it's about time it gets the Girl Meets World treatment.

16 Care Packages That Any College Kid Would Love

Care package is to college as cigarette is to prison.

17 perguntas que você não deve fazer a uma pessoa alta

Nem. Todos. Nós. Jogamos. Basquete.

Are You Going To Be OK?

Let's just take a second and check in with ourselves.

13 Reasons To Always Use Protection

Condoms are your friend, friend.

Are Blondes And Brunettes Actually Treated Differently?

We asked women who've been both about their experiences.

Nancy Pelosi: GOP Response To Border Crisis Treats "People In A Way That Is Almost Subhuman"

"The fact is the way it is happening in Washington, D.C., is not away any Republican I know would take pride in."

Gaza's Rubble Bucket Challenge

"We looked around and found what you see here: rubble and sand."

Charli XCX's "Break The Rules" Video Is The Back-To-School Motivation You Need Right Now

"Boys and girls across the world, putting on our dancing shoes."

12 Signs You Were A Band Geek

Try NOT walking in step with your friends. Just try.

13 Peak Taylor Swift Things Taylor Swift Did At The 2014 VMAs

Haters gonna hate, Taylor's gonna Tay.

Prosecutors: Man Confessed To Killing 4, Including 2 Gay Men, As Revenge Against The U.S.

Ali Muhammed Brown told detectives he was personally seeking vengeance against the United State for its military action in the Middle East, according to court documents.

How Facebook Plans To Remove Clickbait From Your News Feed

The social network's war on low-quality content continues with a new update today.

19 fascinantes GIFs de máquinas industriales para hacer pasteles

Entonces así es como se hacen esos pasteles que compras en las tiendas.

15 Photos That Perfectly Capture The Style At A Motley Crüe Concert

The higher the hair, the closer to metal heaven..

Chick Sheltered By Cat

A big cat sheltering a tiny little chick!

A Miracle In Liberia's Biggest Maternity Ward, Despite Ebola Crisis

The facility shut its doors after its top doctor died, but now it's bringing babies into the world by the dozen.

15 majestuosos lugares bajo el agua que necesitas visitar antes de morir

"Querido: es mejor aquí abajo donde está más mojado, te lo digo yo."

9 Deaths Worth Remembering On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Shit's stressful when you're in high school. *Spoiler alerts ahead*

The Letters On Taylor Swift's VMA Dress Can Be Decoded & Turned Into A Beautiful Poem

Yeah, you know you were squinting all night at her body -- for the alphabet

41 fotos feministas ao redor do mundo: antes e agora

Feministas radicais, no passado e agora. Imagens ligeiramente não recomendadas para ver no trabalho.


bloop bloop

18 consejos de belleza que te salvan la vida cuando tienes una fuerte resaca

Definitivamente no te despertaste así, pero nadie tiene que enterarse.

28 "Real Housewives" Quotes You Need To Read To Believe

We're so close, we are like Siamese cats.

Top 10 Richard Attenborough Movies Everyone Should Watch

Described as "one of the greats of cinema" by Prime Minister David Cameron, the brilliant Lord Richard Attenborough passed away last night at the age of 90. The dedications came pouring in for the actor, director and producer. These are the top 10 movies starring or involving Lord Richard Attenborough that everyone should watch.

James Foley Asked A Fellow Prisoner To Memorise A Heartbreaking "Letter" To His Family

"I remember so many great family times that take me away from this prison.”

20 coisas surpreendentes que você provavelmente não sabia sobre a Mega-Sena

O maior ganhador da história poderia comprar 19 milhões de potes de Paçoquita Cremosa. E sobraria troco.

Thousands Gather For Michael Brown's Funeral Held In St. Louis

Michael Brown is laid to rest after being shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in a St. Louis, Mo. street on Aug. 9.

10 DIY Ways To Refashion Your Wardrobe

Don't toss it, revive it! Turn your clothes into brand-new pieces with these easy project ideas.

11 Ways To Leave Your Mark On The World

Life is an adventure! Whether you are a senior in high school, a freshmen in college, or a recent graduate in search of your dream job (they exist, I promise), you are getting ready for one hell of a journey, and [BACKPACK BRAND] is there to support you and help you leave your mark. Here are 11 ways you can – and should – create the world you want to see through love, exploration, and adventure.

13 Drunk Horror Stories That'll Make You Give Up Alcohol Forever

What happens in Vegas stays on BuzzFeed.

10 Recipes To Ease The Transition Into Fall

Change is hard. Let food be your guide.

How Are Women Supposed To Dress For Work?

A roundtable discussion on what women wear to the office.

Fort Lee Identifies Soldier Who Died After Shooting Herself In The Head

Updated: Sgt. 1st Class Paula M. Walker had served in Iraq and won multiple awards from the Army. She died on Aug. 25 after shooting herself at the Fort Lee army base in Virginia.

Mexico Has Deported 93 Percent Of The Unaccompanied Minors Detained At Its Border

The country has deported 13,000 children detained at the country’s southern border.

6 artistas que você provavelmente nem imagina que foram alvo da ditadura militar

Além da presidente Dilma e de artistas como Chico Buarque, Caetano e Gilberto Gil, outros grandes nomes foram perseguidos pelo regime ditatorial que durou de 1964 a 1985.

Burger King In Talks To Acquire Tim Hortons, Move To Canada

The combined company would be the third-largest fast-food chain in the world.

Daughters Of Indian Sex Workers Speak Out About Moving Past Abuse And Achieving Their Dreams

As horrifying as the abuse was, it never could bring down their ability to dream.

34 Things You Didn't See On TV At The VMAs

I went to the 2014 MTV VMAs last night and stood in the pit. This is what I saw.

Bets Are In: Celebrities Who Know Their Gambling... And A Few That Don't

While some of these celebrities and sports stars have a lucky streak that keeps them at the top, others have definitely been punished harshly by the poker Gods for their hubris outside the casino. So next time you're at the Bellagio and see some celebrity action, don't go any closer before reading our list. You'll know if you should be betting against them or if it's better to just stay away!

50 States Of Attire

We all have our defining looks...for better or worse (we're looking at you Louisiana).

Protesters In Ferguson Share Why They Continued To Come Out Over The Weekend

They want justice — for Michael Brown, and for everyone.

32 Ingenious Ways To Eat Pumpkin All Day Long

"Get Ready. Pumpkin EVERYTHING is coming." — House Stark, probably.

The Definitive Ranking Of Coffee-Mate Creamers

Don't make the mistake of buying the wrong creamer again!

19 cosas de nuestra infancia con las que todos todavía tenemos pesadillas

Regreso en un momento, estaré arrastrándome debajo de mis frazadas.

Gatos no Instagram versus gatos na vida real

Algumas coisas nem um filtro pode consertar.

Tech Companies Offer Workers The Most Paid Parental Leave

Any amount of paid maternity or paternity leave is still a luxury for most American workers. But some companies are doing better than others.

Colleagues And Admirers Pay Tribute To Actor And Director Richard Attenborough

"He was the only Santa Claus I ever believed in." – Mara Wilson

18 Times Taylor Swift Owned The Red Carpet

We'll forgive you for 2014's VMAs ....

Are You Turning Into An Auntyji?

Take the test to know if you've graduated from didi to aunty.

14 Questions You Should Never Ask A Tamilian

"Can you teach me the lungi dance?" *RAGE*

31 espléndidos gestos románticos que crearon en ti expectativas poco realistas para el amor

Me dijeron que habría más coreografía. (Prepárate para mucha información anticipada).

Proof That No Food Is Safe Around A Smart Dog

Given the chance, he'd probably just make a full sandwich

#SingForNicole Is Just Beginning

This movement has always been about so much more than one song.

21 secrets que les gens qui ont l'esprit de compétition ne vous diront jamais

Bien-sûr que je compte les points. Tout le temps.

25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Richard Attenborough

The Jurassic Park actor has died. He had an amazing life.

28 Books To Read In Wake Of Ferguson

Brown's death and protests in Ferguson can't be boiled down to five-second soundbites. Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore in Saint Louis, put together a growing list of titles for an in-depth look at race in America.

22 Fly Items For The Bird Lover In Your Life

Just put a bird on it. It'll make you feel better.

17 Game-Changing Game Of Thrones Fan Theories

*WARNING*: Spoilers up through A Dance With Dragons. You should only click here if you read the books, can't wait for the next seasons, or enjoy wild speculation.

15 Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Everyone has those days, so check these out for your viewing pleasure! Have the happiest day ahead :)

World Congress Of Families Responds To "Misleading Attacks" With Open Letter To Australia

"Sexual radicals have launched a smear campaign to discredit the conference."

Everything You Need To Know About Lorde's Big Sister

The 2014 VMAs' Most Valuable +1.

This Is Why Darren Wilson Supporters Are Rallying In St. Louis

On a blazing Sunday afternoon, about 60 people showed up outside a bar in St. Louis to show support for the officer who killed Michael Brown.

The 2014 VMAs Were Officially Sponsored By Butts

Oh. My. God. Look at those butts.

Miley Cyrus Used Her "Wrecking Ball" Win To Raise Awareness About Homeless Teens

And she's launching a campaign to help homeless kids and runaways too.

Watch Alia Bhatt's Hilarious, Perfect Response To Jokes About Her Intelligence

Required viewing for anyone who's ever made an "Alia Bhatt's so dumb" joke. Oh, and of course All India Bakchod are the masterminds behind this.

Justice Department Civil Rights Division Investigating Arizona Border Patrol Shootings

The investigations could represent a shift in how the administration handles cross-border violence.

14 Things People Looked Like At The VMAs

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere.

14 Reasons Jenna Maroney From "30 Rock" Is A Role Model To Young Women

Grab a snack, a pen and paper, turn on Netflix, and learn a thing or two from Jenna Maroney.

19 Brazzers Logos That Make Ordinary Images Seem Wildly Inappropriate

Prepare to have your childhood ruined. NSFW, but not really.

17 Knitting Projects That Went Too Far

I love knitting as much as the next 20-something grandma, but sometimes you just need to know when to cast off. Here are a few people who got a little too yarn happy.

The 19 Funniest Workout Fail Gifs Of All Time

Working out comes naturally to some people. But to others, just isn't happening.

Common Addressed Ferguson Onstage At The VMAs

"I want us all to take a moment of silence for Mike Brown and for peace in this country and the world."

Jim Carrey Wiped Out On Stage At The VMAs

After making an Ebola joke.

Quem vestiu melhor: Cláudia Leitte ou Taylor Swift?

Escolha difícil, amigos. Porém, não há dúvidas da importância fashion da Galinha Pintadinha.

The Complete List Of Winners From The 2014 VMAs

So who did the moonmen go home with?

12 Reasons Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Broke The Music Video Record For Vevo

We all like BIG butts and we can not lie. *NSFW*

Teenage British Slang As Guessed By A Grown-Up Mum

My teenage brother recently filled me in with some of London's latest slang. To test the generation slang gap, I asked my Mum what she thought some of the words meant. It is safe to say, she had no clue. Literally, nothing. Nada.

Terry Richardson Now Has A VMA

Richardson — as famous for his glossy celebrity portraits as for his alleged sexual misconduct with models — directed Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," Video of the Year.

All The Looks From The VMAs Red Carpet

There were a lot of crop tops.

20 Things Only People Who Hate Driving Will Understand

Does anyone have the number for a taxi?

Adam Hills Won't Be Sending The Westboro Baptist Church To Iraq After All

Because charity is just a little bit more important.

This Exact Moment Daenerys Becomes A Character In The Office Is Perfect

"Should have burned this place down when I had the chance."

21 encantadoras ideas para una manicura con uñas cortas

Porque la gente con uñas cortas quiere estar bonita también.

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