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August 31, 2014

Some Thoughtful Reactions To The Leaked Celebrity Nudes

Because not everyone on the internet is there just to get off. Really.

Des photos de Jennifer Lawrence nue piratées et diffusées sur le Web

Le téléphone de l'actrice américaine a été piraté et des photos d'elle dénudée ont été diffusées sur Internet. D'autres célébrités ont aussi été piratées.

12 Signs You're Most Definitely A Pluviophile

A lover of rain, pretty convenient if you live in the UK!

Most Bloody Ice Bucket Challenge Ever

Has the Ice Bucket Challenge hit a new low?

There Isn’t A Specific Threat To London’s Tube Network, Despite What Your Text Messages Say

A message claiming that there is a high risk of a terror attack on London's underground network has gone viral. The police say it's rubbish.

Insanely Amazing Posters By Really Talented Artists

UGH, so good. You need these posters in your life.

Vladimir Putin Isn't Going To Stop

Wreaking havoc in Ukraine is just the beginning.

Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Other Celebs Victims Of More Leaks, Apple Denies Breach

Update: On Tuesday, Apple announced that the hack was due to a "very targeted attack" of certain celebrities, and denied it was a breach in their systems. This post is SFW.

You Might Be A Twenty One Pilots Fan If...

For the Skeleton Clique. |-/

21 Fall Dinners You Can Make In A Slow Cooker

Thank you, slow cooker, for all that you have given us.

Someone Flew A Drone Over Apple's New "Spaceship" Campus In California

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

World Leaders Ranked By Strength

Geo-politics are complicated. Whatever happened to the good old days when bands of tribal humans settled their differences with a show of strength? Well here's what the landscape of world power would look like if we still did things the old fashioned way.

No NFL Team Claims Michael Sam After Rams Cut Him

UPDATE: Rams don't sign Sam to their practice squad, but a team in the Canadian Football League is reportedly now interested.

16 Gifts For Your Favorite Book Lover Under $26 Each

Hey, you'll still have funds for that rare book you've been lusting after. (Oh, and that's cool if your fave book lover is in the mirror).

25 Signs You're The Paris Geller Of Your Friend Group

First things first, you're the realest.

Militants Took Over The US Embassy In Libya And Then Enjoyed A Dip In The Pool

The militant Islamic group Dawn of Libya claims to have taken control of a U.S. Embassy residential compound. All American diplomats fled last month as fighting plagued the capital city of Tripoli.

16 tuítes sobre a Marina voltando atrás em questões muito relevantes

Depois de mudar seu projeto de governo em relação aos direitos LGBT em menos de 24 horas candidata à presidência Marina Silva vira meme.

A Cameraman Just Discovered Footage Of Katy Perry Performing At 17 Years Old

"I'm just some little kid from California who plays the guitar and sings."

23 cosas que todas las atletas femeninas han experimentado

Sí, EXISTE una "copa mundial" femenina.

5 Ways You're Drinking Coffee Wrong

Coffee never tasted sweeter.

23 Glorious Ways To Eat Mac & Cheese

Eat the cheese you want to see in the world.

23 Celebs Who Prove That Short Guys Are Super Hot Too

Good things come in small, extremely attractive packages.

27 Of The Most Delicious Things You Can Do To Vegetables

Nobody puts these babies in the corner (of their plates).

This Post Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Ok, you're having a terrible day – it happens – let's turn to the unstoppable power of the Internet. Buckle up.

19 Things That Happen To Girls With Boys' Names

"Oh, did your parents want a son?"

You Have To Meet The 16 Most Adorable Piglets On Vine

No bacon today, thanks. Unmute these Vines for maximum viewing pleasure.

10 Of The Best Cartoon Sidekicks

These scene stealing stars no longer have to play second fiddle to their top spot besties. Allow them to bask in the glory of making the list.

No One Knows Why This House For Sale In Ipswich Has A Pig In It

Though reports of a wolf outside attempting to blow it down have not been confirmed.

Post-Structuralism Explained With Hipster Beards 2

The second instalment of our über-simplified history of post-structuralism ... now with extra locally-sourced GIFs! Click here if you missed Part 1.

Texan Firefighters Finish Mowing Lawn For Man Who Died Of A Heart Attack

Photos posted to Facebook of the kind deed have gone viral.

15 Ways To Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Friends

TODAY marks the 20th anniversary of Friends! Friends premiered September 22, 1994 and now almost twenty years later, via reruns, real-life Central Perks, and "surprise” guest appearances, they’re still there for us. Let's pay homage.

The Worst Things That Can Happen When You're Walking Your Dog

You think it's going to be a relaxing walk. Then these things happen.

11 Phases Of Hangry: Grocery Shopping Edition

It's a weekday night and you're in the middle of your diet. You got off work about an hour ago and now it's time to make dinner. Wait. You remember you ate the last of your kale chips last night. It looks like it's time to go grocery shopping, but there's one big problem: you're hangry. No, not just hungry. Hangry.

10 Reasons "Hocus Pocus" Speaks To Your Soul.

The Sanderson sisters are the human/undead witch equivalent of a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Sip them in.

Pakistani Police, Protesters Clash In The Streets Of Islamabad

The clashes injured hundreds of people and began as protesters marched on the home of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The protesters have called for Sharif's resignation.

Post-Structuralism Explained With Hipster Beards: Part 1

The most controversial intellectual movement of the 20th century explained with the help of 11 epic face-forests.

11 Problems Only Lizard People Understand

It's hard being a Reptilian overlord but at least we have each other!

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