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These Adorable Dancing Baby Groot Cupcakes Are Actually Super Easy To Make

I am Groot. Translation: I am delicious.

Guardians Of The Galaxy was the surprise hit of the summer, and from it emerged everyone's new favorite wooden superhero: Groot. So what better to show your love for the giant tree-creature than to eat him?

First, you make shortbread cookie dough, dye it a little darker, and flatten it out. Taking a Groot stencil, you carve out his shape as many times as you can/want.

Pipe around a pre-made cupcake with green icing for the grass.

After they bake, decorate the Groots with dark brown icing for the eyes and light brown for his trunk.

Cut a hole in the middle of the cupcakes, and stick Groot in there!

Now step back and admire your creation.

Watch the tutorial for more detailed instructions and spot-on comments about Chris Pratt's body:

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