These Adorable Dancing Baby Groot Cupcakes Are Actually Super Easy To Make

I am Groot. Translation: I am delicious.

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy was the surprise hit of the summer, and from it emerged everyone’s new favorite wooden superhero: Groot. So what better to show your love for the giant tree-creature than to eat him?

Thanks to these super easy instructions from JK Denim, of the Koalipops YouTube channel, now you can!

3. First, you make shortbread cookie dough, dye it a little darker, and flatten it out. Taking a Groot stencil, you carve out his shape as many times as you can/want.

5. Pipe around a pre-made cupcake with green icing for the grass.

6. After they bake, decorate the Groots with dark brown icing for the eyes and light brown for his trunk.


7. Cut a hole in the middle of the cupcakes, and stick Groot in there!


8. Now step back and admire your creation.

“I have a farm! A farm of Groots!”

9. Watch the tutorial for more detailed instructions and spot-on comments about Chris Pratt’s body:

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