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August 8, 2014

What It's Like To Go Blind

Living with Macular Degeneration.

12 Of The Most Hilarious Punchlines From Epic Rap Battles Of History

"I am celibate, because I don't give a f@%#." -Gandhi

8 Facts You Might Not Know About Kerry Washington

She just might be your favorite celebrity after seeing this…

16 chiens qui n'ont juste pas envie de marcher

Les chiens les moins sportifs de l'histoire.

10 Versions Of Eggs Benedict That Just Might Make You Swoon

No eggs beat Eggs Benedict...but not all versions are the same. And there are some pretty amazing ways to make your benedicts even better!!!

Ranking The "Orange Is The New Black" Characters By Likability

It's not a matter of what they did so much as who they are. Here's how the inmates, prison employees, and family members on Orange Is the New Black stack up. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

If Teens Said The Stuff Parents Say

It's not easy being teen.

When Tomorrow Really Starts

In life, tomorrow is a big day. It's where you make your move, where your hard work pays off, and where your real adventures begin. Tomorrow is always waiting, but you shouldn't wait for tomorrow.

5 Books That Will Give You The Chills

Can’t cool off in the unbearable summer heat? Try reading these 5 bone-chilling books that will definitely put some ice in your veins!

19 Ways To Get Through “Game Of Thrones” Withdrawal

Winter is coming, and that means one thing: No GoT.

13 Must-Have Skincare Products For Ladies In Their Late Twenties

27, 28, 29 ... CRUCIAL YEARS, I TELL YOU.

19 Purritos

Purrito: A cat or kitten wrapped up like a delicious burrito; may induce "cute aggression.

17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Miley's tongue returned, Oprah ate crabs, and more!

African Leaders' Security Detail Leave U.S. After Allegedly Attacking Protesters, Avoiding Investigation

Security for the presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo and The Gambia accused of attacking protesters during Africa Leaders' Summit.

23 Questions For People With iPhones

Please explain yourselves.

When Our Food Comes To Life!

Almost every product has a spokesperson or mascot. However, it can be an odd mix of entertaining and creepy when anthropomorphized foods become household names. Here's some of the more notable foods that have come to life through the years.

Sharkittens Attack!

Shark Week's got nothin' on these cute little kitten jaws!

How Kerry Washington Survived The Most Grueling “Scandal” Season Yet

The star of Shonda Rhimes’ unpredictable drama talks about working while pregnant, the unraveling of Olivia Pope during the "dark season," and why she's "blessed" to have received an Emmy nomination.

The Power Rangers Movie Is Almost 20 Years Old

And other things you probably didn't know about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. (Okay, maybe you do. I don't know you. I don't know what you're about.)

Black People Doing Industrial Dancing Is The Best Trend On Vine Right Now

Literally the best form of cultural appropriation that has ever existed.

Tallulah Willis Opens Up About Her Body Image

With the What's Underneath Project, Tallulah Willis opens up about her personal struggles with self-esteem and body dysmorphia.

17 pugs que hoy se sienten menospreciados

Dáles a los pugs algo de aprecio.


Weird Al’s newest album Mandatory Fun was released with one music video each day for 8 days in a row. To celebrate the release and pay homage I made one Vine inspired by each Weird Al music video.

What The World Was Like In 1974 When Richard Nixon Resigned

Forty years ago, Richard Nixon became the first president to resign from the office.

These 10 Dogs Perfectly Describe How Much It Sucks To Disappoint Your Parents

Because pissing them off is infinitely less painful.

21 Reasons Plants Are More Pleasant Than People

Because sometimes people just don't photosynthesize with each other.

The 10 Cute Or Not Champions Of The Week

You voted in our weekly Cute or Not contest, and these are the cuties who took the top spots! Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

20 Things That Only People Afraid Of Insects Will Understand

What's the point to dragonflies' existence anyway? Raise your hand if you're an entomophobe.

Reports: Hundreds Of Yazidi Women Held Captive By Islamic State Militants In Iraq

The Sunni militants have "vicious plans" for the captured women, an Iraqi official said.

Find Out Which Colors You Look Good In

A cool can pull off a red dress if she really wants to, but it never hurts to try out colors that complement your skin tone.

15 Things Latinas Are Tired Of Hearing

Please reserve "spicy" for Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

17 Memes de Carmen Salinas que puedes usar para cualquier ocasión

Cuando no sepas que decir, deja que Carmen lo diga por ti.

The Secret Folk Song Joss Whedon Co-Wrote While Making "Avengers 2"

Exclusive: After meeting on Kickstarter while in production on Avengers: Age of Ultron, Whedon and singer-songwriter Shawnee Kilgore are collaborating together on a six-song EP album. And they’ve never met face-to-face.

Can Sarah Palin's $100-A-Year Channel Succeed? The Future Of Media Would Like To Know

If people are willing to pay up for niche channels, Palin might be online video's next guinea pig.

An Interview With The Democratic Nominee For Governor In Tennessee Who Wants To Electrocute Current Governor

"Yeah I'd like to put his butt in the electric chair and give him half a bolt," Charlie Brown said laughing.

16 tatuajes temporales gloriosamente alocados

Tal vez un tatuaje permanente sea un compromiso demasiado grande. Eso está bien, estos adorables tatuajes te cuidarán las espaldas. O tu brazo.

The 5 Best And Worst Short-Selling Activists In The Game

A new database has tracked the biggest winners and losers in activist short-selling. Pershing Square's Bill Ackman, despite Herbalife, is one of the best; David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, isn't.

This Chart Shows 20 Years Of The White House Talking About "Iraq"

Also: weapons of mass destruction, air strikes, "boots on the ground," genocide, and drones.

25 sublimes tatouages au henné

D'une précision et d'une beauté époustouflantes.

Kitten Running In The Grass

* This is a line of the deck for a post that I am writing. * Here is another thing to have in the deck. Lal lalallalalalal. * jkfsklj fdkjls fkdsk fkdls fdskjl fdks fkjdsklfds. * fjdls;fdslkj fdskl fjklds jkfldsklj fdklsfkjldskfdksl fkjdls fkjdskjf klds flkjds

American Doctor With Ebola Says He "Witnessed Horror" In West Africa

The American doctor who contracted Ebola in Liberia released his first statement since returning to the U.S. for treatment.

Quel personnage de « Sex and the City » êtes-vous ?

Sans doute la question la plus importante de toute votre existence.

The Types Of Drinks That People Ask For At College Parties

In college, I was the go-to bartender among my friends because I have some basic bartending skills and I really love doing it. Because of this, I was almost always responsible for taking care of the beverages at parties. Here is a list of requests that I have received, and what I think they say about people.

'Hey Girl' The Truth Behind The Ryan Gosling Bathroom

Ok, admittedly, I was drinking and having a great time. Me and my other girlfriends with me decided to have a group bathroom meeting when I noticed this shrine. I did not actually use the toilet facilities in the Ryan Gosling stall because technically it is a handicapped and I tend to be respectful of that. I can't remember but I may have been in the Hello Kitty stall. Anyway, puts this on your list of must sees while in San Diego.

Uganda Hires D.C. PR Firm Following Sanctions Over Anti-LGBT Law

The $600,000 contract with Mercury LLC is to monitor coverage and lobby on behalf of President Yoweri Museveni and Uganda.

10 Lessons "School Of Rock" Taught Me About The Power Of Music

With a new TV show based on the movie in the works, let's remember all the best lessons from School of Rock.

12 Things You Always Experience While Eating At Chipotle

Going to Chipotle requires patience, perseverance, and a very empty stomach.

In Defense Of Men Who Sit With Their Legs Wide Open

We're not trying to be dicks. We just have them.

Nigel Farage Is/Isn't Standing For MP In South Thanet

Some UKIP officials say: "Oh yes he is!" Others say: "Oh no he isn't!"

6 Solo Cup Hacks You Should Know

“Proceed to party”

23 portadas de discos minimalistas

La música lo es todo.

This Fact About Killer Whales Will Blow Your Mind

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

What Did Sean Hannity Whisper To Bibi Netanyahu?

We may never know, but go ahead and speculate!

10 Incredibly Addictive Browser Games That Will Consume Your Soul

Cancel your meetings. Take the phone off the hook. Set your IM to "away." You're going to need a little free time.

What Type Of Shark Are You?

In your world, every week is Shark Week.

Which Southern City Do You Belong In?

Welcome to the South, y'all.

These Children Of The '90s Trying To Explain '80s Cartoons Will Depress You And Make You Feel Old

Watch in horror as two people who were born in '89 and '92 and somehow managed to attain adulthood encounter '80s action cartoons for the first time. How do you not know who He-Man is???

This Guy Is Drawing 365 Doodles In 2014 And They Are All Incredible

Disney, 90s cartoons, Game of Thrones, Ghibli, and everything else you love.

14 Instagrams de famosos que tal vez te perdiste esta semana

Esta semana Madonna se reunió con Bono mientras que William Levy disfrutó de su cama.

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results!

Here Are The States Where Thousands Of Unaccompanied Minors Have Been Released

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children have crossed the border this year. Many of them have been released to sponsors while they await immigration case hearings.

16 imágenes que muestran lo mucho que el maquillaje en las películas puede cambiar el rostro de un actor

Sí, ambas fotos son de la misma persona. ¡Para comparar, usa el cursor para deslizar!

Florida Attorney General Wants Florida Marriage Cases To Be Put On Hold

Four Florida judges have ruled against the state’s same-sex marriage ban in the last three weeks, but the state attorney general wants those cases stayed until the U.S. Supreme Court decides the issue in one of the federal cases.

Immigration Court Grants Asylum To Somali Man Tortured For Teaching English

After months in an El Paso detention facility, federal officials have granted the 22-year-old refugee asylum in the United States.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

But it doesn't have to be.

Obama Administration Doesn't Want To Extend ISIS Campaign To Syria, Despite Criticisms

Obama strikes ISIS in Iraq — but so far shows no signs of wanting to do the same in Syria.

Can Jeremih Be A Hipster?

Four years after the release of his last album, the 27-year-old crossover R&B star has finally found life after "Birthday Sex." But can he build a coalition of both mainstream fans and cool kids?

"Russia Doesn't Make Anything," Twitter Edition

The best reaction tweets to Putin's ban on food imports.

5 Creative Ways To Light A Bulb

How many of you does it take to light a bulb?

17 BBQ Heroes Who Changed Grilling Forever

Their methods? Unorthodox. Their results? Truly inspirational.

This Timelapse Video Of Pyongyang, North Korea, Is Beautiful And Intriguing

A rare glimpse inside the secretive, dictator-led country at what is probably the world's most mysterious city.

22 Very Real Truths Guys With A Girl BFF Understand

"All men suck. Except you, of course!"

Ten Everyday Words You Didn't Know Were German

You use German words every day! Not always correctly, but bonus points for trying!

Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: Blood Money, Bad Cops, And Sex Dolls

This week for BuzzFeed, Gregory D. Johnsen traces whether and how the U.S. is paying blood money to families of drone strike victims. Read that and these other stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

15 Tips de Walter Mercado para tomarte la foto perfecta

Aprende todo lo que puedas de Shanti Ananda.

18 Awesome Decals For Your Inner Geek


Kaley Cuoco Has Taken The Flower Crown Too Far

This is an entire bouquet on her head.

Progressive Groups Launch Campaign To Paint Campbell Brown As A "Right-Wing Elitist"

The former CNN host has become a high-profile activist for charter schools and against teacher tenure.

18 Undeniable Reasons This Baby Tapir Is The Cutest

Life sure is grand when you're barely a week old.

17 phrases que les femmes sans enfant en ont marre d'entendre

Ça doit être sympa d'avoir autant de temps pour toi !

Hear A Perfect Pop-Filled Playlist From Grimes

Before this playlist came into our lives, we missed it SO bad.

It's #WorldCatDay! Here Are 13 Pictures Of Cats Celebrating

Celebrating with wine. Because it's also Friday.

10 Reasons We Need To Stop Talking About Feminism

I do not dispute that there are still issues of gender-based discrimination. However, we should begin to treat feminism as the norm rather than a radical idea.The fastest way for feminism to become the norm is to treat it as such. We can accelerate this process by taking it upon ourselves to lead by example and confronting issues of gender inequality head on instead of asking “what if?”.

Little Mac

McDonald's posted a 2.5% decline in global sales for the month of July, its worst monthly sales performance in a decade. A food safety issue in Asia, along with the promotion of premium rather than value products in the U.S., factored heavily into the decline.

Kourtney Kardashian Joins The Nude & Pregnant Trend (NSFW)

Kourtney Kardashian follows her mom's footsteps by posing nude while pregnant.

16 Stunningly Obvious Facts That Are So True It Hurts

Some facts are truer than others.

A 5-Year-Old Girl Raised Enough Money To Take Her Father Who Has Terminal Cancer To Disney World

The local community came together to make sure Ruby could take her dad to Disneyland.

22 coisas incríveis que você não sabia sobre o seu cachorro

Desculpe, nós ainda não traduzimos “au au”.

21 Reasons You Might As Well Embrace Back To School Season

It's time to welcome the death of summer.

Chattanooga Voters Repeal LGBT Protections, Domestic Partner Benefits For City Workers

"I want every City employee to know one thing — your work is valued and you are important to the future of our community," said the city's mayor, Andy Berke — who supported the ordinance — in the wake its repeal.

17 mensonges que « Les Sims » nous ont racontés sur la vie réelle

Dans la vraie vie, le bouton « rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; » n'existe pas.

10 Things You Shouldn't Do At A Festival

As much as everyone loves a good festival, there are also a lot of things to hate about them...

These 21 Songs Are Now 30 Years Old And It Is Just Unbearable

It is 2014. All these tracks came out in 1984 — 30 years ago. It was bad enough these songs being 20 years old, but this is just too much.

The Many Styles Of Britney Spears, Ranked From Not To Hot

She's had some fantastic fashion dos... and some serious style don'ts.

17 Confessions That Prove Being A Teenager Isn't Always Easy

"I feel like I have to be an adult to be taken seriously." As told by Whisper confessions.

26 problemas que toda mujer ha experimentado

Intenta hacer cualquier cosa cuando tienes pechos.

Why You Won't Be Able To Trust Anything A Politician Pledges In The Run Up To The 2015 Election

Britons want parties to make firm manifesto pledges. But how does that work if you're heading for a coalition?

This Vine Of An Adorably Confused Dog Is All Of Us

His name is Beau and he’s one confused cutie.

32 Times Video Games Made Absolutely No Sense

What are you doing, video game characters?


Is anything worse than losing an argument?

Conan O'Brien, Larry King, And Andy Ritchter Take Bites Of A Pot Brownie

On television. In 2014. Larry King began to sing and got the giggles almost immediately.

24 Times Employees Lied About Their Mental Health For Fear Of Discrimination

"I found it easier to say I had a migraine than that I couldn't stop crying."

19 Perfect Comebacks Every Parent Needs

Kids don't stand a chance.

10 Catastrophic Rap Lyric Fails

We know that rappers don't always come up with the best lyrics, but some of these are inexcusable.

Annoyed By The Lack Of A World War I Memorial In His Town, This Man Did Something Rather Wonderful

"As I walked the dog that night I counted up all the names and just thought that it would be a nice thing to do."

Uganda's Attorney General Appeals Ruling That Struck Down Anti-Homosexuality Act

The news could cast a pall over a pride event planned in the Ugandan capital on Saturday.

17 Things Every University Student Has Googled

How often should you change your bedsheets?

13 antes e depois dos galãs do punk

O que você acha que eles fizeram com todo aquele antigo delineador?

How Difficult Is It To Do The Gymnastics In BBC One's "Tumble" Really?

BuzzFeed UK went behind the scenes of the new celebrity gymnastics show and tried out some of the challenges with the participants. Spoiler: Gymnastics is really difficult.

U.S. Bombs Islamic State Fighters In Iraq

Updated: Second round of U.S. air strikes target ISIS forces near the city of Irbil. The militants were "successfully eliminated" says Pentagon.

How Well Do You Remember Last August?

We've unleashed a Wikipedia-mining, quiz-making franken-robot on the encyclopedia's August 2013 current events page. Without any human intervention, it has plucked out important bits from the 100 event descriptions below, and jumbled them with three plausible(ish) replacements. Can you beat the bot?

Los 10 mandamientos de usar el baño

Muchas cosas son bonitas de compartir: los besos, los chistes, los elotes... PERO NO LO BAÑOS. Al compartir un baño hay que ser considerado.

Can We Guess How Many People You've Hooked Up With?

This is completely accurate and scientific.

Jason Statham Once Appeared In An Erasure Video In His Pants, Painted Silver

Diver, model, action hero and silver-painted dancer. Is there anything he can't do?

17 pugs que estão se sentindo desvalorizados hoje

Dê um pouco de atenção aos pugs.

34 Of Craig Charles's Greatest Robot Wars Rhymes

The greatest presenter we've had on these shores, signed off with a poem, on Robot Wars

21 cócteles que deberías aprender a preparar durante tus veintes

Es el momento para que te gradúes en gin-tonic.

Chick Caresses Cat!

A little chick walking over a big Cat!

22 Olympic Sports Cats Could Definitely Excel At

Going for the gold never looked so cute.

The Ebola Outbreak Is Now An International Public Health Emergency

The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak in west Africa an international public health emergency that requires an extraordinary response. More than 1,700 people in West Africa are infected with the virus.

Usain Bolt Went On An Epic All-Night Bender In London And Ended Up In A Dentist's Surgery

The fastest man in the world cares about his dental hygiene.

12 trucos para hacer que tu casa se vea más limpia de lo que está

Nunca te veas envuelto de nuevo en el desorden.

29 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "The Parent Trap"

There are 18 moves in that handshake.

There Is A New Cover For Roald Dahl's "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" And The Internet Hates It

The dark, subversive cover has been branded inappropriate and "sexualised".

This Exhibition Of The World's Best Beards Features A Really Inspirational Woman

Two facts: Harnaam Kaur is a lady with a beard, and she is awesome.

This Teenager Was Charged 1p For Having To Show Her ID When Buying A Bottle Of Wine

The store reckons it was an isolated event, but does the receipt prove otherwise?

Fighting Resumes Between Israel And Gaza, As Talks Over Permanent Truce Collapse

Rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip on Friday morning, while Israeli air strikes hit northern Gaza.

Green Party To Give "Universal Income" A Front-Row Seat In Its Manifesto

The idea of a regular cash payment to all adults will feature prominently in the Greens' election campaign.

18 Thoughts Edinburghers Have During The Fringe

It's August again, people. Action stations.

A Palestinian Boy Cradles A White Dove Amid Gaza's Rubble

The story behind one photographer's picture.

54 Outrageous Facts About The Sex Lives Of Animals

More penis spines than you can shake a stick at.

Daily Telegraph Layout Fail Suggests Prince William And Kate Are Dangerous Extremists

It was changed for later editions, but the fail lives on thanks to the internet.

11 Characters You Find On Every Mumbai Local

The question is: Which one are you?

Is "Polaroid" The Title Of Taylor Swift's New Single?

Let's take a look at the evidence.

A Simple Photo Story Of One Couple

Today's photos can be taken as an afterthought, but here is a couple that can show their happiness together over time.

20 Extraordinarily Obvious Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Because who needs life hacks anyways.

How To Live With An Ex In Five Simple Steps

New York is a town with a double edge. It’s a city where you can cheap out and spend a day in The Met for a $1 (and almost feel good about it until you realize you should have given at least $5, why are you so cheap?), but then afterward, go for a… It’s a city where you can have a negligible amount of money in your checking account and a non-existent savings, but when you walk around the West Village—and…

10 Cosplay Characters That Are Way Too Over Done

A list of the cosplay that needs to take a rest for now. We've seen far too much of these characters and it's time to go back to the well and find something cool to cosplay as for next year.

The 8 Intense Stages Of Joining A New Fandom

Fandoms are a whirlwind of emotions, infatuation, obsession and cat memes.

10 Ways The Apartment In 'Friends' Was Cool Before It's Time

I don't know about you, but when I watch a show on TV I spend an awful lot of time checking out the set. One show that obviously had some seriously talented set designers behind it is 'Friends'. What is more iconic than Monica's beloved apartment? Nothing. (except maybe Central Perk) Here's is a list of 10 ways the apartment in 'Friends' was cool before it's time.

Hamas Rejects Extension Of Gaza Truce As Rockets Fall On Israel

The Israeli military said two rockets were fired into the country Thursday night. The rockets did not cause any injuries.

This Woman Is A Professional Sex Toy Tester

She basically gets paid to orgasm.

Everything You Need To Know About The Yazidis, The Iraqi Ethnic Group Targeted By ISIS

The Yazidis fled to a remote area in northern Iraq after they became targets of the hyper-militant group. ISIS considers the Yazidis devil worshippers and incompatible with an Islamic state.

Channeling Our Inner Frozen!

It might be hot outside but there are ways to deal with the heat or NOT!

The Ultimate Sailor Moon Fan Cast

Cash in now, Hollywood!!

Obama's Anti-War Base Keeping Its Powder Dry As New Iraq Action Unfolds

"While there are deep concerns about slippery slopes and being dragged into a sectarian war in Iraq, progressives will not oppose action responding to genocide."

17 Weird Things That Can Mess With Your Fertility

Find out which common habits could make it harder to conceive

18 Perfect Places To Go On A Date In Auckland

You can never go wrong with milk and cookies.

7 Pizza Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Are you ready to become a Pizza Boss?

Inside ISIS: Reporter Gains Unprecedented Access To Terror Group

Medyan Dairieh, a reporter for VICE News, recently spent three weeks embedded with the terror group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

How A Site That Streams People Playing Video Games Became A Billion Dollar Business

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear wasn't born a leader, he became one almost by accident. And he now runs one of the most valuable video properties on the web, just purchased by Amazon.

Nothing Says "Sorry Our Drones Hit Your Wedding Party" Like $800,000 And Some Guns

On Dec. 12, 2013, a drone struck and killed 12 members of a wedding party in Yemen. If the U.S., which claims the strike was clean and justified, didn't pony up the $800,000 in cash and guns as reparations, then who did?

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Working Out?

THE SITUATION: You used to weight train like crazy, but for the past several months, all you’ve fit in is a few sessions a week on the treadmill. THE EFFECT ON YOUR BOD: In this case, your aerobic health should be in good shape, though you may notice that your strength and muscle tone have diminished some. Without weight training, you've likely lost muscle mass and gained some fat, even if…

10 Things That Just Shouldn't Be

Things that just shouldn't even be in existence.

The Brownface Controversy Surrounding “Jonah From Tonga”

Australian comedian Chris Lilley has been called racist for donning brownface to play a teenager from Tonga. But that hot-button transgression is not the only issue surrounding his latest show.

"The Big Chill" For The Social Media Generation Featuring Your Favorite TV Stars

Jesse Zwick's reworked an '80s classic for the 2010s, with a cast that includes Max Greenfield, Aubrey Plaza, and Jason Ritter. Plus, check out an exclusive clip from the film.

Trend To Rock: Colored Mascara Photo

Color is key to making your makeup pop and have your unique look stand out amongst the rest. There is nothing more gorgeous than a classic black lash yet I am so all for the colored lash! Dior just put out an incredible colored mascara line that I…

12 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

The stars of Cruel Intentions kick off #ThrowbackThursday.

8 Ways To Prepare For This Year's Colts Season

Get your NFL fix with these awesome tips!

Are These Leaked Photos Of The iPhone 6 Legit?

At this point, the plastic wrap for the iPhone 6 could leak, and we'd probably publish a story about it. Such is the pandemonium surrounding the next-gen version of Apple's world-conquering smartphone. The latest alleged scoop comes courtesy of iPhone souper-upper Feld & Volk, who claim to have obtained images of the new body. Like most of the speculation to date there's nothing too earth shattering here. As expected, the new phone will be thinner… What's the benefit of that seemingly insignificant new feature? Presumably, it will allow users to attach different lenses to their iPhone camera. If you take your #nomnom pictures super seriously, it's time to get stoked. The iPhone 6 is expected to debut on September 9 at Apple's upcoming media event. Until then, let the rumor mongering continue! Begin Slideshow

FDA Lifts Hold On An Experimental Ebola Drug

Federal health officials eased safety restrictions on a Canadian company's experimental drug to treat Ebola. It has yet to be proven safe and effective.

Girls In YA With Major Boy Troubles

Need help with your bothersome boy troubles? Find out how these fabulous and strong chicks handle their boy problems in these 5 amazing books.

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