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August 22, 2014

Ferguson's Angry Young Men

Dismissed as “agitators” and “fools,” Ferguson's young protesters are actually ordinary young black men — and some women — who are leaderless but united by anger. And some don’t think the old civil rights guard achieved much: "I feel in my heart they failed us."

Murder And Manifest Destiny On The Mosquito Coast

Fifteen years ago, a mysterious Greek entrepreneur bought and resold a series of tiny islands off the coast of Nicaragua, setting off a bizarre and tragic chain of events that included a reality-TV sensation and allegations of an insidious murder plot. The ensuing chaos brought to light a centuries-old question: Who does land really belong to?

Los 20s explicados con perritos

Porque es una etapa llena de confusiones que a veces no la entendemos ni en español, ni en inglés, ni en chino, nos encontramos con la necesidad de expresarlo con gifs de perritos.

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