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August 11, 2014

Hollywood Remembers Robin Williams

"He gave so much to so many people," tweeted Ellen DeGeneres. "I'm heartbroken."

Beastie Boys | So What’cha Want | Muppets Version

The Muppets perform their version of the Beastie Boys' classic, "So What'cha Want". Starring the Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beeker. Video by Mylo the Cat. The original music video to this song was in my opinion one of the most iconic of its time. MTV played it around 40 times per day, and it was just so raw and gritty, and nothing like the polished stuff we're force-fed today. RIP MCA.

Robin Williams Is Dead At 63

The actor and comedian was found Monday in his northern California home. "He has been battling severe depression of late," his representative said.

This Series Starring Garrus Is What Every Mass Effect Fan Needs

Fan made series Archangel is a spoof of vigilante crime fighting shows full of awesome 80's style action.

13 Top Editors On How They Think About Diversity In Their Newsrooms

We asked editors from top publications six questions about diversity in their newsrooms. Here's what they had to say.

10 Things Badly Sunburnt People Are Sick Of Hearing

We know we've made a mistake. Just leave us alone!

23 signes qui montrent que vous sortez avec un homme-enfant.

Un homme-enfant : un enfant bien chiant qui vit dans le corps d'un adulte.

The Five Best Things About Living In New Haven

Because yes there are actually benefits to living in one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Toda la inspiración que podrías necesitar para una boda bohemia

Todo, desde el cabello hasta vestidos, zapatos e invitaciones. Incluso regalos y decoración. Novia bohemia, aquí vienes...

16 Things Lorde Can Teach You About Music

From The Cramps to Kanye West, this girl's library is all over the place.

Chief Executive Of JDate, Christian Mingle Parent Spark Networks Is Out

Spark Networks announced today its president and CEO Greg Liberman would step down after 10 years with the online dating company. The move comes one month after a hedge fund took control of the company.

13 Beasties You Wish Would Be Your Bestie

Some of these are weird, but I'd love to bring them all home.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

Activist Hedge Fund Buys Large Stake In Struggling World Wrestling Entertainment

Eminence Capital disclosed Monday it had taken a 9.6% stake in World Wrestling Entertainment. Eminence last year waged a successful activist campaign to merge Men's Wearhouse and JoS. A. Bank.

Obama Urges Quick Formation Of New Iraqi Government, Doesn't Say Maliki's Name

"There is no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq."

Meet Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, The Self-Declared Leader Of The "Islamic State" In Syria And Iraq

Who is the man behind ISIS? Turns out, we don't really know.

29 Magical Comebacks Every Disney Fan Totally Uses

The most magical comebacks on earth.

A Super Producer Reviews The Songs Of The Summer

Hit-maker DJ Mustard, 24, gives his gut reaction to this summer's hits, from Sam Smith (more, please) to Iggy Azalea (not so much).

Anna Kendrick's New Boyfriend Is A Eunuch

Anna Kendrick's maybe dating Alfie Allen.

La diferencia entre un amigo normal y tu mejor amigo

¡Los mejores amigos son irremplazables!

This Is How You Deal With A Homophobic Heckler

"Sir, there is no way you are less into me than I am into you."

Convicted Steubenville Rapist Returns To School Football Team

Earlier this year, Ma'Lik Richmond was released from detention nearly three months early. Now he's back on the field.

Barneys Agrees To Pay $525,000 To Settle Racial Profiling Claims

A lawsuit filed last year charged the luxury clothing store had unfair security policies that targeted minority customers. The agreement follows a nine-month investigation by the New York Attorney General.

Janis Ian And Damian Reunited, Regina George's Mom Joined Them

This is fetch. Sorry, I'm going to stop trying to make fetch happen.

Would You Have Survived "Titanic?"

Almost definitely not.

The 46 Most Important Crotch Shots Of All Time

That's a lot of bang for your buck.

16 tatouages temporaires pour tous les indécis

Se faire un tatouage permanent, ça demande beaucoup de réflexion. Grâce à ces tatouages temporaires, plus besoin de vous prendre la tête !

29 hechos genuinamente sorprendentes que aprendes en tus veintes

Nadie te dijo que tu vida sería de esta manera. Literalmente... ni una sola persona.

21 Spine-Tinglingly Spooky Tales Of Turning 30

*Flashlight under chin* Listen up, twentysomethings... MUAHAHAHAH

10 Essential Tips For Dating A Writer

"Everything you say in bed is going to show up in a poem."

11 Places NYC Locals Go To Watch The Sunset

Summer is fleeting. Go watch a sunset.

Para qual time de futebol você devia torcer?

Sem mais delongas, QUE TIME É TEU?

26 Reasons Why San Diego Is America's Finest City

Reasons A-Z why no other city can come close to San Diego!

GOP Congressman: Obama Foreign Policy "Obsessed" With Abortion And Gay Rights

"[T]here's been an obsession by some within the administration — and that goes for the president himself — to promote the abortion agenda and the LGBT agenda in our foreign policy"

Univision Apologizes After Hitler "Meme" Tweet Sparks Outrage

"We are very sorry about the images published today." Twitter users complained the image was inappropriate and shameful.

This Cute Canadian PSA Gave Every '90s Kid Trust Issues

But you still believe tiny hippos exist.

La bande originale de « Guardians of the Galaxy » est parfaite

De David Bowie aux Jackson 5, un incroyable détour musical par les seventies.

21 personas que sacaron el mayor provecho de una mala situación

Merecen nuestra compasión y nuestro respeto.

Trying To Save The Youngest Victims Of ISIS's Advance On Northern Iraq

“We don’t know how to help them. We have nothing left but prayers.”

19 fatos espantosos sobre sexo

Graças a Deus, os homens já não têm espinhos no pênis.

This Is What Modern Versions Of "The Baby-Sitters Club" Would Look Like

Kristy and the gang have a lot more problems on Tinder than they do in babysitting. H/t Mashable.

Is This Picture Of Kimye Kissing In An Elevator A Jab At Beyonce And Jay Z?

Or is an elevator just good lighting for a kiss?

15 Brilliant Hacks That Will Improve How You Use Wikipedia

Because, let's be real, you're always on Wikipedia anyway.

Loki From "The Avengers" Looks Exactly Like Katy Perry

The internet is a strange and wonderful place.

App Store Reviewers Are Furious At Facebook's Mandatory Migration To Messenger

This is what terms of service and online privacy confusion looks like.

21 Jokes Only Pokémon Trainers Will Understand

"This is my grandson DOUCHE!"

You Need To Follow This "Women Against Feminism" Parody Twitter Account

We all remember the fateful day when Women Against Feminism took the world by storm. Here's an awesome Twitter account that parodies the entire situation.

What It Actually Means For Obama To "Go Big" On Deportation Relief

The drumbeat by activists for the president to "go big" administratively is getting louder and louder. But what does it really mean and what do they want?

This Photo Of Ryan Seacrest Shirtless In 1994 Is Amazing

Was Ryan a model for the International Male catalog?

Turbo The Chihuahua Has An Amazing New Home And Wheelchair

Turbo is back and his new cart might be even cooler than his old one. h/t KERO Bakersfield

11 Things You Learn When You Watch All 5 "Step Up" Movies In A Row

1. You never knew a day could be so great.

For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From "Step Up"

Hollywood: Give him the lead in the next Step Up movie, already, geez.

11 Things That Happen When White Boys Sext

As inspired by the Twitter trend #TweetLikeAWhiteBoySexting.

CNN Captures A Dramatic Rescue Mission Of Iraqi Refugees

“I’ve been doing this job for more than 10 years; I have never seen a situation as desperate as this."

23 Expresiones que casi explican la palabra "chingar"

Por vocablos como “chingar” es que no muchos extranjeros entienden cómo hablan los mexicanos. Y es que pues, tiene un chingo de significados…

21 adorables parejas de perros y gatos que son mejores amigos y te harán dar chillidos de la emoción

Cualquiera que haya dicho que la amistad entre perros y gatos nunca funcionaría: ESTÁS EQUIVOCADO.

L'accouchement à la télé vs. l'accouchement dans la vraie vie

Dans la vraie vie, personne ne vous dit de pousser.

Missouri Governor Asks Justice Department To Investigate Fatal Shooting Of Black Teen

On Monday, Gov. Jay Nixon asked the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct an independent investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown. The FBI has also opened an inquiry into the shooting of the 18-year-old. Protests against the shooting in the St. Louis area turned violent on Sunday night.

29 tatuajes totalmente encantadores para los amantes del té

Porque es la hora del té en algún lugar. (Y no hay mejor manera de expresar tu amor al té que pintándolo en tu cuerpo).

Os 16 melhores boatos absurdos compartilhados por brasileiros no Facebook recentemente

"ALERTA: NOVO GOLPE!!" As histórias foram encontradas no site, que explica por que é mentira e como tudo começou.

57 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift

If you aren't a Swiftie now, you will be by the end of this list!

21 Celebrities Who Prove Glasses Make Women Look Super Hot

Girls in glasses FTW. Use our slidey thing for proof.

21 Spectacular Film Locations You Won't Believe Are In The UK

Westeros? Outer space? 1940s Brooklyn? Nope, these places are just around the corner.

How DOCTOR WHO Convinced This Guy To Lose Weight, Get In Shape And Run A Marathon

Tired of being overweight and unhappy, this NYC actor became inspired by the DOCTOR WHO universe and decided to go on his own adventure ... then he wrote a kick-ass rock musical about it!

If "Friends" Had Been Set In Britain


A New Naked Palette Is Coming...

Urban Decay is releasing a new Naked 2 Basics palette!

Miley Cyrus Has A New Pet And It's A Pig

She did grow up on a farm.

The 17 Funniest "Jeopardy!" Fails Of All Time

Including when "donkey punch" made it onto America's favorite family game show.

Germanys Cutest Thing They Have: Das Rue.

One Of The Worlds Most Cutest Chinchilla Instagram Channel. Be one of the first movers and check out "Das Rue" - 10 Reasons why to follow @dasrue on Instagram

This Is What It Would Look Like If Lesbians Had Their Own Emojis

Send me a U-haul emoji so I know it's real.

Sarah Palin's Weirdest Argument Ever

Treat yourself to a tiny taste of Sarah Palin's new media empire.

Meet Ava Dellaira, The Incredible New YA Author You Need To Know

We had the chance to interview Ava Dellaira, who published her debut novel, Love Letters to the Dead, in April. Now, she's working on the script for the film, which is being produced by the same people who made The Fault in Our Stars.

34 Increíbles imágenes de la 'súper luna'

Si te la perdiste anoche, aquí tienes fantásticas fotos para revivirla.

Are These The Social Media Accounts Of The "Primark Jihadist"?

Muhammad Hamidur Rahman appears to have left a considerable internet footprint before he died.

Jonah Peretti Turns The Tables On Seth Meyers

For the latest installment of BuzzFeed Brews with CBS This Morning streamed on Facebook, the Late Night host joins us LIVE from 8:15-9 p.m. ET.

16 photos vintage de personnages Disney qui vous donneront la chair de poule

Bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux des psychopathes.

Would You Have Survived The Battle Of Hogwarts?

"Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!" —Professor McGonagall

Texts From OCD

I have OCD. Humor is how I deal. Here's a day in the life.

Judge Extends Temporary Halt To Ohio Executions As Debate Over New Drug Combination Continues

The moratorium, which was supposed to end this week, has been extended to Jan. 15.

Why Africans Are Always Late

*Irons for one minute, dances for 10*

18 Inventions By Women That Changed The World

Do you like beer? And fire escapes? Thank a woman.

Here's James Franco With Blonde Bangy Hair

A look you'll never forget.

14 Secret Bookcase Doors You Wish You Had In Your House

“Many a book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self.” ~ Franz Kafka

21 moments de complicité entre chiens et chats

L'amitié entre les chiens et les chats existe bel et bien.

13 Iconic Movies Improved By Cats

Let's be real, Apocalypse Meow would've been way better.

10 DIY Ways To Throw The Best Birthday Party Ever

August is the best (summer!) and worst (back to school!) month to have your birthday, so you may as well DIY it right!

Better Ice Bucket Challenges

Over the past few weeks the Ice Bucket Challenge has swapped our news feeds with posts supporting ALS ( Those are starting to get a bit boring - here are a few better options.

30 Yummy Vegetarian Takes On Classic Meat Dishes

Thanks to meat-free poutine and carrot hot dogs, your old favorites are back with a veggie vengeance.

Eli And Peyton Manning Are Back With Another Amazing Rap Video

They did it again. This time with creepy Joe Namath!

18 Things People Who Can't Swim Are Tired Of Hearing

Without people like them, lifeguards would be out of a job.

17 Things Everyone Waiting For Exam Results Will Understand

Yay, important life-altering things are about to happen!

GP Surgery In Essex Tells Patients They're Not Allowed To Post Complaints On Social Media

If you have a problem with St Lawrence Medical Practice in Braintree, then please don't tweet about it.

A resposta mais maluca de um concurso de Miss aconteceu neste fim de semana

Aliás, forte candidata a melhor coisa da tevê nos últimos dias.

The Technology The Government Uses For Immigration Hearings Doesn't Work Right

"Can you hear us?" The immigration court system is slammed, so the feds have turned to video conferencing — and it's not very good.

Which Celebrity Would Make The Perfect President?


29 Signs You'll Only See In The Outback

Crazy distances, crazy signs. Crazy Oz!

14 Disturbing New Covers For Classic Children's Books

After the outrage over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's new cover, here are some more reimagined books.

17 personnes qui feraient mieux de ne pas faire de sport

Tout le monde ne peut pas être athlète de haut niveau.

This Might Be The Most Unexpected Delivery Note Of All Time

Not sure "sorry" quite cuts it in this instance.

28 People Who Can't Deal With The Modern World

Dedicated to parents everywhere.

24 señales de que es hora de terminar la relación con tu teléfono celular

Podrá ser inalámbrico, pero sin duda está atado a ti.

Here Are 15 Photos Of Sleepy Koalas To Help You Survive Monday

Shhhhhhhh....Relax. Now with added koala facts!

12 TV Shows That Make Fans Wait Forever For A New Season

Waiting for new episodes of your favorite TV shows is torture, and these shows take the waiting game to the extreme.

Arsenal's Crazy Transfer Policy

With Vermaelan heading to Spain, you can now make a decent outfield team with just transfers to City and Barcelona... since 2007.

13 princesas de la música pop en las que deseabas convertirte, antes y ahora

Información anticipada: El cabello de 'Pink' ya no es rosado.

15 Most Heartbreaking Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

It's a known fact: Marvel movies invoke all the feels. (No Guardians of the Galaxy moments here, for the sake of those poor unfortunate souls who have yet to see it.)

Here's What Your Alcohol Could Look Like If The Government Puts Health Warnings On It

Politicians are calling for "tobacco-style" health warnings on alcohol bottles and cans.

This Mash-Up Of "Star Wars" And "Coming To America" Is Hilarious

Turns out when you take dialogue spoken by King Jaffe Joffer, and give it to Darth Vader, it's really quite amusing. James Earl Jones played both characters, of course.

20 Eye-Opening Maps That Will Make You See The UK Differently

So London is very big and the UK is smaller than Texas. Most of these via the MapPorn subreddit.

This Pro-Putin Bike Show Is A Trashy Neo-Soviet “Triumph Of The Will” Remake

With a special guest appearance from Steven Seagal.

54 Struggles Only The Doctor's Companion Will Understand

Travelling through time and space with a madman in a box is harder than it looks.

A 15-Year-Old Boy Got His 13-Year-Old Sister Pregnant And The Baby Is To Be Adopted

The judge described the family's circumstances as “depressing” and “hugely unsatisfactory”.

Grandmother's Obituary Says "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead", At Her Own Request

Johanna R. Scarpitti certainly had a sense of humour.

These 5 GIFs Show How Your Skeleton Works

Can you get through this post without doing all these movements?

The U.S. Has Started To Arm Kurdish Forces In Iraq

Senior officials say the Obama administration has given weapons to Kurds who have made gains against Islamic militants in the country.

10 Reasons To Be Excited To Go Back To School

Why you've missed the most beloved school in LA, USC

The Best Vines And Instagrams Of The Supermoon

We may not have telephoto lenses, but by golly we have filters.

Black Residents In Ferguson, Missouri, Are Stopped And Arrested Far More Than Whites

But a higher percentage of white residents have contraband, according to a racial profiling report from the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

28 signes que vous avez été élévé par une mère méditerranéenne

Votre éducation était très influencée par l'huile d'olive.

14 Australian Ice Cream Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die

Ice cream Down Under is better than ice cream Up Over.

14 Cards Against Humanity Players Who Win At Life

It's like Apples to Apples for jerks.

24 Mesmerizing Pictures Of The Supermoon From Around The World

Sunday night people all across the world witnessed the supermoon, the largest and closest full moon of the year.

13 Awkward Moments Everyone Has At The Doctor's Office

"First the doctor told me the good news -- I was going to have a disease named after me." -Steve Martin.

Vigils And Vandalism In St. Louis Suburb After Police Fatally Shoot A Black Teen

In Ferguson, Mo., protests started outside police headquarters late Sunday over the fatal shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old. Police said 32 people were arrested for theft, assault, and burglary.

13 Big-City Outdoorsy Adventures You Need To Take Now

Summer may be on its way out, but that doesn't mean you have to head indoors for good. In fact, fall is the perfect time to find new landscapes to explore. Even if you're heading to a city this fall, there is outdoor fun to be had. Life is an adventure! Go find it!

PBR Is Officially Over

Pabst Blue Ribbon might finally be over, but how did it become so popular in the first place.

Meet The Lawyer Who Helped Defeat Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act

Nicholas Opiyo grew up avoiding Uganda's brutal rebels and witnessing injustice inflicted by the government. "I saw terrible things happen to my family, and I said no."

10 Things Vegetarians Wish You'd Stop Saying

You eat meat, we don't eat meat.. let's move along shall we?

29 Gorgeous Gifts For The Vegan In Your Life

Cruelty-free doesn't mean boring.

In Honor Of Shark Week: The Rare "Screaming Shark"

You only see (and hear) these once in a lifetime.

New Video Shows The U.S. Military Dropping Humanitarian Aid In Iraq

Video released Sunday evening by the U.S. military shows an airdrop into northern Iraq from the day before.

15 Women Crushes All Women Have

We all have them. Some women are just too amazing to not love.

11 Pit Bulls Who Are Gentle Hippies At Heart

Photographer Sophie Gamand created the "Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution" photo series to bring awareness to an often misunderstood breed. (H/T Ditmas Park Corner)

Miley Cyrus Christened A Tree

If a picture's worth a thousand words, Miley Cyrus just wrote a short novel on peeing in the woods.

A Definitive Ranking of Every Britney Album

Want a #1 album? You better work b**ch.

14 Things You Learn While Camping

Nature. Nature, everywhere.

This Potato Looks Like A Shark And Now No One Is Safe

Fear the sharktato for it does not fear you.

That Time I Matched With Groot On Tinder

I never expected to find true love on Tinder. Until I met him.

16 Things Healthy People Say To EDSers

Ridiculous things people who don't have or understand Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome say to those of us who do have EDS. Or - What Not To Say To Someone With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Reactions to stupidity may be NSFW.

2 Things Only A True 60s Kid Will Remember

Only kids from the 60s will remember these fun things.

19 momentos terribles en la vida de un comensal exigente

No consigues amigos comiendo ensalada.

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