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August 7, 2014

This Kid Was Sent Home From School For The Best Reason Ever

The pursuit of delicious cheese is always the right decision. ALWAYS.

9 Facts You Never Knew About The Author Of The Giver

Lois Lowry has led a fascinating life so far. And no, she's not dead. She's very much alive, still writing, and even keeps a blog!

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Best Etsy Finds

Are you as obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy as I am? If so, you should check out these great handmade items from Etsy!

18 (and Counting) Ways You Know You Went To A Forces Boarding School

Boarding school is an experience that only those who went can understand. But a forces boarding school leaves its alumni with a unique legacy.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Slams Global Response to Ebola In Wake Of Doctor's Death

"He refused to leave the place because he said as the doctor that is responsible for these cases, he refused to leave and was working 12 hour shifts seven days a week," the late doctor's brother told reporters.

10 Awesome Disney Remixes You Need In Your Life

Who knew your nostalgic past could sound this cool?

16 Vintage Disney Parks Character Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Disney was once the most nightmarish place on Earth.

There Is Only One Reason To Watch "Into The Storm"

And it's not because of any incredible use of the found-footage format.

Which Popular High School Clique Do You Belong In?

Should you wear pink on Wednesdays?

Observa a un astuto cachorro de león dándole el susto de su vida a un perro desprevenido

Te reto a que intentes resistirte a ver esta belleza más de una vez.

There's Going To Be A Production Of "Hamlet" Performed Entirely By Pugs

It's called Pug-let. Kickstarter is a strange, beautiful thing.

Australian Senate Leader Links Abortions And Breast Cancer

"I think the studies... assert that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer."

29 Incredibly Badass Shark Tattoos Every Girl Would Want

Girls, like sharks, are pretty much the best thing ever.

6 More Ways To Check Out A New Cello Concerto Than You Actually Need

YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Rdio, Facebook, DailyMotion... Far too many places...

Guards Filmed Beating Protester During Africa Leaders Summit In DC

A witness says he believes the protester was allegedly beaten by security for the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo. "The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds before secret service intervened."

Is Katie Holmes Bringing Back The One-Shoulder Top?

Last we heard from Katie Holmes, she and Suri were scoping out real estate in Midtown Manhattan. The actress has been keeping a low profile this summer, hopefully enjoying her new digs. This week, though, it was back on the red carpet for Holmes,… The off-the-shoulder look has really taken off of late, though Holmes' throwback style is certainly making a case for a comeback of its own. Her sheer, asymmetrical blouse features lightly ruffled layers that add a romantic appeal to the all-black outfit. Paired with sleek, pleated trousers and printed pumps from Kors' pre-fall collection, it's a look that made us realize: This is how to do monochrome for summer. (It'll work great for fall, too.) Click ahead to view the actress' head-to-toe ensemble and shop a few similar, shoulder-baring shirts to add to your closet. Photo:Matt Baron/BEImages. Like this post? There's more. Get tons of style secrets, insider shopping dish, fashion news, and more on the Refinery29 Fashion Facebook page! Begin Slideshow

Turkey's Prime Minister Tells Woman Journalist: "Know Your Place"

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the reporter, believed to be The Economist's correspondent, a "shameless militant woman disguised under the name of a journalist."

Lululemon Founder Sells Half Of Stake To Private-Equity Firm For $845 Million

That would be almost 8.5 million pairs of $100 yoga pants.

How Miami Are You, Really?

The few, the proud, the 305.

What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women

This is what honesty sounds like.

30 Misadventures Of Americans Living In The British Isles

Two American girls who recently moved to England and Ireland chronicle their lives

26 señales de que tú y tu teléfono necesitan un poco de espacio

"¿Hay alguien que tenga señal en este momento?" - Tú, en la playa.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

This Is What Grindr Has To Say About PrEP

"To date, Grindr has helped raise awareness surrounding numerous PrEP initiatives including studies and information sessions," a spokesman said.

26 Adorable Photos of Instagram's Cutest Best Friends


20 Best Club Songs From 2010

Whether you were starting high school or just entering college, these are some songs you were sure to here at the club, a party, or just overplayed on the radio. *cue nostalgia*

Meet The Two Brothers Behind The Shocking "Hood Prank" YouTube Videos People Can't Stop Sharing

Moe and E.T. have made a name for themselves by posting videos of their pranks on people at New York housing projects. The brothers say they are being entertaining; critics say they are being exploitive.

This Is What Your Favorite Fictional Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

It's not every day you catch a Quidditch player buying sweeping brooms at Target.

Êtes-vous vraiment un enfant des années 1990 ?

Walkmans et cheveux gaufrés.

Life Lessons Brought To Us By Truckers

They are a well spring of knowledge, everything from avoiding bears and efficient peeing to lookin out for lot lizards and cracker heads.

11 Beautiful Designer Shoes That Cost More Than Your Student Loan Payment

Why pay back your loans when you could just buy pretty shoes? (JK. Totally joking. Sallie Mae is watching. Always watching. Always.)

40 Signs That You're Not Good At This Whole "Being A Woman" Thing

All the ladies who truly can't apply false eyelashes, throw your hands up at me.

Why ITT Educational Could Be The Next For-Profit College To Collapse

It's all linked to the fall of Corinthian Colleges last month.

Maru Discovers Window Shades

Is there nothing this cat can't do?

Tax Collection Scams Skyrocket

Con artists are impersonating tax collectors, scaring the bejesus — and upwards of a million dollars — out of unsuspecting victims.

Looks Like "The View" Won't Have A Male Co-Host

Barbara Walters had hinted that the show might "add a man."

17 Things Women Without Children Are Tired Of Hearing

It must be nice to have so much free time!

21 Cuddly Cat And Dog Best Friends To Make You Squee

Anyone who said cat and dog friendships would never work, YOU ARE WRONG.

Twitter Just Suspended Two Kuwaitis Accused By The U.S. Of Financing Terror In Syria

Some on Twitter reacted angrily to Wednesday's suspension of the two men, who had a combined total follower count of over 750,000.

9 Problems Only Guys Who Can't Grow Beards Will Understand

I got 9 problems but a beard ain't one.

U.N. Human Rights Chief Rebukes Congress Over Gaza Criticism

"The establishment of an independent commission of inquiry should be welcomed by all of us who cherish the rule of law," Navi Pillay wrote in a letter to Congress.

19 Reasons You're Better Off Not Playing The New Scrabble Words

Merriam-Webster has unveiled nearly 30 of the over 5,000 new words added to the latest edition of the official Scrabble dictionary, including words like selfie and geocache.But remember, just because you can play selfie doesn’t mean you should play selfie.

Los padres de estas trillizas idénticas pintan las uñas de sus pies de diferentes colores para identificarlas

Te lo advertimos: Los niveles de ternura de esta publicación son muy elevados.

"Porch Shooter" Found Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder In The Death Of An Unarmed Teenager

Theodore Wafer was found guilty in a Detroit court on all counts for the death of unarmed teenager Renisha McBride.

6 Outrageous Kanye Quotes You’ve Overlooked

You thought you heard them all.

This Guy Recorded A Song Inside His Closet And It's Simply Amazing

Better find that repeat button because you'll need it.

26 personnes que vous auriez aimé avoir comme collègues

Voici tous les Jim Halpert du monde réel.

17 Signs You Were An Orientation Leader In College


15 Famous Movie Characters In The Originals Vs. The Remakes

Not every remake is darker and edgier! Just most of them.

32 vrais sosies de célébrités

Ce fil Reddit regroupe des photos d'internautes à côté de clichés des stars auxquelles ils ressemblent. Certains sont incroyablement bons !

18 cosas que las personas con padres estrictos entienden por completo

Es como vivir con el director de una prisión que piensa que eres la mejor persona del mundo.

Los 16 mejores memes de Soraya Montenegro

La villana de "María la del barrio" volvió, en forma de memes.

Anti-Israel Boycotts Are Spreading Across Britain And They're Here To Stay

"Die-ins" in Sainsbury's stores, boycotts of shops that stock Israeli goods, and protests involving people locking their necks to poles in government departments are becoming increasingly common. And it doesn't look like they'll end soon.

14 Authors You (Unfortunately) Encounter On Social Media

Let the un-friending and un-following begin!

A True Story Of Brotherly Love

This adorable 8-year-old boy from Idaho decided to participate in the local YMCA Youth Triathlon, but not without his 6-year-old brother at his side.

How Not To Impeach Barack Obama

Rand Paul and other Republicans struggle to avoid the party base's current obsession — and the Democrats' favorite subject.

Weird Pregnancy Facts

Nine months is plenty of time for stuff to get weird.

Obama Praises Republican Lawmakers As Key To Veterans Affairs Overhaul

In an alternate reality, President Obama always talks the way he did at Ft. Belvoir Thursday.

Questions About Meditation You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask, Explained By Deepak Chopra

For everyone who's thought about meditation but never actually gotten around to trying it.

Everything You Need To Know About The Feud Between Charlize Theron And Tia Mowry

Since you probably don't know anything about it. But you should.

18 Reasons Fox Mulder Would Be The Best-Worst Boyfriend Ever

In honor of the birthday of the man who brought him to life.

The Original 50 Shades Of Grey

What do Christian Grey, Albert Einstein and John Maynard Keynes have in common? More than you think.

21 Struggles Anyone Who Worked At A College Newspaper Will Understand

Chances are you had a pillow and a bag with extra clothes in your office.

Quanto você fez parte da história da internet no Brasil?

Desde a época em que a gente só conectava depois da meia-noite e recebia as montagens do Tourist Guy por email.

18 GIFs que toda chica de los noventas definitivamente necesita

Porque todas necesitamos ESE GIF de "Titanic"... Tú sabes cuál.

17 People Who Should Sit The Next One Out

Sports aren't for everyone.

The U.S. Finished A Second Humanitarian Airdrop in Iraq Friday

The airdrop included food and water for stranded Yazidis in northern Iraq. It comes a day after Obama announced his intent to help Iraqis targeted by militants, and his authorization of air strikes.

20 Times Lana Del Rey's Make Up Game Was Exceptionally Strong

And we tried to copy it and we failed and wept and loved Lana forever.

15 Seriously Creative Proposal Ideas

Just when you thought your proposal was special, BAM- you get hit with this list of seriously cute and creative ways people have popped the question.

How One Company Is Building An Internet Connection Through The Arctic Thanks To Climate Change

Arctic Fibre has a $620 million plan: to connect London and Tokyo without touching land.

President Of Azerbaijan Takes To Twitter To Warn Of Potential Imminent War

The cold conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh has the potential to explode.

Top U.S. Official Warns That Deal Between Russia And Iran Could Threaten Nuclear Talks

U.S. officials have previously insisted that tension between the U.S. and Russia would not affect the effort to curb Iran's nuclear program.

Steven Tyler Has Invented A Hot New Hairstyle

Stevening, it's so hot right now!

"SYTYCD" Couple tWitch And Allison Play The Newlywed Game

We are happy to report they are destined to be together forever.

The DC Universe Gets A LEGO Makeover This November

DC Comics are teaming up with LEGO to release LEGO-themed variant covers for 22 of their biggest titles this November. LEGO and DC fans rejoice!

Watch The Wu-Tang Clan Perform On The Daily Show

9 members forming like Voltron.

The Last Time There Was A Court Case About A Man Pretending To Be A Ghost, It Changed British Law

"But, soft: behold! lo where it comes again! / I'll cross it, though it blast me. - Stay, illusion!" - Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 1.

13 Unbelievably Stupid Pieces Of Pregnancy Advice

People actually said these things to real-life pregnant women. Thanks to this thread on the BabyBumps subreddit.

27 Happy Trails You'll Thirst After For Days

Family jewels straight ahead.

19 situations frustrantes pour les gens qui sont toujours en avance

L'avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt... qui doivent ensuite jouer sur leurs téléphones, en attendant ceux qui se lèvent tard.

40 People Who Look So Much Like Celebrities It's Scary

This Reddit thread asked users to post side-by-side photos of themselves and their celeb twins. Some are INSANELY good.

21 Pieces Of Advice Every College Student Can Use

"The work never ends, but college does..."

10 Movies To Get You Ready To Go Back To School

Whether you're going back to school or just feeling nostalgic. Check out any of these movies for a dose of back to school fever.

16 transformations d'acteurs incroyables

Tout est possible avec un peu de maquillage.

These Are The Kinds Of Messages Straight Boys Send To Bisexual Women On Tinder

Tumblr user persnicketyqueerprincess posted a sampling of the messages she gets from straight boys on Tinder.

12 Epic Animal Migrations

These animals go to astounding lengths.

16 Summer Camp Counselors On Their Worst Campers

We asked Facebook for (anonymous) stories of kids behaving badly at summer camp. Kids poop in the funniest places.

Cronut Creator Debuts Peanut Butter Pretzel Lobster Tails For Some Inexplicable Reason

Dessert wizard Dominique Ansel will start selling the crustacean-shaped treats this weekend at his New York bakery.

24 Struggles Only A Comic Geek Will Understand

It's hard out there for a geek.

Estas 12 Imágenes muestran como el color de los ojos cambian el rostro completamente

ADVERTENCIA: Nunca pensé que diría esto, pero Ricky Martin se ve más guapo.

Why Isn't Andrea Mitchell Part Of The "Meet The Press" Speculation?

What's the end game for a lifelong television journalist who's worked almost 30 years for a legacy outlet?

Una fotógrafa crea retratos insoportablemente tiernos de bebés durmiendo

Advertencia: Esta publicación contiene niveles extremos de ternura.

36 Delightfully Geeky Cosplays From LeakyCon

The fans went all in at LeakyCon this weekend.

9 Women Talk About Having HPV

Nearly all sexually active people will contract at least one type of human papillomavirus at some point in their lives. Nine women talk about how the virus has affected them.

20 gambiarras que falam mais sobre a alma do brasileiro do que o Hino Nacional

Toda a criatividade, a engenhosidade e eficácia do quebra-galho nacional.

Russia Is Threatening To Block The BBC's Website Because It Interviewed An "Extremist"

Russia's media regulator this week said it would consider blocking access to the BBC's Russian website over an interview with a dissident activist.

Christina Hendricks Tries Working In A Modern Office

If Mad Men has taught us anything, it's that no good comes from day-drinking in the office.

18 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Girl Meets World"

Cory Matthews already met the world. Now it's Riley's turn.

How Rainbow Rowell Turned A Bomb Into A Best-Selling Novel

With three best-sellers, a screenplay, and a graphic novel in the works, Rainbow Rowell is proof the past doesn't actually have to repeat itself.

This Married Couple Apparently Found Out They Have The Same Mother

The half-siblings were reportedly abandoned as children.

17 Reasons Drunk Cleaning Is The Absolute Best

Chardonnay pairs so well with Lysol.

S'mores And Smiles: My Weekend At A Digital Detox Summer Camp For Adults

This summer I turned in my electronics and spent a weekend in Northern California digital detoxing and playing games. It was absurd.

Former Number One NBA Draft Pick Greg Oden Arrested For Allegedly Punching A Woman

NBA player Greg Oden was arrested early Thursday in Lawrence, Ind., for allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend, the Indianapolis Star reports.

23 momentos en los que los hombres carecen completamente de sentido

Los chicos siempre serán chicos. Pero desearíamos que no lo fueran.

Watch A Crowd Of People Surprise Street Musicians With Loads Of Unexpected Donations

The new trend is called TipBombing, and it's compelling to see.

The Inbetweeners Hilariously Play The Newlywed Game

They came into BuzzFeed and played The Newlywed Game: Friends Edition.

Please Take A Moment To Look At This Picture Of Boris Johnson Battling A Hedge Trimmer

Man who wants to be prime minister vs small tree: Who will win? There's only one way to find out.

A Zoo In Denmark Plans To Put Humans In Cages While The Animals Roam Free

In architect Bjarke Ingels' topsy-turvy vision, there are no enclosures, and visitors remain hidden from the animals' view. Welcome to Zootopia.

We Should All Start Dressing Like We're In "Dirty Dancing" ASAP

Baby Houseman, let me have your wardrobe!

25 tatuagens de henna surpreendentemente complexas

Henna nupcial é a melhor henna. E ainda mais impressionante é o fato de que esses artistas desenham essas belíssimas tatuagens temporárias à mão livre.

Chocolate Shawarma Is The Best Idea Ever

Would you like extra whipped cream with yours?

Someone Is Selling A Predator Suit On Gumtree For £4,800

The replica suit is pretty cool. But it won't actually make you invisible. Via

Perros que ya quieren que te despiertes

¡Feliz mañana! ¡Es hora de comenzar el día! ¡No!, ¡espera!, ¡no cierres tus ojos otra vez!

The Mid-Week Hangover Timeline

It's a whole different ball game because you can't sleep it off

Edward Snowden Granted Permission To Stay In Russia For Three More Years

The NSA whistleblower's stay in the country has been extended, his lawyer says.

This Is What It's Like At A Miley Cyrus Meet And Greet

Most extreme meet and greet of all time?

Dog Dies After Being Locked In A Hot Car In North London

The Metropolitan police launched an investigation after a German shepherd was left in a hot car on Saturday.

7 Famous Speeches Ruined By Hashtags

It all began with,"You could ruin any philosophical debate or speech just by adding #deep or #2deep4me" . A big shoutout to all the redditors in this thread.

Anti-Semitic Hate Crime Doubles In London

Police recorded nearly twice as many offences against Jewish people in the past few months as they did in the same period last year.

Australian Attorney-General Melts Down Trying To Define Metadata

"Well, every website has an electronic address, right?"

How To Prepare For A Hurricane - Hawaii Edition

Preparing for a hurricane is serious business. Most of us get what we need, but let's face it: for some people preparing for a hurricane isn't about what they need, it's about hoarding as much they can. Some may call it Armageddon. We call it #Armaghetto.

13 Telltale Signs Taylor Swift's Fifth Studio Album Is Coming Soon

It feels like a perfect month to release a new song and make fun of our exes. No, seriously, T-Swift, where is Album 5?

Americans Try To Guess The Meaning Of Australian Words

"Most of what I know about Australia I learned from Finding Nemo."

Because Acne Wasn't Bad Enough, Now There's Invisible Acne

Find out what invisible acne is and how to stop it from happening.

14 Foods You Should NEVER Eat

Put these on your do-not-buy list.

LGBT Activist Confronts Nigerian President During Washington Visit

"If you think the law is unconstitutional, you have the right to go to court," the activist says President Goodluck Jonathan told him.

10 Jewish Foods That Will Change Your Life

Let your inner Jewish grandma rejoice.

One Man's Journey To Become the First American Suicide Bomber in Syria

Syrians who knew Moner Mohammad Abusalha recall when the American first arrived: “When we received him, we were shocked. He didn’t look like a fighter at all.”

11 Times Willow Pape From "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Was The Absolute Worst

Willow Pape is basic. Disclaimer: This is NOT a comprehensive list.

4 Exercises To Lift Your Boobs

Get ready to bust a move—and boost your bust.

105 Thoughts Everyone Has During A Traffic Jam

All you want to do in traffic is push the pedal down and get where you need to go. Road rage ensues.

The Show That Will Change Everything You Think You Know About Period Dramas

Steven Soderbergh's new Cinemax series The Knick, starring Clive Owen, is a gorgeous medical drama about when surgery was more like butchery.

What May Have Caused ‘American Idol’ Finalist Michael Johns’ Death—and What You Need To Know About It

Scary stuff, but is it something to worry about—or a freak occurrence? According to Phillips, it may be more common than you think, but there are several factors that we know can increase your risk. "Pulmonary embolism is relatively common,…

Pinterest Now Has One-On-One Messaging

Pinterest users originally could only send pins. The new feature now lets users reply to those messages, basically turning it into a full-blown messaging feature.

Secret Chipotle Menu Items You Had No Idea You Could Order

Has anyone actually had a taco salad from Chipotle?

Live Coverage: Hurricane Julio Approaches Hawaii While Tropical Storm Iselle Moves Away

Iselle hit the Big Island on Friday morning. Hurricane Julio is forecasted to reach the region of the islands over the weekend but may not make landfall.

11 Reasons Kumail Nanjiani Is The Best Friend Everyone Needs

He's just like us except way funnier.

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