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"SYTYCD" Couple tWitch And Allison Play The Newlywed Game

We are happy to report they are destined to be together forever.

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If you don't know So You Think You Can Dance couple tWitch and Allison Holker, just know that they met on the show and they are the cutest dancing married duo of all time.

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This is their proposal and it will make you cry real tears.

The recently married couple came to BuzzFeed to play the newlywed game, and their responses prove they're America's favorite humans.

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

What is Allison's guilty pleasure?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

Allison Holker: I love Harry Potter and I always secretly take out my wand and start casting spells around the house and I just imagine things happening.

Stephen "tWitch" Boss: She has MAD wands.

What is tWitch's favorite movie?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: I got it right and I drew a flag!

What food can Allison not live without?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

STB: We were just talking about that.

AH: Our conversations... we go in.

STB: Some people like food, she likes sauces. Therefore, she likes any food as long as there's sauce on it.

AH: Everything's better with dijon mustard on it!

Who is tWitch's favorite SYTYCD choreographer?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: But wait, let me give you some history. He's SO obsessed with this guy, he even dyed his hair to try to be like this guy!

You had blonde hair??

STB: Oh yes, and because our hair texture is different, I had a blonde fro. So then I went to perm it so I could then straighten and spike it. Not the best look.

AH: We all have a past, to be fair.

What song does Allison sing way too often?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: This also exposes that I don't actually know the words! *sings*

STB: All day. ALL DAY, every day. Guaranteed she doesn't even know who sings it.

AH: Yeah no, I don't.

STB: She loves it though!

It's Hanson!

AH: Yes! The brothers, with the hair.

STB: Who are mad old now.

If tWitch could travel anywhere right now, where would he go?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: Egypt?! When?

STB: I wanna see the pyramids!

AH: Oh OK. What about Hawaii? We talk about Hawaii all the time right now!

STB: Yeah I know. (laughs)

Who is Allison’s favorite SYTYCD judge?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

*Everyone screams* "AWWWWWWWW!"

What is tWitch’s favorite book?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: Booyah!

Who is Allison’s celeb crush?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

STB: Lord have mercy.

AH: BAM! (laughs) No, no one could ever replace my lover here.

*Everyone dies of cute*

What word or phrase is tWitch guilty of saying too often?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: (imitates tWitch) "That's maaaaad cool. That's maaaad ill. You look mad good, Ally."


What’s Allison’s weirdest quirk?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: OK...

STB: She doesn't wake up to alarm clocks at all so, therefore, when we sleep at night both phones have to be on my side of the bed because I learned doing a push-up position, like a plank, trying to get her alarm... it's ridiculous.

AH: Who wants to wake up in the morning when you're sleeping so comfortable next to your man? You don't want to wake up to an alarm! So I just choose not to.

What’s tWitch’s most endearing quirk?

David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

AH: It's his lip curl! It's so sexy and so cool, you have to show!

STB: They're not going to find that endearing though. *Does lip curl*

AH: Yes! Super endearing! I love it.

STB: I also don't put the top on the toothpaste ever. Even now that I'm aware of it, I still don't do it. There's no need!

You guys did a great job and it looks like you're supposed to be married!

AH: (laughs) Yes! BuzzFeed is not going to make us get divorced!


David Bertozzi/BuzzFeed

BONUS: Here's a video of tWitch and Allison doing the famous lift from Dirty Dancing.

Step Up All In hits theaters Aug. 8.

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