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The Inbetweeners Hilariously Play The Newlywed Game

They came into BuzzFeed and played The Newlywed Game: Friends Edition.

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James: Curry.

Joe: McDonald's or Lucozade Sport or Pringles or Domino's or Monster Munch.

Blake: New James: Sushi. Old James: McDonald's (Big Mac).

Simon: New James: Sushi, specifically salmon. Old James: Domino's.

No match.

Simon: To be honest.

James: Literally.

Blake: Quite literally.

Joe: Not.

No match.

Joe: James.

Simon: Joe.

Blake: Joe.

James: Joe.

We call that a match! (Sorry Joe.)

Joe: Simon.

Simon: Joe.

Blake: Simon?

James: We don't party that much?

Half match.

Blake: A doe, a deer, a female deer.

Simon: Seahorse.

James: A lion (because of Millwall) with added penis picture drawn.

Joe: Goat or fawn.

No match.

Joe: "End of a Century" by "the Mighty" Blur.

Simon: "No Surprises", or "a sort of bibbidy bobbidy boo nonsense song".

Blake: The Longpigs.

James: "National Express" by The Divine Comedy.

No match.

Joe: James.

Simon: James' feeble body.

Blake: James forgot to wear suncream (idiot!).

James: Me. :( I got chest pains.

It's a match!

James: The Young Ones.

Blake: Only Fools and Horses.

Simon: The Office.

Joe: The Office.

No match.

Joe: #Poignant.

Simon: Clinically depressed.

Blake: Brilliant! Can't wait to ditch these idiots.

James: I'm sad!

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