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9 Problems Only Guys Who Can't Grow Beards Will Understand

I got 9 problems but a beard ain't one.

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"Hi, my name is ______, and I can't grow a beard."

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Welcome to our support group. We understand your pain.

1) The biggest problem is the Internet - and everyone you know - glorifies beards.

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Basically every BuzzFeed article about facial hair in existence.

2) You feel like you're the only guy you know who can't grow one.

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*brb crying forever alone*

3) Because you're a long term sufferer of Eternal Boy Face Syndrome.

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With no beard to catch your tears.

4) You only care because people say that facial hair determines if you're hot or not.

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Case in point: this is Jamie Dornan when he's hot..

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...and here, he is apparently not.

5) Your buddies give you a hard time for being follically challenged.


Outta. My. Face.

6) So you secretly dream of growing one.

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You're convinced that you would look absolutely majestic.

7) Because you think that girls and/or boys will respect and pay more attention to you.

Even if you don't shave, you still look like the last panel.
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Even if you don't shave, you still look like the last panel.

8) Movember.

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Ugh. It's rough.

9) But even though the struggle is real, be confident in the fact that your shining, beautiful face is always on display.

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