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August 15, 2014

The 16 Best Emoji Sexts To Ever Happen

Put your eggplant in my peach.

4 Ways "The Giver" Turns A Beloved Novel Into Just Another Dystopian Teen Movie

Jonas is now 16, in love with Fiona, and a beefcake. WARNING: Spoilers for the book and the movie ahead!

Top 10 Nail Art Designs For Bookworms

Books Need Nail Art Love too!

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury On Two Charges

A grand jury indicted Perry on Friday for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant.

Thousands Take To The Streets In Pakistan To Call For The Prime Minister To Resign

Two opposition leaders are heading Pakistan's protests: The first a Muslim cleric, and the second a former cricket player.

Heather And Terry Dubrow Play The Not-So-Newlywed Game

And they told us how they would take down the Beadors if they could.

Little League Pitcher Mo'Ne Davis Is The Hero We All Need

Anything you can do, she can do better.

6 Animals That Are More Dangerous Than Sharks

Sharks might seem dangerous, but there are many animals that are more dangerous than sharks! What are they?

17 Celebrity Instgrams You Need To See This Week

Taylor Swift got close to her cat, Justin Bieber hung out in a donut, and more!

National Latino Organizations Express Solidarity With Ferguson After The Death Of Michael Brown

They say Latino and immigrant rights organizations should support the black community and call on other top Latino organizations to follow suit.

Challenge To Houston Equal Rights Law Gets January Court Date, No November Referendum

However, Mayor Annise Parker has not changed plans to suspend implementation of the ordinance, which includes LGBT non-discrimination protections.

19 Things All Animal Lovers Can Relate To

“You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” – Paul McCartney

These Pictures Accurately Portray How People Feel About Don Lemon

BREAKING: Reporter gets all of the side-eyes.

19 choses dont les enfants des années 1990 ne se remettront jamais

Ce post contient de nombreux spoilers. En même temps, si vous n'avez pas vu « Le Roi Lion », je ne sais pas trop quoi vous dire.

Behind The Nerd Who Won Your Heart In "Pitch Perfect"

Ben Platt, the actor who played lovable roommate Benji Applebaum, talks about postponing college for Pitch Perfect, what to look forward to in the sequel, the "Cups" craze, and, of course, magic.

11 Games To Make You Go Next Gen

There's more on the horizon than you think.

50 tatuajes hechos con puntos que son realmente impresionantes

Mira todo lo que puedes hacer con puntitos chiquititos.

22 Things Everyone Who Is Deathly Afraid Of Clowns Understands

There is not a single clown photo in this post. This is a safe space.

Conservatives Pushing To "Disarm" Federal Agencies Hope Democrats Will Join Them

Conservatives pushing to limit the growth of federal police forces see an bipartisan opening after Ferguson.

10 Doctor Who Monsters That Shouldn't Be Scary

There's nothing scary about them...except everything.

WNBA Star Brittney Griner Is The First Athlete To Propose To A Rival Team Member

The WNBA star popped the big question to her girlfriend, Tulsa Shock's Glory Johnson.

13 Weird Video Game Sex Confessions

“When I play Xbox, I pretend to be a phone sex operator.” For more confessions than you could ever imagine, check out the Whisper app.

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10 De los peores errores periodísticos

Cuando un periódico se imprime, se supone que ha sido revisado varias veces por varias personas. Pero claro, todos somos humanos y a veces cometemos errores que quedarán para siempre en blanco y negro.

5 Habits Of Highly Annoying Roommates (Unhinged Comedy)

CLICK to check out Unhinged Comedy's latest 5-Fingered Countdown! Do YOU have annoying roommates with habits that make you tick? Well, the girls in the Spin-Offs house have the same problem! CLICK to find out which 5 of Colin's habits most annoy Grace and Kaylee!

This Is What The Average Single Man's Sex Life Looks Like

Guys would really take male birth control?!

Lawmaker Denies Saying North Carolina AG Should Be Impeached For Not Defending Same-Sex Marriage Ban

State Sen. Norm Sanderson's office said comments about impeachment were made by "someone else in the room…and it was taken to be the senator."

Breaking News Template Testing

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The 14 Most Kissable Pets Of The Week

Here are the most kissable cuties from our Cute or Not submissions this week. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

Los 22 gatos más ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ de todos los tiempos

Los gatos más indiferentes que alguna vez se mostraron indiferentes.

New App Wants To Challenge Uber For Ride Hailing Supremacy

Starting in Las Vegas. "We see ourselves as a disrupter of the disrupters."

13 Instagrams de famosos que tal vez te perdiste esta semana

Esta semana Sofía Vergara recibió rosas rojas mientras que Thalía bromeó sobre un rumor infame acerca de ella misma.

14 Facts Everyone Should Know About The California Drought

It isn't just affecting Californians.

What TV Shows Are You "Thirsty" For?

Our DVRs are salivating.

Forever In “Vogue”: 16 Celebrities Immortalized By Madonna (And Others)

When Lauren Bacall died on Tuesday, August 12, it was the end of an era: we now live in a world where none of the 16 celebrities cited within the lyrics of Madonna’s “Vogue” still walk among us. To memorialize this sad occasion, let us take a stroll back in time and run through this roll call of famous names once more, but this time let's also remember several other songs that these folks have popped up in the lyrics of as well.

Former NSA Director Doesn't Remember Taking A Photo With Edward Snowden

"If the picture is authentic, at least from my point of view, it's not memorable because I don't remember the young man."

What's Secretly Sexy About Men?

What's considered hot is a little more diverse than you think....

What's Secretly Sexy About Women?

What's considered hot is a little more diverse than you think....

22 Things Women Should Never Be Ashamed Of

Shame shouldn't be a part of your game.

21 preuves que les meilleures idées viennent en buvant

Sauf si vous conduisez, bien-sûr.

7 Teen Movie Dystopias, Ranked By Coziness

A timeshare in Panem doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world.

Casey Wilson Says "Marry Me" Is More Than "Happy Endings: The Sequel"

The actress tells BuzzFeed how her new NBC comedy breaks the traditional romantic comedy mold, what it's like working for her husband (who created the show), and wine (because, of course).

22 Signs You're Never Going To Get Over Your '00s Indie Rock Days

♫ New slang when you notice the stripes ♫

23 Words That Mean Something Totally Different During Football Season

A time when "sack" and "strip" won't make you blush.

18 Short Story Writers On Why They Decided To Write A Novel

An incredible group of authors discuss why they chose to go long.

Ruby Rose And Phoebe Dahl Prove They Are The Cutest Couple Out There

The pair's photos for Diva magazine are just as perfect as you would imagine.If not more.

A World-Class Musician Was Asked To Play Violin During His Own Brain Surgery

Imagine being awake while doctors were just fiddling around in your brain.

20 fotos inacreditáveis da construção de Brasília

Quando o Brasil era o país do futuro.

100 People From 11 Different Countries Help A Guy Solve His Rubik's Cube And It's Amazing

How many people does it take to solve a Rubik's cube? Apparently a 100.

Things Beyoncé's Mom Says

All of these are real, actual quotes from Miss Tina.

Two Cats Overrun With Little Chicks!

These cats are damaging the general cat reputation, they have no killer instinct!

Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: Flashdance's Origins, Snowden, And The Front Lines In Ferguson

This week for BuzzFeed, Soraya Roberts tells the true story behind Flashdance — and asks whether those who inspired it deserve more. Read that and these other great stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results!

24 Reasons Jubilee Is The Most Underrated Member Of The X-Men

Because baby she's a firework. So, deal with it.

33 Perfect Vines To Nourish Your Spirit

Having a stressful week? Check these out.

11 lugares a donde los neoyorquinos van a ver la puesta del sol

El verano es fugaz. Ve y aprecia una puesta de sol.

Be Champion Of Shark Week With These Shark Facts

Shark Week ain't over yet. Impress your friends with these amazing shark facts, courtesy of NSF-funded research.

Les 18 types de connards qu'on croise dans le métro

Dans presque tous les cas, le connard peut aussi très bien être une connasse.

Do You Like Tara Reid's Beads?

She'd like to know.

67 Reasons Why

Why we love Pakistan, why we cant abandon it and why we still have hope.

"Sherlock" Star Andrew Scott Openly Discussing His Sexuality Is Truly Inspirational

The actor has always been openly homosexual, but doesn't usually discuss his private life. But he's opened up for the latest issue of Attitude magazine.

How To Grill The World's Best Cheeseburger

Step one: Turn on your favorite playlist and drink a beer.

Where Would Your Disney Honeymoon Actually Be?

A dream is a wish your heart makes, but where will you and your prince charming honeymoon?

18 inventos de mujeres que cambiaron el mundo

¿Te gusta la cerveza? ¿Y las escaleras de incendios? Agradécele a una mujer.

What Would Happen If All The Spiders Disappeared?

Spoiler Alert: Shit would get real.

Can We Guess Your Favourite Food?

Using precise and methodological science.

This Publix Employee Went Viral On Facebook After Someone Took A Photo Of Him Helping A Customer

Turns out if you do something nice, you might end up a hero on Facebook.

28 personas que no pueden lidiar con el mundo moderno

Dedicado a todos los padres de todas partes del mundo.

After Stock Crashes, SeaWorld Expands Orca Habitats And Donates $10 Million For Research And Conservation

The changes follow massive public and political scrutiny of how the company treats its signature killer whales.

Watch This Heartwarming Video Of Indians And Pakistanis Wishing Each Other On Independence Day

Two countries with 7 decades years of rivalry and nothing in common... Except, you know, everything.

Jewish Newspaper Apologises For Running Advert Asking For Humanitarian Aid To Gaza

The editor of The Jewish Chronicle has apologised for any offence caused after his newspaper gave space to an appeal for aid to Gaza.

Kirsten Gillibrand, Pushing New College Sexual Assault Bill, Still Has Hope For Failed Military Reform

"We just need more data." The Democratic senator's potential second crack at changing sexual assault

Are These Photos From A Webinar Or Photos From HELL?

Good luck! Because this quiz lasts FOREVER.

19 Wine And Font Pairings You Never Knew You Needed

Completely unnecessary. But surprisingly awesome.

J. Cole Pays Tribute To Michael Brown With Emotional New Song, "Be Free"

Rapper releases new song as singer Frank Ocean weighs in on Ferguson crisis with comment.

A Group Of Syrians Shared This Heartbreaking Salute To Robin Williams

"To be free. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in the world."

12 English Words That Germans Get Wrong

German is a beautiful language, but sometimes it doesn't have the exact word you are looking for. Many Germans use English words to supplement this language deficit, and many more use those English words incorrectly.

A Beginner’s Guide To Contemporary Feminist Language

Understanding everything from "intersectionality" to "transmisogyny".

There Will Be Blood: ISIS Is Trying To Finance Its Caliphate With Oil

The ISIS offensive that provoked U.S. airstrikes may have been aimed at winning oil fields. The militant group is "among the wealthiest terrorist groups on the planet," says a U.S. intelligence official.

What Food Combination Represents Your Relationship?

Romeo and Juliet were mashed potatoes and gravy.

Are You Groot?

I am Groot.

39 Feelings Everyone Has During The First Week Of College

You're off to great places! Today is your day! Dreading all the icebreakers you'll play.

Kurdish Forces Seek More U.S. Help In Fight Against ISIS

"We will defeat them because we are brave, because we would rather die than leave this land."

26 batalhas que toda mulher já enfrentou

Tentar fazer qualquer coisa com peitos.

15 Reasons The Making Of "Harry Potter" Was Even More Magical Than You Thought

MinaLima, the films' graphics team, were the most magical people on set. We sat down with Eduardo Lima to learn more about what happened behind the scenes to create the intensive world of Harry Potter.

This Little Boy Did The Ice Bucket Challenge To Help His Mum In Hospital

"He’s a really sensitive kid and when he went to see her after surgery he was very upset – it really knocked him for six."

7 Terrifying Ghost Horror Stories Guaranteed To Keep You Up At Night

Illustrated from the BuzzFeed Community's real-life ghost encounters.

All The Silver Foxes Who Want To Wish Cates A Happy Birthday

Today is our fearless Community leader's birthday, and there are a number of gentlemen out there who wish they could be there to celebrate with her.

Exclusive "Homeland" Trailer Follows Carrie To The Middle East

New footage! Get an early look at Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Corey Stoll, and Rupert Friend in this exclusive Season 4 teaser.

36 gifs que te harán decir "¡guau!"

"¡Guau!" -Tú, después de leer esta publicación.

What Is More Likely To Kill You?

Vending machines or volcanoes?

This Is The Police Officer Who Shot And Killed Michael Brown

Ferguson police revealed that Darren Wilson is the officer who fatally shot the unarmed black teen on Aug 9. Update: Police chief described Wilson as a "gentleman."

27 fotos de vacaciones que harán que te sientas contento de estar en el trabajo

¿Quién necesita vacaciones cuando puedes poner tu cara en la copiadora y pretender que es el sol?

13 Totally Misandrist Animals

Why do these radical feminanimals hate men so much?

Guy Totally Wins ALS Ice Bucket Challenge As Buffalo Bill

Oh, you let your kid dump a bucket of ice water on your head? That's cute? Oh, you're a hot guy and you dumped ice on your head shirtless? That's nice. So you're a hot girl in a bikini and dumped ice on yourself? Cool story. THIS VIDEO WINS THE INTERNET.

23 Things That Happen When You Love Food Too Much

When you're a foodie, food trumps all. Don't underestimate the power of the hungry stomach. Food wins all arguments and is the logic behind any question. Food. Food. Food.

Startling Portraits Of Neo-Burlesque Artists Reveal The Spirit Behind Each Performer

Award-winning photographer Leland Bobbé captures images of New York's neo-burlesque artists. NSFW.

Kiss' Gene Simmons Tells Depression Sufferers: "Fuck You, Kill Yourself"

The rock star's comments in conversation with Songfacts have caused outrage.

56 señales de que se te estás haciendo (más) viejo

"Sí, no puedo salir esta noche. Tengo que lavar ropa."

A Huge Cock And Balls Just Appeared On A BBC Weather Bulletin

"There's a massive penis headed our way from the northwest."

Lesbians: Stereotypes Vs Reality

No one is the "man" in a lesbian relationship. Spoiler: They're both girls.

Tortures For Flies: COIN TRICK (HD)

Is it worth losing money to see the humorous end of a fly?

Rihanna, Iman, And Naomi Campbell Look Stunning In W Magazine

Arguably three of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Australia's Treasurer Makes Full National Apology For Poorest People Gaffe

"I am sorry about the interpretation. I am sorry about the words."

10 Reasons Why I Will Always Love Jackass

I recently took a trip down memory lane and decided to watch all three of the jackass movies, as well as in-between movies as well (1.5, 2.5 etc.) I'd forgotten how funny it was. I know Jackass was not everybodys cup of tea but I genuinely found it hilarious and I want to share that with you to end your week. so please enjoy...

New Hampshire Declares State Of Emergency After Dozens Overdose On "Smacked"

Gov. Maggie Hassan declared a state of emergency after 44 people in the Manchester area overdosed on a synthetic marijuana product.

12 Reasons Samantha Baker From "Sixteen Candles" Is All Of Us

Who wasn't just like Samantha Baker in high school?

TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Show No. 243: A Tribute to James Garner

Original Airdate: Week of Aug. 6-11, 2014

The Secret History Of "Flashdance"

The dancers and photographer who inspired one of the biggest pop culture touchstones of a generation have gone most of their lives unable to publicly talk about the credit they think they deserve. Until now.

An Ode To 90's Dude Hair

Not all squares are rectangles, but most heartthrobs of the 90's had the mushroom cut.

Protesters Rally In Cities Across The U.S. In Solidarity With Ferguson

People gathered across the country Thursday for a national moment of silence to pay tribute to Michael Brown, who was fatally shot on Saturday.

Hipster Tracy Jordan Is The Tumblr You Need In Your Life

"I want to hold a mirror up to society and then win world record for biggest mirror." - Tracy Jordan

25 Reasons Why Arts 101 Week Is The Most Superb, Fantastic, Kick Ass Week Of Them All

Okay, so 101 Week is coming up super soon, and I KNOW you want to know more about Arts' supermegaawesomefoxyhot week, so here's a little sneak peek!

5 Scathing Border Patrol Revelations From An Ousted Agency Chief

In an unauthorized interview, former CBP internal affairs chief James F. Tomsheck gave what could be the most scathing public criticism of the nation's largest law enforcement agency by a high-ranking official.

These Couples Raced To Build IKEA Furniture And It's Hilarious

What's the Swedish word for "frustration"?

War Zone In Ferguson: How Billions In Military Weapons Ended Up In The Hands Of Local Police

Ferguson, Mo., is one of many American cities that has received battle gear from the federal government. The program was started to counter drug activity but critics say it encourages police officers to adopt a "warrior mentality."

Tensions Ease As Highway Patrol Captain Marches With Ferguson Protesters

Protesters continued to gather, demanding justice for the unarmed 18-year-old who was killed by police on Saturday. Under the command of Capt. Ron Johnson, however, military-style police equipment, tear gas and rubber bullets were absent from the St. Louis suburb as evening fell.

Russian Military Vehicles Spotted Crossing Into Ukraine

A Guardian reporter witnessed several Russian vehicles moving toward Ukraine Thursday, but said they weren't the size of a "proper invasion force."

52 Thoughts Every Shark Has During Shark Week

Teeth out, fins up, that's the way we like to f*ck.

This Rugby League Player Is Stronger Than You Will Ever Be

Greg Inglis is your God now. Move over Russell Crowe.

13 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

A Cyrus family photo kicks off #ThrowbackThursday.

This Is A Masterclass In How To Win A Twitter Fight

Lessons from the Global Town Square™

Americans Try Filipino Junk Foods For The First Time

What's your favorite pinoy snacks?

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