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August 14, 2014

Heartbreaking Photos From A Syrian Refugee Camp For The Yazidi Fleeing ISIS In Iraq

The Nowruz refugee camp in Syria has grown from 100 to 12,000 in four days, according to the International Rescue Committee.

10 Of The Most Stylish Scary Movies Ever

Fashion and fear go quite well together. Here's a look at some classic horror films that are chic with a shriek.

25 Dinners That Are Basically Impossible To Mess Up

It's time to break up with your microwave.

Add Groot to Any Website With This Magic Button

Head over to usvsth3m, add the “I am Groot” button to your bookmarks bar, and be prepared to I AM GROOT.

18 Translations From A Strait Girl's Guide To Grindr Lingo

Because everybody keeps laughing at you when you say that you've done a lot of 'traveling.'

18 Delicious Dinners To Make With Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Pork shoulder + chicken broth + 6 hours in a slow cooker = endless possibilities. Pork shoulder is an incredibly budget-friendly meat protein, and is big enough to give you leftovers for dinner all week.

After Holder's Complaints, Justice Department Expects Less Militarization On Ferguson Streets

"The guidance is that they’re using excessive force," a Justice Department official tells BuzzFeed.

19 adorables chats-burritos

Chat-burrito : chat ou chaton emballé dans une serviette à la manière d'un burrito.

12 caballos que definitivamente no están consumiendo drogas

Así que el caballo de la Reina dio positivo en una prueba de drogas. Resulta que podría no ser el único.

'Clown Vomit', And Why You Need To Know About It.

If you were looking at a photo from the Gaza crisis, wouldn't you want to know if it was real?

7 Reasons "Charmed" Fans Should Be Watching "Witches Of East End"

The WB's late series about the Halliwell sisters has found a worthy heir in Lifetime's Beauchamp ladies.

This Is What Your Skin Looks Like Before And After Sunblock

You're definitely going to want to wear sunscreen after watching this.

10 pessoas que ainda não sabem a letra de Alagados, do Paralamas

Pra falar a verdade, eu também tava cantando errado.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road In Portland?

But seriously...give us some answers, chicken!

Coca-Cola Buys 17% Of Monster Beverage, Underscoring Meteoric Rise Of Energy Drinks

Monster's shares are soaring in after-hours trading. Like a jolt of caffeine.

24 Moments That Defined Every Late '00s High School Experience

Imma let you finish, but the late '00s was the best time to be in high school.

The Weird And Surprising Business Of Watching People Play Old Video Games Very Fast

Competitive games like League of Legends often get most of the acclaim on the Twitch community. But one rising audience is centered around a practice called "speed-running."

18 inventions féminines qui ont changé le monde

Vous aimez la bière ? Et le Monopoly ? Ce sont des femmes qu'il faut remercier.

17 Tasteful And Powerful Tattoos For Virgos

As a perfectionist, you know your ink has to be careful and perfect.

GOP Senator: Some Of Fox News "Totally Not Fair And Totally Not Balanced"

"The real problem is we've lost the professionalism of journalism."

29 Secrets People Who Really Love Food Won't Tell You

Sharing is caring, except when it comes to your french fries.

26 preciosas fotos de los mejores y más tiernos amigos de Instagram


U.S. Military Revises Grooming Policies To Allow Hairstyles Worn By Black Women

After complaints from service members and lawmakers, military services now consider cornrows, braids, and twists as acceptable hairstyles.

Iraqi Prime Minister Announces He Is Stepping Down

Both the U.S. and Iran had been pushing for Nouri al-Maliki to go.

11 Signs You Are Obsessed With "Extreme Weight Loss"

Cuz watching a show about working out, is better than working out...

How Much Can You Live Without?

Cellphones, the gym, shampoo? Can you give them up?

17 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Look Cool In Front Of Your Friends

Mainly because you're a big ol' doofus, anyway.

Can You Guess The Animal Based On Its Pattern?

Let's see if you're koalafied.

The Magic Behind Some Of The Most Horrific (And Hilarious) "American Horror Story: Coven" Scenes

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon has directed 12 episodes of the hit FX anthology series American Horror Story — and now, he's up for his first Emmy. Before Freakshow begins this fall, he dissects his favorite Coven moments (and yes, "Surprise, bitch!" is one of them).

A Man Might Get Deported Because He Doesn't Have Fancy Pizza Dough Tossing Skills

"Basically, immigration said, 'This guy can't throw pizza, so we're denying him the visa.'"

Boko Haram Has Reportedly Kidnapped 100 Boys And Men In Northeastern Nigeria

The kidnapping comes months after the group kidnapped more than 300 schoolgirls, most of whom remain missing.


Cinderella was known for her glass slipper. Shoes make the prom dress, make sure yours are storybook-worthy.

10 Most Epic Father Daughter Wedding Dances Of All Time

Yes, the father daughter dance is one of the sweetest moments of the wedding reception, but these daddy's know how to get down...and you know what they say, like father like daughter!

What Your Favorite Mall Food Says About You

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this slice of Sbarro pizza.

10 Times Mariah Carey Lyrics Blew Your Mind And Improved Your SAT Score

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's marriage is reportedly on the fritz. One thing that isn't, though, is the elusive chanteuse's verbal prowess.

13 momentos incómodos que pasan cuando vas al médico

"Primero, el médico me dio las buenas noticias - que a mi enfermedad le pondrían mi nombre". -Steve Martin.

10 Extremely Problematic Realities About Latinos In Hollywood (And Some Hope)

The Media, Diversity, and Social Change Initiative (MDSCI)'s six-year study reveals some less-than-stellar statistics.

Ted Cruz Sends Out Text Message Blast Asking For Help Stopping "Obama's Amnesty"

"Join him by signing the petition to stop Obama's amnesty today!"

Here Are Ways To Help People In Ferguson Right Now

There are a couple of ways to make a difference, no matter where you are.

16 Affirmations That Need To Be A Part Of Your Daily Routine

Remember these so you can give yourself a pep talk whenever you need one! Inspired by one very confident cat.

S Club 7 Reunion In The Works?

Imagination is the key because you are your own destiny. #unitedwestand #dividedwefall

7 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Me

In lieu of your stupid online application that I'm convinced goes absolutely nowhere, here's this. CALL ME MAYBE.

New Jersey Man Accused Of Harassing Gay Neighbors, Carving Swastika In Their Yard

Scott Cooney, 45, of Lakewood, N.J. has been charged with a hate crime after his neighbors complained to police accusing him of harassment.

48 Things That Happen At Every Single Music Festival

There will be blood, beer, and vomit. And also music, I guess.

14 Artistas que tal vez olvidaste que cantaron en español

¡¡¡¿¿¿Beyoncé ha cantado en español???!!!

The Face Of Hollywood's Most Handsome Leading Man Is Hidden Behind A Cartoon Mask In This Dark Comedy

Frank features X-Men star Michael Fassbender as you've never seen him before — in a giant, papier-mâché head.

20 choses que les Américains font mieux que les Français

Ça ne va peut-être pas vous plaire.

GOP Congressman: Protesters Not Looting Tattoo Parlor Because They Have "Friendliest Relationships" There

"I'm not sure why they're not looting the tattoo parlor except that they might have some of the strongest, friendliest relationships there."

How One "Sack Of Shit" Mortgage-Backed Security Came To Define The Financial Crisis

The history of SACO 2006-8, as told through court documents dating back more than six years, provides a view into how the mortgage-backed security industry was built up and spectacularly collapsed. For JPMorgan, it has become the mortgage-backed security from hell.

16 Problemas que tienen los mexicanos, según la barra de Google

Ay, mijito. Google Mx. te enseña los resultados más populares del país cuando buscas algo. ¿Quiénes son los mexicanos, por qué sufren, por quién? Pues según esto...

Put Your Cheap Wine In A Blender

Turning bottom shelf into top shelf!

16 Pickup Lines That Would Work On Any Book Lover

Wanna take a look at my hardcover?

People Around The World See Their Stories Repeating In Ferguson

From Uganda to the West Bank, people are seeing an eerie familiarity when looking at events in Ferguson, Mo. Some are sharing their horror, others their advice in how to deal with a police crackdown.

Poetry As A Passport

The story of the only undocumented writer to graduate from the University of Michigan’s MFA program.

Robin Williams Had Been Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease Prior To His Death

The late, iconic actor's wife revealed the news in a statement. "It is our hope in the wake of Robin’s tragic passing, that others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid.”

What Does Your Favorite Junk Food Say About Your Sex Life?

Because it's all about what you put in your mouth.

23 Harmless Pictures That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Maru Teaches His Cat How To Jump Into A Box

Maru is as selfless as he is wise. It's not an understatement to say that this cat is the greatest hope we have for world peace.

A Definitive Ranking Of Hip-Hop's Most Influential Crews

Ain't nobody fresher than my clique.

British Nationals Among Hundreds Of Volunteers Showing Up To Fight ISIS In Iraq

"We thought maybe he would fight like James Bond or have a fancy British gun."


We know you have one, but it's okay. We do it too. Just don't let your SO find out.

13 películas icónicas mejoradas por gatos

Seamos sinceros, "Apocalypse Meow" hubiera sido mucho mejor.


No chemicals. No preservatives. Just natural ingredients and to enhance natural beauty.


The most fashion forward websites for plus sizes.


When the very thought of having to endure one more day of a city summer makes you want to do laps in the freezer section at the grocery store just to stay sane, it's time for fall.

30 Photos That Will Make You Say "Awww"

It's scientifically proven that at least one of these pictures will make you smile. Maybe even two!

President Obama Urges Calm And "Healing" In Ferguson, Missouri

Obama comments on the ongoing situation in Missouri.

"Game Of Thrones" Director Neil Marshall Dissects His Emmy-Nominated Episode

Marshall reveals to BuzzFeed about how "The Watchers on the Wall" — his action-packed Game of Thrones episode — was brought to life.

This Incredible Drawing Shows The Many Faces Of Robin Williams

Lots of different characters, one brilliant man.

Democratic Congressman Will Introduce Police Demilitarization Bill

Rep. Hank Johnson pivots off Ferguson to introduce the "Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act."

13 Powerful Signs Protesting The Death Of Michael Brown In Ferguson

Strong messages from a St. Louis suburb where the unarmed black teen was fatally shot by a police officer.

17 Momentos históricos que pudieron haber sido salvados por el chacal

Estos momentos realmente necesitaban un "¡Y FUERA!

15 Of The Coolest Socks You Will Ever See

Your feet will thank you for this.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman: Police In Ferguson Doing "More Harm Than Good"

As the protests in Ferguson continue, CBC chairwoman Marcia Fudge had strong words for the St. Louis County police department.

21 Things All Commuter College Students Know To Be True

Because dorms are, like, totally overrated.

Congressman And Civil Rights Leader John Lewis: Declare Martial Law In Ferguson, Missouri

"Ferguson, Missouri, it's not the Congo. It is not China, It is not Russia. We can do better. It takes me back to the '40s, the '50s, the '60s."

This Is By Far The Best Remix Of "In Me Mum's Car" Ever

You can loop it forever because it is perfection.

Missouri Governor Sends National Guard To Ferguson As Unrest Continues

The shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer ignited tensions in Ferguson, Mo., and around the nation. Continued coverage here.

34 Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Look So Much Better

As evidenced by the actual real-life living spaces of BuzzFeed folks.

10 Dream Castings For The Upcoming Katharine Hepburn Biopic

Someone has some iconic trousers to fill.

Berkshire Hathaway Shares Hit All-Time High Of $200,000 Each

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate that owns Geico, Dairy Queen, and Oriental Trading Co., saw its class A shares rise past $200,000 each today.

GOP Congressman: People Crossing Border Could Have Ebola Or Be Terrorists

"This administration doesn't have the desire, doesn't have the will to actually stop it."

15 Top Tips For Freshers.

Yeah you can vomit your student loan up the wall but that's not smart, you're an academic now. Spend it wisely using these suggestions, in no particular order...

16 Awesome Retellings Of Classic Literature

Is anything original anymore? That beach read you breezed through or the YA book your niece gave you was probably based on one of the classics.

"Give Or Take?" With Brenton Thwaites And Odeya Rush

Two stars of The Giver decide what they like, and what they don't like.

Live Video: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Addresses The Situation In Ferguson

The governor of Missouri will speak on the shooting of Michael Brown and the ensuing unrest.

17 Sex Products You Won't Believe Actually Exist

What a time to be alive. NSFW!

13 Important Lessons For Every New Vegetarian

These will make your life so much easier.

Meet The Robot That's Trying To Seduce Women On OkCupid

Girls Who Date Computers is one disillusioned New Yorker's quest to expose the banality of online dating. Does it go too far?

15 mots qui prennent un tout nouveau sens quand on a un chien

Les chiens changent votre vie et votre vocabulaire.

22 Etapas por las que pasas cuando compras en línea

Siempre vemos algo lindo para comprar en las tiendas en línea y aunque sabemos que es una gran ventaja comprar online, sufrimos una etapa de ansiedad que nos da un poquito de maripositas en el estómago. Seguro pasaste por todo esto cuando compras en línea

21 Adorable Manicure Ideas For Short Nails

Because short-nailed people want to be pretty too.

Robin Williams Had The Best Cameo In "Friends" History

The late actor crashed Central Perk in Season 3, and it's the best.

The Actual Makeup From "Mrs. Doubtfire" Was Even More Intense Than You Realized

Makeup artist Ve Neill spent more than 4 hours a day transforming Robin Williams for his legendary role.

Here's The First Clothing Company To Sign A Pledge Against Photoshopping Models

ModCloth signed the Heroes of Advertising Pledge, which aims to reduce the number of model photos being altered in post-production.

15 cosas buenas que suceden cuando terminas con tu novio

¡Levanten la mano todas las mujeres solteras!

5 Ways To Balance A Three Person Conversation

How to keep the tricycle of conversation rolling.

Why Howard University Students Took This Photo In Solidarity With Ferguson And Michael Brown

"This country is not post-racial, this country is not just, this country is not free."

Tristram Hunt Explains U-Turn On AS-Level Exams

The shadow education secretary told BuzzFeed that he was wrong to call them a "waste of time" in 2012, a view that was based on his own life experience.

8 New Photos From "Downton Abbey" Season 5

The Crawleys and their servants are back for a new season of domestic drama and international intrigue this autumn on ITV and in Jan. on PBS's Masterpiece. Plus, George and Sybbie have grown up!

Newspaper Invites Anyone To Submit To Their Liveblog, Carnage Predictably Ensues

Things just got interesting in Bridlington, thanks to the people contributing tweets to the #Bridnews hashtag.

Why Do I Have Useless Body Parts?!

Seriously body, get it together.

19 cosas que nunca admitirás haberle enseñado a tus hijos

"Se lo aseguro, director Stevens, no tengo ni idea de dónde aprendió eso".

All Of The Marvel Studios Movie Villains, Ranked From Worst To Best

Being boring is bad, and not in a good way. (Now featuring Avengers: Endgame!) Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS!

34 frases inesquecíveis do Seu Madruga para usar em diversos momentos da vida

Inclui a clássica: "A vingança nunca é plena, mata a alma e a envenena"

Waze & Odyssey's "Bump & Grind 2014" Video Demands That You Dance

R. Kelly's classic gets the dance music touch. Complete with dancing by a So You Think You Can Dance alum!

Where In Scotland Should You Live?

Highland or Lowland?

Everyone's Losing Their Minds Over This Map Of Berkhamsted That Looks A Tiny Bit Like A Penis

Dear Britain, can we just stop seeing cocks in every damned thing on Earth?

19 purritos

Purrito: Un gato o minino envuelto como un delicioso burrito; puede inducir a una "linda agresión".

15 ways to celebrate India’s Independence Day on 15th August

Get your balle-balle on with Indians around the world who are celebrating 68 years of Indian Independence this long weekend.

The Ocean Fort You've Always Wanted Has Just Gone On The Market For £500,000

It has the address No. 1, The Thames, and you can reach London in 45 minutes in your speedboat.

21 celebridades que demuestran que las gafas hacen que las mujeres se vean absolutamente guapísimas

Chicas con gafas ¡las más guapas! Usa el cursor que se desliza para probar que efectivamente ¡así es!

Proof That Harry Styles Should Permanently Wear A Wet, White T-Shirt

Can we have a moment alone with this photo, please?

A Racist Mum Threw Flour Over Her Black Neighbour And Said "Now You Are White British"

According to court reports, she also called her neighbour a "black gorilla".

19 Socially Awkward Situations For Tidy People

The bin is JUST THERE! That could not be any closer to the bin and not be in the bin.

The Athens 2004 Olympics Site Is Being Left To Rot 10 Years After The Games

"We simply made the biggest mistake in our history."

Leaked Old Iggy Azalea Video Makes Us Wonder If She Failed At Becoming The Next Britney Before Turning To Rap?

In an old leaked song called "Nothing like Me" we see Iggy shaking her thing (nothing new) while singing (!!) along to a europop-dance-number. Weird much?

This Dad’s Reaction To His Son Asking Him To Lock His Car Is Absolutely Hilarious

"My son said something that tickled me pink." NSFW language.

The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To A-Level Results Day

"I got B-A-A-A in my A-levels and now I'm a shepherd."

This Pilot Managed To Safely Land A Plane After His Fake Arm Fell Off

Flybe immediately launched a detailed internal investigation.

Russian Prime Minister's Twitter Account Hacked By Mysterious Anti-Kremlin Group

Shaltai Boltai, which gained notoriety after posting leaks from Russian officials' computers, claimed responsibility and vowed to post more.

Why Everyone Should Know About Under Armour's New "I Will What I Want" Ads

For women, it's sometimes hard to believe "I Will" in a world full of "You Shouldn't".

21 Reasons Ponytails Are The Best Hairstyle Ever Invented

Because it's a Pony Party, and you're all invited.

This Disturbing Collage Drawn By A Child Asylum Seeker Will Give You Chills

"Fuck my life." WARNING: Contains disturbing illustrations

6 Celebrities Wearing Super Tall Heels

These ladies can really strut their stuff in sexy high heels.

This Twitter Account Hilariously Captions Old Paintings And It's Brilliant

When the olden days meet pop culture, magic happens.

12 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

Man's best friend > man.

16 Feelings You Know All Too Well If You Live In Australia

You're poor, I'm poor, we're all poor TOGETHER!

4 Tips On How To Not Be Late For Everything

These quick tips will help you arrive on time and still look cute.

Missouri Governor: Ferguson Violence "Does Not Represent Who We Are"

On Twitter, Missouri's Democratic governor, Jay Nixon, calls for calm in Ferguson.

Meet The Most Interesting Man At Comic-Con

Or, one could say, the most interesting Merc. With a Mouth.

President Obama Briefed On Situation In Ferguson

After attending a birthday party in Martha's Vineyard Thursday night, President Obama was briefed on the unfolding situation in Missouri.

Violence Escalates In Ferguson As Police And Protesters Clash

Developing: Police fire smoke bombs and tear gas in the streets Wednesday night as protesters toss Molotov cocktails after the death of Michael Brown.

Watch The Entire World Solve A Rubik's Cube One Move At A Time

Can't solve the Rubik's cube yourself? Ask your fellow global citizens for help!

Why Running Away Is Never The Option: An Ode To Esha

For all those who are on the run or considering

Shark Week Desserts To Make You Feel Less Afraid

Shark Week never tasted so yummy!

VFiles Names Spring 2015 Runway Show Designers

These designers are freaking fierce.

This Is The Pun-Filled Webcomic You Never Knew You Needed

Because sometimes XKCD just isn't enough.

Photos Capture Intense Scene In Ferguson As Police, Protesters Continue To Clash

"Return to your homes. You will be subject to arrest," an officer said into a megaphone. "We at home!" a protester shouted back. A number of protesters and journalists reported they had been told by police to turn off their cameras.

#JoeHockeyFacts Goes Viral After Treasurer's Controversial Comments

"The poorest people either don't have cars or actually don't drive very far in many cases."

Sydney's Media Is Going Completely Nuts Over A Former Politician's Daughter Charged With Murder

The 26-year-old Harriet Wran and two others are charged with killing a Sydney drug-dealer.

9 Songs Whose Lyrics Are Now Dead And Gone

With the revelation that Lauren Bacall's death now made Madonna's "Vogue" completely done (the list of her celebs are all dead), it sheds light on other songs with "dead" subjects

9 Amazing Premixes Of Goldroom's "Till Sunrise"

You'll be spinnin' these tracks "till sunrise."

8 Of The Most Awful Fandom Ship Names On The Internet

I ship, you ship, we all ship. Ships (both canon and non-canon) are an integral part of any fandom. But sometimes, people come up with some highly questionable names for their OTPs.

The Definitive Ranking Of Australian Idol Performances

No turning chairs, no team judges, just pure glorified karaoke competition realness. TOUCHDOWN.

15 Things That Are Very Different When You Have Big Boobs

You always come in like a wrecking ball. Also, SLIDEY THINGS!

Two Journalists Arrested Amid Renewed Clashes In Ferguson, Mo.

Officers reportedly ordered customers to leave a McDonald's where the reporters had been working. Tensions between protesters and police have rocked the St. Louis suburb since 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed on Saturday.

13 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Classic Disneyland Rides

These pictures just might change the way you see these attractions.

Parks & Rec Writer Megan Amram Urges Ann Coulter To Buy Her Book On Pre-Sale

"Our cycles of racism have synched!" You can order Megan's book on pre-sale here.

Arizona State's Chip Sarafin Becomes First Out Gay Active College Football Player

Arizona State senior offensive lineman Edward "Chip" Sarafin came out publicly as gay Wednesday, making him the first major division college player to come out.

18 Experiences You Have When You Can't Dance

So you think you can't dance?

ALIFE 2014 Fall Lookbook

Streetwear brand ALIFE released their new Fall 2014 Lookbook.

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