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13 Important Lessons For Every New Vegetarian

These will make your life so much easier.

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1. Check if the veggie burger on a restaurant's menu is homemade.

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Hint: If the burger is the only vegetarian option on the menu, it's likely to be a store-bought, slightly defrosted bland slice of hell. It's best to just skip it.


5. Keep hummus in your fridge at all times, because you should be putting it in and on everything.

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Use it as a spread on sandwiches. Use it as a fancy dip at parties. Use it as a not-fancy dip when you're home alone and need to use up the last of your weird pretzels.


12. You'll really want to, but try not to just load up on pasta all the time.

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Pasta is both easy to cook at home and find on a menu, but try not to rely on it as an entire food group. Carbs and more carbs don't make a balanced diet.

Do you have more awesome tips for beginning veg heads? Let us know in the comments!