18 Ways To Eat Hummus All Day Long

Because, like, why would you need to eat anything else?

Spencer Althouse
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1. Yeah, that’s right. Hummus in the morning.

Look at that breakfast tostada. Look at that perfection.

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2. Mornings are tough.

Breakfast sandwiches make them better.

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3. Because hummus by itself is too damn perfect.

Don’t ignore the hummus’s greatness. Accept it.

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4. Hummus and avocados? Humyes. Bravo.

Because everyone needs more avocado in their lives.

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5. Look how adorable this spiral wrap is.

Add your own filling to make it vegan, veggie, or meat-tastic.

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6. And don’t break tradition. Stick with a falafel.

Wrap it in a pita, use a leaf, or go naked.

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7. Do things the Ron Swanson way.

Steak is a yes. Hummus is a yes. This steak and hummus sandwich is a hell yes.

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8. Humus in soup formation? Why not?

Garbanzo bean soup. Stop drooling.

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9. Too lazy to heat up your soup? No worries.

This mushroom-hummus soup works well hot and cold.

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10. Sushi and hummus? Yup.

Use it as a dip, or switch out the rice for hummus to make the perfect sushi roll.

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11. Cover salmon’s fishy taste with hummus. You can thank me later.

It’s later.

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12. Why use hummus as a dip when you can coat a whole chicken in it?

Exhibit A.

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13. You used to think mashed potatoes were perfect.

You were right, but adding hummus makes them even more perfect.

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14. Who needs pasta sauce when you have hummus?

No one. No one needs pasta sauce when you have hummus.

ID: 1473219

15. Seriously. I just told you to forget the sauce.

Trade in the tomato sauce for some hummus, and you’ll be in heaven.

ID: 1472332

16. This is called blanket stew.

It’s the perfect comfort food for people who can’t afford blankets, apparently.

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17. A trio of hummus-inspired desserts. Oh. My. God.

Cookie dough, carrot cake, and chocolate hummus. Mouth-gasm.

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18. Yes, hummus-flavored ice cream is a real thing.

Yes, you have to travel to Israel to get it. And yes, I’m crying with you right now.

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