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August 27, 2014

14 Devastating Fails All Instagram Stalkers Will (Secretly) Understand

Let’s not pretend we don’t all do it, and that it doesn’t have heartbreaking real life consequences.

10 Reasons Why Katie Will Never Be A Pastry Chef

It is with deep regret that I must inform you that after a series of disasters in the kitchen, I have had to relinquish my place in the Bake Off. Here's why...

USC Football Player Josh Shaw Admits He Lied About Heroic Injury

Cornerback Josh Shaw was suspended indefinitely after he admitted he did not sprain his ankles while saving his nephew from drowning, according to the university. "We are extremely disappointed in Josh," USC head football coach Steve Sarkisian said.

What To Know About ALS Before The Ice Bucket Challenge

Forget the ice for a second. Let’s get real.

BuzzFeed Brasil Entrevista: Palmirinha

A vovó mais fofa da televisão respondeu nossas perguntas doidas durante o lançamento do seu livro "O Grande Livro da Palmirinha", em São Paulo.

21 Things All Blunt People Know To Be True

Sometimes honesty isn't always the best policy.

Thoughts An Introvert Has At A Party

Have I turned into that weirdo who just stands in the corner alone?

Apple Co-Founder Went To Gaza, Maybe

"Had a good time visiting Jerusalem and Gaza Strip today... Peace."

Black Women Make Over White Women To Be More Like Black Women In A New Reality Show

Lifetime's Girlfriend Intervention premieres tonight, and the internet is already buzzing with criticism.

Lawsuit Alleges For-Profit College Operator Hasn't Paid Its Rent

Corinthian Colleges is also planning to sell off assets to raise much-needed cash, it told investors yesterday.

"Cops" Crew Member Dies After Being Shot By Police

A 38-year-old man was shot and killed while filming police in Omaha, Neb., responding to an armed robbery. The suspect was also killed.

No, That's Not Jamie Dimon's Twitter Account

Come on, the CEO of JPMorgan did not just join Twitter.

22 Inevitable Struggles Only Balikbayans Will Understand

'Balikbayan' literally means in Filipino 'return country,' and it's usually a difficult and funny ride home.

California Surfers Ride Massive Waves Whipped Up By Hurricane Marie

Lifeguards said only the most experienced surfers and body boarders should attempt the waters Wednesday. Waves were reported at up to 25 feet along the Southern California coastline, and some beach cities saw flooding.

Watch These Good Samaritans Help Save A Pudgy Prairie Dog Stuck In A Hole

This is the epitome of humans and animals living in perfect harmony.

How Celebrities Photoshop Their Instagram Photos

It’s more prevalent than you think.

The 25 Best "So You Think You Can Dance" Routines Of All Time

After several hours of watching and debating over SYTYCD routines, we've narrowed down our top 25 picks. Here's the best of So You Think You Can Dance, dance, dance...

Florida Appeals Court Hands Marriage Equality Case To State Supreme Court

"[B]ecause of the constitutional implications the issue will likely be addressed by the Florida Supreme Court regardless of any decision we might make."

Connaissez-vous bien les drapeaux du monde ?

L'heure de vérité a sonné.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

A Black And Latino Partnership Focused On Voting Seeks To Help Prevent Future Fergusons

Voto Latino and Global Grind say the best way to ensure local officials are representative of the population is by voting.

38 Goofball Pets To Put A Smile On Your Face

It's what pets do best: make us laugh! The followers of BuzzFeed Animals on Twitter sent in their #sillypetpic and there were some pretty hilarious cuties!

The Definitive Ranking Of Kevin Arnold's Romantic Flings On "The Wonder Years"

Spoiler alert: Winnie Cooper will NEVER be No. 1.

Do You Know What These Famous Songs Are Actually About?

You may THINK you know, but you have no idea. This is: a really hard quiz.

Cancel Your Plans, You've Got Bojack Horseman To Watch

Netflix's best show debuted last week within FIVE DAYS was renewed for a second season. Why? Cause it's the best! Not convinced? Here's a list why...

The Definitive Ranking Of "Firefly" Episodes

"No power in the 'verse can stop me."

How Much Do You Hate Group Projects?

Say goodbye to that A.

Do You Deserve A Pumpkin Spice Latte Right Now?

The answer may surprise you...

A Cake Scandal Hit “The Great British Bake Off” And The British Are Angry

If you want to avoid spoilers, please run away now.

Los 19 momentos más incómodos en la historia de los besos

Nota para todas las personas: nunca den besos. Jamás.

14 Reasons Why Burritos Make The Perfect Gift

Why aren't all gifts wrapped in tortillas?

27 Mums That Nailed The Whole Homecoming Thing

Maybe things are bigger in Texas.

Amazing New Solar Panels Are Completely Transparent

Just so we're totally clear, this is a huge deal. (Get it?)

59 Incredible National Park Photos That Will Leave You Breathless

This land was made for you and me (to visit and frolic in).

This Is Why Jessie J Is The Music Goddess You Should Admire

She'll make you feel sexy and free. And like glitter is raining on you.

20 Of The Coolest Pop! Vinyls

Because you know you love these little guys!

Sanrio Reveals That Hello Kitty Is NOT ACTUALLY A CAT


10 Internet Dogs You Should Know About

The internet my be littered with cats but there are some amazing puppies for the dog lovers out there.

Panda Fakes Pregnancy For More Food

Ai Hin's phantom pregnancy a scheme for more buns

14 Ofertas de trabajo que son un poco cuestionables

Se solicita persona "preferentemente viva".

This Fizzy New Single From London's Redinho Will Breathe Life Into Your Week

"Get You Off My Mind," premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed.

Watch Amy Poehler Perfectly Take Down Male Privilege In One Minute

"We have to deal with those juxtapositions every day, but I'm glad you're finally experiencing it as a white male."

Ukraine Accuses Russia Of New Military Incursion

Hope for a resolution to the five-month crisis faded after Ukraine accused Russia of launching a military incursion across its eastern border.

Arizona Schools Chief Who Banned Mexican-American Studies And Disparaged Latinos Is Ousted

Arizona schools superintendent John Huppenthal lost the GOP primary after controversial comments about Latinos and comparisons between Planned Parenthood and Nazis surfaced.

13 Things Free Women Take For Granted

New York rap queen Remy Ma was released from prison in August after serving six and a half years for assault charges. During that time, she came to recognize the luxury of these freedoms.

34 Inventions That Anxious People Wish Existed

Because you really need a translator that deciphers what that person meant when they texted you "k."

Attempting Inbox Zero As Told Through "Ninja Gaiden" GIFs

Cutting through my emails like katanas cut through warm butter.

Who Wore It Best?

Denim is always a classic!

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Releases 6 'Rebel Warriors' Posters

November can't come soon enough. Wired released stunning new posters featuring five debut character portraits.

Why A House Is Not A Home Without A Dog

Today is National Dog Day. These are the top reasons why a house is not a home without a beautiful and intelligent dog.

Miley Cyrus' Homeless Date Is A Wanted Man

Jesse Helt, Miley's homeless VMA's date, facing arrest in Oregon.

23 Hilarious Chelsea Handler GIFs To Use In Any Situation

Chelsea Handler ended the run of her E! talk show last night. She has left us with the best words of wisdom for us to use on any occasion, and that's why we can't wait to see her on Netflix in 2016.

11 Birth Control Facts That Will Surprise You

What if men took birth control pills?

Cómo se siente ser alérgico a los gatos

Sí, los gatos son tiernos y adorables y, sin duda alguna, son los reyes del Internet... pero ¿te has preguntado alguna vez qué sienten las personas alérgicas a los gatos? Donna de "Parks & Recreation" está aquí para ayudar a mostrártelo.


And if you don't know, now you know.

Greatest Animal Vines August 2014

A selection of some of the greatest animal vines so far.

Jon Stewart Demolishes Fox News On Its Ferguson Coverage

"Race is there; it exists. You're tired of hearing about it?... Imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it."

Transgender Candidate Concedes In Oklahoma State House Race After Losing By 22 Votes

Paula Sophia initially considered a recount due to provisional ballots, but determined the margin was mathematically impossible to close.

Behind The Scenes With Uzo Aduba At Her First Emmys

The Orange Is the New Black actress and Emmy winner photo-documented her first Primetime Emmy Awards, exclusively for BuzzFeed.

22 trucos que te ayudarán a limpiar rápidamente tu casa

Tus padres llegarán en dos horas. ¡SERÁ MEJOR QUE EMPIECES!

Sorry, World: Zachary Quinto Is Officially Off The Market

This is a sad day for everyone except model Miles McMillan. Lucky guy.

Is This A Puppy Or A Pretzel?

The cutest, most delicious conundrum ever.

Bill O'Reilly's White Privilege Memo

Here's America's highest rated cable news host explaining why he doesn't believe in white privilege, a concept he says is "the big lie" being perpetuated by "racial hustlers."

Sandra Bullock And Jennifer Aniston Staged An Intervention On The "Chelsea Lately" Finale

"'Netflix' is a wonderful facility where you'll be able to get all the help you need."

27 consejos para que prepares las loncheras para la escuela sin volverte loco

Al final del día, si ellos no pasan hambre ni terminan con falta de vitamina C, lo estarás haciendo bien.

22 Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Cardiff

It's a lovely, lovely place. Or Mae'n lle hyfryd, hyfryd, if you prefer.

Totally Bizarre Stock Photos Of Men Holding Cats

Have you ever searched for stock photos of men holding cats? They're kind of terrible but also kind of amazing...

8 Things We Learned About Deborah Harkness And The "All Souls" Trilogy

An inside look at the final chapter of an incredible science fiction-fantasy trilogy.

Donatella Versace Took The Ice Bucket Challenge

She took it to the NEXT LEVEL.

How Wild Was Your Freshers' Week?

Warning: You shouldn't do any of these things (probably).

This Toddler's Sweary Ice Bucket Challenge Is Hilariously Inappropriate

This post contains a small child and some NSFW language. Yes, really.

There's A Tinder For Pretty Much Everything

Want to have a threesome, adopt a dog, or meet Jewish singles with just a swipe? Good news.

Drake Buys Nicki Minaj Snacks At A Convenience Store And It's Adorable

"Get whatever I want?" "Get whatever you want!" Aww.

So What Kind Of Summer Did You Actually Have This Year?

It's time to review your summer checklist.

This Musician Based An Entire Album On 350 Letters Sent Between His Grandparents During WWII

During WWII, Peter Miller's grandparents exchanged 350 letters over the course of four years. His album Picture (Portrait) chronicles their story.

3 Inspiring Therapy Cats Who Are Changing Lives

Sometimes all you need is a kitty.

17 cosas que las mujeres sin hijos están cansadas ​​de escuchar

¡Debe ser agradable tener tanto tiempo libre!

F-15 Pilot Killed In Virginia Forest Crash

A Massachusetts Air National Guard jet went down near Deerfield, Va. Wednesday. Military officials on Thursday said the pilot had died.

Toronto's New Anti-Littering Campaign Is So Brilliantly Sassy

*Snaps for*. UPDATE — The City of Toronto has pulled these ads over the "potentially negative effect that this campaign might have on [the] brands."

How Many U.S. States Have You Visited?

From sea to shining sea? Or your house to the post office?

47 Incredible Photos Of Parents From Around The World

We're more alike than you may realize.

20 personnes qui auraient mieux fait de rester au lit

Ces victimes de Vines passent sûrement une journée pire que la vôtre.

55 tuítes sobre o debate da Band que te farão agradecer por ter internet durante as eleições

O que a gente faria se tivesse uma "crise no sistema Cantareira" da internet?

12 choses que les vierges sont fatigué(e)s d'entendre

Non, mon sang ne vous rendra pas immortels.

17 películas que probablemente no sabías que eran remakes

¿Te suena "Tres hombres y una cuna"?

How Much Do You Actually Know?

Do you know these facts?

What's The Worst Possible Way Someone Can Propose To You?

Please, don't take me out to the ball game.

15 Totally Ingenious IKEA Hacks

Featuring *slidey thing*.

21 Years Of Evasive Answers From The White House

George Stephanopoulos dodged the press more than any other briefer-in-chief since 1993. But every briefer had their quirks.

24 Fotos que solo un duelista entenderá

Son hábitos que un jugador de cartas de Yu-Gi-Oh! entendera

17 Nail Art Salons You Have To Visit Before You Die

Not your average shape and polish.

John Grisham Accepted Stephen King’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And Totally Needs A New Cigar

Grisham calls King his "former friend...who's now just a mere acquaintance."

11 Reasons Doctor Turner Is The Perfect Man

Contains spoilers up to series 3 of BBC's Call the Midwife and sizzling hot .gifs of Stephen McGann.

The U.N. Says Both ISIS And Syrian Government Are Committing War Crimes

Agency investigators said both insurgents and the country's government should face trial at the International Criminal Court.

Dropbox's Business Enters 2014

After refusing for years to lower a large monthly fee for its storage, Dropbox has finally changed its price scheme for subscribers and is placing a bet on the added value on top of it.

61 cosas que probablemente no sabías acerca de "Friends"

Phoebe le tenía miedo al pato. ¡Al pato!

Time Warner Says Services Are Restored After Nationwide Outage

A massive outage affected Time Warner customers across the country Wednesday morning.

14 Glorious Photos Of Cosplayers Celebrating Their Art Form

New book Cosplay World explores the evolution of costume play, a small curiosity in Japan that became a global phenomenon.

Zara Apologises For Selling Striped "Star Of David" Children's T-Shirt

The clothing retailer apologises for a design that looks like the uniform Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

The Stories Behind Some Of Music's Most Iconic Photos

Deborah Feingold has shot everyone from Madonna and Prince to Joey Ramone and the Beastie Boys. Here, she talks about the unforgettable images from her new book, Music.

So Homer Simpson Has Now Done The Ice Bucket Challenge

"I challenge Flanders, Lenny, and Flanders again."

28 Incredibly Inspiring Quotes Improved By Naps

Because I'm pretty sure the only thing the historical greats were really thinking about were naps.

How Many Flags Do You Know?

Fun with flags!

12 Hairstyles That Look Way Better With Dirty Hair

If you were looking for an excuse to skip the shampoo tomorrow - this is it.

"Patronising Better Together Lady" Is The New Meme For Scottish Nationalists

A TV broadcast playing on women's fears of an independent Scotland has been hijacked.

Dog Uses Automatic Ball Launcher!

A little Dachshund using his new favourite toy.

The Moment A Black Man With A White Mom Realized His Race Could Be Dangerous

Alex Landau's mother raised him to never pay attention to race, but unfortunately the rest of the world does.

Esta pitbull callejera salvó a este chihuahua y ahora son los mejores amigos

"Jonie" la pitbull y "Chachi" el chihuahua te harán sentir muchas cosas.

17 Things Every Recent Graduate Has Googled

Can you get paid for watching TV?

The World's Oldest Wombat Is A 29-Year-Old Virgin, And He Doesn't Care

Patrick the wombat has had a happy bachelor life.

Here's The Epic Ice Bucket Song That You Didn't Know You Needed

"It's a raise awareness challenge, it's a wise awareness challenge."

65 Things That Will Make A British Person Say "Sorry"

If you don't like this post, well, I'm very sorry...

Voici le meilleur Vine de tous les temps

C'est très important. Prenez six secondes de votre temps pour regardez ce porcelet courir dans l'herbe. Et n'oubliez de mettre le son.

Henry Cavill et son corps de dieu grec ont relevé l'Ice Bucket Challenge

Si vous ne deviez en voir qu'un, que ce soit celui-ci.

19 tentatives de baiser complètement ratées

N'essayez plus jamais d'embrasser qui que ce soit.

7 cosas que probablemente no conocías de Julio Cortázar

Por que reconocer sus frases en Acción Poética no te hacen necesariamente más culto.

17 Movies That Make 2015 A Moviegoers Dream

2015 may be the best year for film ever.

20 Stereotypes Australians Are Tired Of Hearing

"Every animal is trying to kill you."

10 Things People In A Relationship Are Tired Of Hearing

"So, when are you getting married?"

13 Must-See Moments From The "Chelsea Lately" Series Finale

Chelsea Handler took to the Chelsea Lately stage one last time with a live, one-hour, star-studded send-off.

Las 10 mejores canciones inspiradas en Edgar Allan Poe

Esta es una lista de las mejores canciones que se inspiran tanto en el autor Edgar Allan Poe, como en sus cuentos y poemas.

Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent, Jennifer Aniston, And More Stars Sung Chelsea Handler Off E!

"I am delighted to lead this song with my good friend, Chelsea Hammer" —Gwen Stefani

The 15 Best Baby Goats According To A Goat Blogger

Obviously you can trust me, I specialize in blogging about goats.

16 imagens que provam que Eduardo Jorge venceu o debate (pelo menos no Twitter)

O candidato do PV brilhou demais no debate da Band.

10 Recipes That Will Make Your Skin Look Amazing

You'll be so glowy, you won't even filter your Instas.

11 Of The Most Important Funny Videos From YouTube's Early Years

YouTube — the most magical creation of 2005.

The 31 Most Heartwarming Moments From "The Walking Dead"

Reminisce about the good times before everything goes to hell again.

20 Thoughts You Have During Your Long Commute To Work

Everyone on this highway is an idiot. Except me.

15 Reasons Why Khloe Is The Best Kardashian

Kim may be putting out a book of 365 selfies and Kourtney may be married to a "Lord" but here's why Khloe is crushing it in being the best Kardashian.

People Eat Animal Testicles

"How much semen have we eaten today?"

Claire Danes Wore Kim Kardashian's Wedding Dress To The Emmys

The ladies share a love for Givenchy, apparently. Who wore it better?

Justin Bieber Compares His Fender-Bender To Princess Diana Crash

"We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana," Bieber tweeted.

18 Reasons Matt Preston Should Be Every Australian's God

"Our Matt Preston, who art in culinary heaven, hallowed be thy name."

68 Facts You Might Not Know About Classic '80s Films

Could you imagine Brad Pitt as JD in Heathers?! Or what about Harry and Sally breaking up at the end of When Harry Met Sally?!

Gap, In Unusual Move, Discloses Men And Women Are Paid Equally

The retailer's numbers were verified by an external consultancy. The disclosure comes on the heels of a broader trend of reporting diversity numbers in Silicon Valley.

Designer Sorry For Using Native American Headdresses On Catwalk

"I genuinely respect and honour all cultures, races and religions. It was never my intention to disrespect another culture."

6 Harmless Office Pranks To Play On Your Co-Workers

Try out these classic gags today. Just not on your boss.

British English Explained By Americans

“I read Harry Potter, I watch James Bond, I follow Kate Middleton, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.”

You’ve Been Cutting Pineapples The Wrong Way Your Whole Life

Just think of all the extra pineapple you've been wasting!

Which "Boardwalk Empire" Character Are You?

When choosing sides always choose wisely.

5 Things Angelenos Do That Piss Each Other Off

Why can't we all just get along?

21 Stereotypes Midwesterners Are Tired Of Hearing

We love to spend our free time cow tipping.

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