16 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Florida State Seminoles


1. “Chop”

What it usually means: Something you do to vegetables.


2. “Birthday”

What it usually means: A celebration of your date of birth.

What it means to ‘Noles: That time of the year you jump in the Westcott Fountain.

3. “Parking”

What it usually means: A place where you park your car.

What it means to ‘Noles: A literal hellscape in which you offer to drive people to their vehicles just so you can steal their spot.

4. “Jerk”

What it usually means: Someone who’s acting like a dick.

What it means to ‘Noles: PPS. SCREW PPS.

5. “Pregnant”

What it usually means: When a woman is going to have a baby.

What it means to ‘Noles: What the Thagard Health Center told you the problem was, even though you only had food poisioning.

6. “Legend”

Doug Benc / Getty

What it usually means: A monumental piece of history.

What it means to ‘Noles: Bobby Bowden.

7. “Library”

What it usually means: A quiet place where people go to study or read.

What it means to ‘Noles: Party at Club Stroz haaaayyyy.

8. “Glitter”


What it usually means: The herpes of arts and crafts.

What it means to ‘Noles: The amazing Garnet and Gold duo you absolutely must get a pic with before you graduate.

9. “Logo”


What it usually means: The symbol of a company or organziation.

What it means to ‘Noles: UGH.

10. “Capitol”

What it usually means: That building in D.C. where the legislature meets.

What it means to ‘Noles: [Insert penis joke]

11. “Publix”

What it usually means: The greatest grocery store on Earth.

What it means to ‘Noles: “Playboy named Club Pub one of the best spots to pick up women.”

Also, the place that has better defense against the Seminoles than the Gators.

12. “Suwannee”

What it usually means: A river in Georgia and Florida.

What it means to ‘Noles: A dining hall with your all-time fave Mrs. Killings!

13. “Gators”

What it usually means: A type of animal.

What it means to ‘Noles: LOL gurl bye.

14. “Grove”

What it usually means: A small group of trees.

What it means to ‘Noles: Where bad decisions are made.

15. “Strip”

What it usually means: When someone takes their clothes off.

What it means to ‘Noles: A row of bars you visit every weekend your freshman year.

16. “Stadium”

Flickr: cheehos / Creative Commons

What it usually means: A venue where sports are played.

What it means to ‘Noles: “Hogwarts [Doak] will always be there to welcome you home.”

Go Noles!

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