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    21 Adorable Manicure Ideas For Short Nails

    Because short-nailed people want to be pretty too.

    1. Short nail beds don't offer much space for complex nail art, so simple designs are easier to create. Consider an easy stripe:

    2. Or tiny polka dots — the smaller, the better!

    3. A nude nail polish can make your fingers look longer.

    4. Especially if you find a polish that's well-matched to your skin tone.

    5. Nail stickers are another great option for short nails. This is another case of "smaller is better," as larger stickers can take up too much space.

    6. Instead of decorating your tips, try a reverse french to get a similar look without growing your nails out. The reverse french can look natural...

    7. ...or can have a more colorful, two-toned variation.

    8. Of course, there's always this Super Reverse French, where the white "tip" takes up most of the nail.

    9. Outline manicures show off short, neat nails.

    10. And look especially good with a pop of color!

    11. A stud or rhinestone at the base of the nail is a cute accent for shorter styles.

    12. See? Look at all the colors! The possibilities are endless!

    13. Or actually, you know what? Put the studs anywhere. They look adorable on short nails. Go crazy!

    14. Tiny floral appliques look very pretty, especially if they don't take over the whole nail.

    15. Or combine nail art, the reverse french, nude tones, and flowers for this fabulous Transformer of a short-nail look!

    16. Never underestimate the power of a single statement nail, whether it's in glitter:

    17. A complimentary color:

    18. An easy design:

    19. Or the only solid nail on an artfully designed hand:

    20. Short nails are also prime canvasses for easily chipped metallic polishes, because short nails chip less than long nails.

    21. Doing an ombre look on each finger is difficult when your nails are short, so do your whole hand in gradually changing colors instead!

    The possibilities are endless! Go forth and polish your short, lovely nails!