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Thousands Of People Are Watching A Fish Play Pokemon Because The Internet Is Ridiculous

I don't even know, man.

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Remember a few months ago when a bunch of people all tried to play Pokemon at the same time?

Well, forget about it, ya knucklehead. The future is here, and the future is a betta fish trying to make its way through a game of Pokemon Red.

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The fish, Grayson, "plays" the game by moving around in its bowl, and its movement corresponds to the video game character's movement.

As I'm sure you can guess, things are moving a bit slowly.

As I'm sure you can guess, things are moving a bit slowly.

Grayson has been playing for around 135 hours. Last time I checked, Grayson had acquired his first Pokemon, a charmander named AAAABBK and defeated his first opponent, the rival's squirtle!

As of right now, there are almost 15,000 people watching a fish swim around a bowl and try to play Pokemon. The messages in the stream's livechat speak for themselves.

You can watch the magic here:


The fish might be dead.

Well, it was a good run.

Well, it was a good run.

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