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After Its Receipt Went Viral On Facebook, A Restaurant Had To End Its 15% "Public Prayer" Discount

Many believed it was discriminatory.

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based out of Wisconsin, put pressure on Haglund and the restaurant staff to end their prayer discount. From the foundation's site:

Mary's Gourmet Diner agrees with the Freedom From Religion Foundation that all of its customers should be treated equally instead of some being rewarded for praying in the restaurant in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Staff Attorney Elizabeth Cavell wrote an Aug. 4 letter of complaint after FFRF, a national state-church watchdog, learned that the diner had long been offering a 15 percent discount for "praying in public."

Co-owner Mary Haglund emailed Cavell yesterday (Aug. 6): "I am notifying you & the FFRF that as of today we are no longer offering the 15% discount for Praying in Public."