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    Liberals Try Shooting Guns For The First Time

    As you might expect, they weren't that into it.

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    We decided to find out what happens when liberals shoot guns for the first time.

    Before they entered the shooting range we got a little insight into their thoughts on guns, particularly gun control in America.

    Across the board, it seems, they felt we need more gun control.

    That being said, there were also some conflicting feelings about the experience.

    Mostly, though, they were nervous.

    First they shot a beretta handgun. There was a lot of anticipation and the fear was palpable.

    The adrenaline was pumping.

    Next up was a shotgun.

    It was intense!

    After both guns, they talked about how powerful they felt while shooting.

    Even though, for the most part, they got a rush from the experience, their thoughts on guns hadn't changed.

    Guns are fun in controlled environments, but not so much in reality.