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    An All-Bacon Restaurant Is Opening In Montreal

    Can someone get this man a liquor license ASAP?

    Soon-to-open Montreal bar/restaurant Brutus will incorporate bacon into every item on its menu.

    Facebook: BarBrutus

    This is to the delight of Montreal residents, who have a documented passion for bacon.

    It will serve meals like this Jägermeister Poutine.

    Facebook: BarBrutus

    That's bacon, caramelized red onion, cheese curds, and homemade Jägermeister sauce served over french fries, served in half of a recycled Jägermeister bottle.

    And this bacon sushi...

    Facebook: BarBrutus

    That's bacon wrapped around chicken confit, dates, and celery, topped with soy mayo, maple syrup, and Dijon mustard.

    Owner Anthoni Jodoin says that his idea stems from a very basic truth:

    Jodoin wanted to build a neighborhood bar with an old-school, gentlemanly vibe. In doing so, he realized that nothing fit better than barbershop decor, bourbon, and most importantly, bacon.

    One bacontastic innovation on the menu is the "Hot Pig," which owner Anthoni Jodoin believes is the "very first 100% bacon sausage Hot Dog."

    A line of signature cocktails will complete the menu, like this Bloody Caesar (basically a Canadian Bloody Mary made with clam-tomato juice), garnished with a juicy bacon rose.

    Bar Brutus is also the proud owner of Quebec's entire supply of Bacon Vodka, Jodoin told BuzzFeed.

    Facebook: BarBrutus

    Jodoin bought around 123 bottles of the American liquor to ensure that his bar would be the only one serving it locally.

    Bar Brutus will use the premium bacon flavored liquor in their Bloody Caesar, as well as in mixed drinks like the "Pork Soda," a take on the classic vodka soda with added bacon yumminess. You know, for when you need a low-cal bacon fix.

    These beautiful bacon packed meals and cocktails will soon be available to us all.

    Bar Brutus will open in the next several weeks pending the approval of its liquor license, which Jodoin says could be anytime from tomorrow to next month.

    "I'm confident it’s going to become a bacon mecca," says Jodoin. "That’s my goal. That if you’re a bacon lover and you're in Montreal, you will know that you have to come here. "

    Thanks, Canada.