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19 Parents Every Teacher Meets

School is back and so are these parents.

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1. The Neighbor

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They live in your neighborhood, and once you've met them you run into them everywhere. This is especially awkward at the supermarket when they look into your cart and see a pack of cheap beer and US Weekly.


8. The Ghost


They've never come to the school and won't return your calls no matter how many times you dial their number. You know they exist, though, because you've heard their voice on their outgoing message.

9. The Giver


They mean well, but make you uncomfortable with all of the questionably appropriate gifts they offer. (“Thanks, Mrs. Jones, but I really shouldn’t accept gifts —" “But they’re front row.” “Really? I mean, no!”)

11. The Angel

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They're always the first to offer help around the classroom or to chaperone a field trip. They do so much for your class, in fact, that you almost feel guilty about it.


15. The Scapegoat


Their kid has you convinced they're the problem ("I couldn't do the homework because my mom won't let me use the computer"), but when you meet them it becomes clear their kid is trying to play you both.


16. The Grounder

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They start every conversation with “What did he do now?” and punctuate your discussion with things like, “Doesn’t surprise me one bit!” and “He is so grounded!”

17. The Acquaintance


They're your dentist, former high school classmate, or neighbor. This either makes things really easy... or really awkward. (Mid dental exam: "Well, Dr. Jones, I gave your son an “F” because… OW!!!”)