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    23 Everyday Objects That Are Delighted To See You


    1. This ecstatic trash receptacle.

    2. This cheery doorjamb.

    3. This peaceable and potassium-riddled banana.

    4. This beaming gauge.

    5. This radiant pair of condiment holders.

    6. This paper towel dispenser that thinks you look swell today.

    7. This grater that knows you can do anything you set your mind to.

    8. This beatific sidewalk.

    9. This joyous toilet.

    10. And this merry urinal.

    11. This contented dresser.

    12. This thrilled grill.

    13. The happiest speaker in all the land.

    14. This rock that can't get over the vastness and possibility of the universe.

    15. This chair that just had a million-dollar idea.

    16. This bread that's wishing you a lovely morning.

    17. And this coffee that's ready to greet the day in style.

    18. This blithe box.

    19. This dopey yet lovable bag.

    20. This parking meter that's in unusually high spirits.

    21. This pot that knows you're the next Martha.

    22. This bike that'll go anywhere with you.

    23. This house that is so glad you're home.

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