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    9 Ways To DIY Your Very Own Baby Groot

    We are all Groot.

    1. Crochet him.

    And make him dance! Get the pattern here.

    2. Embroider him.

    Or buy this incredible Etsy version here.

    3. Fashion him from polymer clay.

    Danielle Carter /

    See how it's done here.

    4. Dangle him from your lobes.

    Like this Etsy seller.

    5. Convert a Movin' and Groovin' Flower.
    Patrick Delahanty Facebook: media

    Find the full instructions here.

    6. Stuff him full of catnip and give him to your cat.

    Or buy this toy on Etsy.

    7. Break out the Perler beads.

    This echo of childhood is available here.

    8. Cross-stitch him.

    Buy the pattern here or the finished product here.

    9. Inscribe him on paper and send him to your loved ones.

    Buy the card here.

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