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July 31, 2013

8 Essential Spice Girls Mashups

Spice Girls + Beastie Boys = OMG!

18 Inanimate Objects That Have Negative Feelings Towards You

Sometimes it's the little things that upset us most and these inanimate objects have quite a lot to say about your recent actions.

Daniel Chong Settles Case With U.S. Government For $4.1 Million

After one of the agency's biggest fails ever, the DEA apologized and settled with the college student they accidentally left handcuffed in a cell for five days without food or water.

21 Cover Songs That Make You Realize How Amazing The Originals Were

A great cover song can open your eyes to what was inherently cool about the original. Time to take off your cynical glasses and go feel some awesome.

Skateboarding With Helicopters?

The world of skateboarding is ever evolving, and Bob Burnquist just upped the ante.

The 23 Most Infamous Homewreckers

Sydney Leathers is just the latest woman to bring down a cheating public figure.

The 10 Best Orgasms In Movie History Lead The Daily Links

Plus 20 cringe-inducing album covers, the wittiest, most delightful GIFs you'll see today, and science's answer to a question that's plagued beachgoers since the dawn of time.

Meet The Mario Kart Senate Candidate

Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes is challenging longtime U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell next year. Judging by her bus, I'd say she has a good start and many powers!

The Jersey Shore: Summertime Survival Tips

It's Summer time at the Jersey shore! If you're not from Jersey and are planning to visit, here are some helpful hints to guide you through the great Garden State.

Why Every Man Needs A Beard

Watch this and you'll never touch a razor again.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

Meet The Icelandic Member Of Mark Wahlberg's Entourage

Baltasar Kormakur has become one of the world's most prolific filmmakers, working both in Europe and the United States. The director of the action-comedy 2 Guns has a lot to say about making movies.

Freaky Comparisons Of Life In America VS. Life In North Korea

Get out of your first amendment comfort zone and enter the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

WATCH: Everything You Need To Know About Mortal Instruments

Whether you’re one of the millions who has read the best selling books, or just a moviegoer who loves a good fight against the demon underworld, there are plenty of great reasons to be excited about the August 21st release of Mortal Instruments:… In today’s video, we’ve got

28 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended

As told by J.K. Rowling. In a series of interviews over the years, the author has revealed the future of the Harry Potter characters, far beyond the Deathly Hallows epilogue.

17 Most Sexual One Direction Lyrics Ever

Don't let these five adorable lads fool you with their British charm and catchy music! Their lyrics are filthy...not that there's anything wrong with that.

The Day Facebook Rejoined The Internet

Facebook's most important realization: it can't replace the entire internet.

When The NSA Comes To Town

For the people in Bluffdale, Utah, home of the NSA's massive data center, the agency's scandals carry special meaning. The NSA's tense, worrying relationship with its small-town hosts.

Why This Could Be A Historic Awards Season For Black Hollywood

It already is, actually, with the election of the Motion Picture Academy's first African-American president.

Harry Styles: "I've Only Ever Had Sex With Two People"

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

12 Reminders Of Why We LOVE Veronica Mars

As we prepare for what will inevitably be the Greatest movie ever made!!

Even Without Carlos Danger, New York Politics Are Still The Craziest

Anthony Weiner may be stealing the show, but he's hardly the only New York politician that's become engulfed in scandal over the last few months.

34 Things That Will Make '90s Girls Feel Old

Remember when Gwen Stefani had braces?

21 Pieces Of Fabulous Etsy Twerk Gear

Twerk team captains assemble!

Eagles Receiver Riley Cooper Was Caught On Camera Using The N-Word At A Kenny Chesney Concert

He has since apologized saying he is disgusted with himself.

Al Sharpton in... Sharpnado

Al Sharpton stars in the sequel to Sharknado, Sharpnado. By Mylo the Cat and JDKHTAR.

32 Signs That You're Addicted To HGTV

"Sorry, I can't do dinner tonight. There's a new episode of House Hunters on."

Adorable Kittens On VOKRA TV

What could be more adorable than a rescued kitten?

20 Signs You Went To Fordham University (College At Lincoln Center)

While other college kids were joining sororities and doing keg stands you were wandering around the MET and enjoying bottle service at Le Bain. #toughlife

This Crazy Cool Office Is Basically The Modern-Day Wonka Factory

You know, minus the whole chocolate part.

46 Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoos

Sometimes the best souvenirs are the ones you keep with you always.

Author Attacked By Fox News Is Actually Kind Of A Jerk On Twitter

Reza Aslan attained internet fame this week for keeping his cool during a hostile and uninformed interview on Fox News. Turns out he's a tad less guarded on Twitter.

Rob Lowe And Rashida Jones Will Be Leaving "Parks And Recreation"

Their departure will be in Season 6's 13th episode. Now updated with executive producer Mike Schur's statement.

22 Ways To Know You Have Worked FOH In A Restaurant

Inspired by: Have you worked in the Front of House of a restaurant? Are you still working in the Front of House of a restaurant? Yeah, me too.

Protesters Dump Vodka In Front Of Russian Consulate To Protest Anti-LGBT Laws

The protesters hope to draw attention to anti-gay legislation and violence in Russia. A New York City gay bar owner admitted boycotting Russian vodka might not do much, but it can bring attention to the issue.

The Smurf Power Rankings

Not all Smurfs are created equal.

5 WWE Little Guys Who Made It Big

In honor of WWE's current top story line of the tiny "troll-ish" Daniel Bryan defying the odds to become number one contender for John Cena's WWE Title, lets take a look at the top former Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Champions who went on to hold the Big Boy Titles.

Olivier Zahm Shot Some Fashion Photos That Weren't All About Nudity

Only a couple though. You wouldn't want to get a reputation for that kind of thing, after all.

There's A Facebook Group Encouraging People To Send A Dildo To Putin

A much bigger sacrifice than boycotting vodka.

21 Copy Cats

The term had to come from somewhere.

13 "Game Of Thrones" Houses As Defined By Urban Dictionary

"Stark - Someone who is good in bed." All right, which one of the Stark kids wrote this?

Somebody Finally Got Venom Right

Producer Adi Shankar (Dredd, The Grey,) brings us "Truth In Journalism," a day in the life of everyone's favorite alien symbiote host, Eddie Brock. Like Shankar's Punisher short, Dirty Laundry, we get a realistic, badass interpretation of a comic book favorite. Something tells me Spidey should be shaking in his leotard right now.

31 Amazing Things To Cook In August

Summer is winding down. GET COOKING.

So Yesterday Misha Collins Gave Out His Number On Twitter

Because he was taking Twitter questions about GISHWHES and "typing is too tedious. I feel i could be much more efficient on the phone."

19 Reasons Working From Home Totally Rocks

Working in an office is for suckers.

The Hill Reacts To The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People List

BuzzFeed asked for comment from a wide range of Capitol Hill employees. Here are the reactions that are fit to print.

Desk Exercises To Make The Most Of Your Workday

Desks, office chairs, and cubicles don't have to get in the way of getting in shape or working out a few kinks. In fact, you can even use them to your advantage. Just don't get caught.

Watch A Rare Video Of Donald Duck Promoting Contraception

1968, Disney produced a film for the Population Council, to teach men about birth control and personal responsibility.

Wonder Woman: Fighting Evil In A Bathing Suit Since 1941

Guys, straps. STRAPS. They're AWESOME.

Some Random Cool Stuff!

Everyone loves cool stuff! Here is a list of random cool stuff found on the web

18 Reasons Green Arrow Is DC's Most Under-Appreciated Character

Have you heard the good news about the Emerald Archer?

21 Magical Paris GIFs To Whisk You Away

Take a break and get lost in this Parisian dreamscape.

23 Simple And Essential Hiking Hacks

You'll be king of the trail.

27 Amazing Things About Living In The Middle East

Because yallah is the original YOLO.

20 Reasons To Be Obsessed With Iggy Azalea

I'm harboring a J-Law-level girl crush on Iggy, and you should too.

12 Reasons Why UCSB Is The Best UC

Rage. Study. Repeat.

You Have To See This Spectacular Market In Thailand

It's totally normal except for the train that barrels through it every hour!

22 Reasons Clayton Kershaw Would Be An Awesome Best Friend

The 25-year-old Dodgers ace MIGHT be the best pitcher in baseball, but he's DEFINITELY a pretty cool dude.

A Book Lover's Profile Picture

Something goes awry with my profile picture.

New Study Finds That Filling Bookstores With The Scent Of Chocolate Makes You Shop Longer

This further proves the theory: Chocolate is better than not chocolate.

Harry Potter Characters With Steve Buscemi Eyes

Buscemi eyes *clap*. They’re watching you *clap* *clap*.

5 Fun Pics From This Week

It's time for me to show off five neat-o pictures that I saw this week on Reddit!

Weiner Spokeswoman Who Went On Curse-Filled Tirade Laughs It Off

Yesterday, Barbara Morgan, a spokeswoman for embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, apologized for reportedly calling Olivia Nuzzi, an intern on Weiner’s mayoral campaign, a "slutbag," “bitch,” “twat,” and “cunt.” Nuzzi appeared on the cover of the Daily News Tuesday morning for a story she wrote about what she described as her less-than-desirable experience working for the Weiner campaign earlier this year.

Is This Man The World's Stupidest Journalist?

Times of India journalist writes "facts" like "women don't bathe every day" and "breasts don't like bouncing around."

Fox News Tackles Most Embarrassing Interview Ever: Host Was Right To Question Muslim Author

Fox News host Shannon Bream said it started with "the very liberal media." Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center said Reza Aslan was "not a very good Muslim" and said it was a "very very biased and very very one-sided book."

Why Field Reporting Is A REALLY Hard Job

This isn't your typical 9-5. Gas mask, anyone?

Krinkles The Clown: The Most Terrifying Cereal Mascot Ever

Post's Sugar Rice Krinkles, the only breakfast cereal approved by both John Wayne Gacy and Pennywise.

What's In A (Porn) Name?

When I started appearing in porn, I never considered that my porn name might be someone's real name.

Obama Reassures Skittish Democrats: "I'm There For You" In 2014

On Capitol Hill, Obama pledges to help Democrats on the trail and asks them to sell his economic plans.

Polo Manukainiu, Texas A&M, Gaiu Vaenuku, Utah, Die In Texas Crash

COLLEGE STATION, Texas, July 30 (UPI) -- Texas A&M defensive lineman Polo Manukainiu and incoming Utah defensive tackle Gaius Vaenuku have been killed in a car crash in New Mexico, police said.

Techies Earn Their Place In The Park

San Francisco's iconic Dolores park has a new section: "Appville."

Are You Being Catfished? The Definitive Quiz

Thanks to MTV's Catfish, there's more awareness than ever when it comes to the phenomenon of "catfishing." Here's a quiz to help you determine if your online paramour is the real deal or a faker.

From RuPaul To Nicki Minaj: A M·A·C Viva Glam Retrospective

Going on 19 years now, the makeup line has consistently produced some of the best fun cosmetics campaigns out there. And for a great cause too!

25 People Who Take Safety Way Too Seriously

Because it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

The Legend Of Adam Brody's Porn Mustache

He's playing an iconic porn star, which required great facial preparation. He also addresses his role as the Hottest Jewish Man In Hollywood.

25 Signs You're A Punk Rock Prom Queen

If Josie & the Pussycats taught us anything, it's Grrrl Power! And to not give into mean boys and the music industry and brainwashing capitalist cat ear head phones and stuff.

This Is Basically The Biggest Chicken Parm That Man Has Ever Seen/eaten

Right around the corner from its steakier brother Quality Meats, Quality Italian is a massive wine-walled and orb-lit power spot for Italian eats and cocktails on the second floor with a showstopper of an entree that will likely drop your jaw... for…

Ten Lesbian Terms Straight People Should Know

Live it, learn it, love it.

8 Dramatic Intersections Of Politics And The Olympics

The controversy over gay-bashing in Russia and the Sochi Games will be just the latest example of the real world clashing with sports' greatest gathering.

43 Reminders That The Internet Is Way Bigger Than You Can Even Imagine

1,292,502,456 hours of League of Legends online, 40 million online daters, terabytes of porn, and 2.2 billion emails. What have you accomplished in the last 21 years?

21 Tacos That Have Lost Their Sense Of Self

It's a confusing time in the world. Is that an excuse for tacos made with lettuce? It is not.

23 People Who Are Permanently Remembering The '90s

That's ONE way to keep the memory of your Beanie Baby collection alive.

The Fleeting Mushroom

Celebrate summer with chanterelles, a super source of vitamin D! Select specimens that are dry to the touch and emit an apricot-like aroma.

24 Things Patrick The Starfish Can Teach You About Being Your Best Self

You're a big, pink, beautiful star and don't you forget it.

Could This Straight Hockey Player Be The Face Of Gay Rights In The Sochi Olympics?

He might not know it yet, but Ryan Kesler is on the spot.

16 Alternative Wedding Invitations And Save The Dates

Flat paper and ink is BORING and so 1447.

79 Common Mispronunciations

Mental Floss is amazing at video numbered lists, as this pronunciation guide will show you. The fact that people say #13 wrong is so surprising it made me jump out of my chair and run down the street in shock.

22 Signs You're In An Interracial Relationship

What do love and puppies have in common? They're both adorably color blind!

6 "Wishbone" Episodes That Dealt With Extremely Mature Subject Matter

Remember that one where Joan of Arc awkwardly burned at the stake?

30 Awesome Beatles Covers

Here are the exceptions to the "don't listen to a Beatles song not performed by the Beatles" rule.

Glenn Beck: "I Was Diane Sawyer's Little Bitch"

Beck's radio program goes off the rails and his co-host Stu is left almost speechless. "Don't even think about what you're saying. Just go with it."

Soldiers Are Using Craigslist To Hook Up With Each Other In Afghanistan

Even after DADT, they could still face consequences.

The Definitive Dating Chart Of All Hollywood Jennifers

A lot of spit swapping around here!

"Harry Potter" Gets Seven New Illustrated Covers

Scholastic released the new covers to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the U.S. release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which became available to American readers on Sept. 1, 1998.

Amazon, Overstock Race To Bottom In Book Price War

The two e-commerce retailers are aggressively trying to undercut each others' book prices, which is great for consumers but not so much for authors.

23 Dogs Wearing Sweaters Right

Humans love soft Peruvian alpaca sweaters. So do dogs. And who doesn't love a dog in a sweater?

The 16 Most Incredible Eyebrows In Twin Peaks City Limits

These are, excuse me, some damn fine eyebrows.

6 Delicious Cold Soups To Make On A Hot Day

One of the best parts of summer.

Here Is Cory Booker's $30,000 Contract To Speak At The University Of Iowa

The Newark mayor had signed a contract in May to speak in Iowa, which according to a university spokesman was supposed to be canceled when Booker announced his Senate bid. Booker has made $1.3 million from about 90 paid speeches over the past five years, nearly half of which he has given to charity.

Ghostly Shadow Art Turns Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Into Nightmare Fuel

Pity the unaware urban explorers who next visit at night. Artist Herbert Baglione manages to capture fear and despair with a few strokes of the brush.

Russian Author Publishes Gay-Themed Children's Novel

"For me growing up, homosexuality was totally normal [...] It was only among adults that I realized that there were people who thought homosexuality was a problem."

34 Deliciously Ridiculous Rick Perry Quotes

Sometimes these things just write themselves.

Kristen Stewart Thinks This Paparazzo Doesn't Deserve To Breathe The Same Air As Her

There's only one solution to this problem and it is that we need some new, different air.

Inspiration From The Streets Of NYC

Because we could all use a little pick me up.

What's The Last Photo You Were Tagged In?

Let's show off the awesome or terrible pictures our "friends" tag us in on Facebook! Share the most recent photo you were tagged in below. No cheating!

10 Reasons Real Books Are Better Than E-books

It might be cool to claim you have a Kindle or a Nook or whatever, but let's be real. Books are better!

Amazing Photos Of An Underwater Stripclub

Yes, you heard me right, underwater strip club.

17 Otherworldly Places You Can Visit On Earth

Wait, I'm confused, is this Utah or Mars?

7 Things You Never Want To Hear Over The Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are perfect for listening to your little one to make sure she is safe or to hear when she is awake. Many parents use them in their children’s bedrooms or playrooms or even set them up in the kitchen while their toddler eats a snack so they can do a load of laundry. When you hear something that doesn’t sound quite right, or if your little one is in need, you’ll know right away when you use baby monitors. Humorous or not, there are some things your toddler does or says that you never want to hear over the baby monitor.

Johnny Manziel: Latest Antics Are Damaging College Football

I'm over him... I'm done before he ends up with a torn ACL and OD'd with a hooker in Bangkok... Johnny Manziel... We Are Never Getting Back Together... Like Ever... ‪#‎RML‬ ‪#‎RantNCAAF‬ ‪#‎SEC‬ ‪#‎Aggies‬

18 Breathtaking Photos Of Wild Horses Around The Globe

They'll make you want to run around in a field with your hair gracefully blowing in the breeze while a mournful tune plays on a flute.

This Is What Happens When A Heatwave Hits The World's Most Populated Country

Shanghai is experiencing its hottest July in 140 years. At least 10 people have died due to the month-long heatwave.

12 Incredibly Intricate Harry Potter-Inspired Manicures

Celebrate Harry's/JKR's birthday the best way possible: by painting symbols and spells all over your talons.

2 Chainz Might Not Be Who We Think

Are we sure Mr. Chainz is who he says he is?

I'm Wrfiting This Posdt Frum A Treadmill Desjk

guys, im wrrritting this from a treadfdsdmilllll deskkljhk

22 Signs You Are A Sign

Only signs will understand.

Kristen Stewart's New Puppy Is Cuter Than R.Pattz Will Ever Be

Kristen Stewart stepped out with her new dog, and we're having a cute overload.

23 Libertarian Problems

Yes, I do sleep on a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

San Diego Doesn't Want To Pay For Its Mayor's Sex Scandal

The city declined to pay Bob Filner's harassment lawsuit legal fees — and then filed to sue him.

Cool Future Stuff: Parenthood Application

The Parenthood Evaluation Process explains the responsibilities of raising a child in the future.

A Local News Station Posted A Fisting Joke On Their Facebook Page

Then they asked their readers if they knew what it meant...

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Bill Rancic

The star of Giuliana and Bill has a new passion project: Small Business Big Game. Details on that — plus selfies with baby Duke, inside!

6 OkCupid Profiles For Pop Stars

Here's what it would look like if Taylor Swift, Macklemore, and One Direction looked for love online like the rest of us.

One Exercise To Know This Week: Burpees

The world's worst exercise is about to become your favorite.

Karen Gillan: "I've Been Offered The Role Of Tommy Pickles"

Karen Gillan seems to be having a good time with her controversial new haircut.

23 Lovely DIY Bookends To Adorn Your Shelves

From honey bears to sign posts, these bookends have their own stories to tell.

Ron Swanson Takes London

And for most of the time, he has his hand down his pants.

You Will Never Look At Your Favorite Old-School Games The Same Again

Get inside Bomberman, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, and Contra .

20 Handmade Things You Might Just Need In Your Dorm Room This Year

As students head back to school they often head to the mall first to buy all of those things that make a dorm room a more comfortable, functional and lovely temporary home. Here are some hand made alternatives to those dorm staples that will really make your room stand out. . . In a good way!

Katharine Hepburn, 1934

Katharine Hepburn, 1934

6 Ice Cream Flavors Inspired By Your Favorite Books

Excuse me while I stuff my face with Berry Potter and the Container of Secrets. Unfortunately they're only figments of our imagination at this point. Get on it, Ben & Jerry's.

Courtney Love Recalls The Time She Hit On Craig Ferguson

To Craig Ferguson. Oh, what could have been!

20 Excellent Reasons To Revisit "Spaced"

The first outing of dream team Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright.

A Woman Blacked Up As Stevie Wonder On Greek TV

This makes for uncomfortable viewing.

How Well Do You Remember '90s Kids' TV?

Spend too much time in front of a TV as a kid in the UK? It's time to reap the rewards.

The 13 Most Guardian Headlines Ever

Who knew quinoa was quite so newsworthy?

Life As A Broke Twentysomething

I'm 25 and I'm broke. How 'bout you?

The 10 Worst Kinds Of People At The Grocery Store

Shopping for groceries is less fun because of these annoying folks hogging the aisles...

Rihanna Wins Her Lawsuit Against Topshop Over "Unauthorized" T-Shirt

A judge in London ruled in her favor today, with damages to be awarded. Says RiRi, "Everybody put your glasses up and I'll drink to that."

54 Fantastic Everyday Scenes From The Philippines

They don't call it "Pearl of the Orient" for nothing.

A Message To Neglected Spouses About The Deep Emotional Importance Of Fantasy Sports

These alleged time wasters are part of a healthy inner life.

10 Craziest Japanese Ice Cream Flavors

Summer in Japan can get quite hot. Fortunately, there is no shortage of delicious (and unusual) ice cream!

Old Navy To Focus More On Kids, Less On TV In New Ad Campaign

In his first interview since taking over as chief marketing officer, Ivan Wicksteed tells BuzzFeed about a new marketing campaign with Nickelodeon and how he believes TV ads are becoming less effective.

"This Is Our Britain" - 21 Things 'The Sun' Forgot To Include

A patriotic BuzzFeed tribute to our glorious nation.

Important Vine Of Dick Van Dyke Dancing

He's still got the moves!

79 Common Mispronunciations

Mispronouncing 'hyperbole' is the worst thing you will ever do.

CROCS Tries One Last Time To Get Teens To Buy Them (UPDATED)

What's their ploy? SEX, of course. UPDATE: Crocs says they did not authorize this ad's "creation or appearance." Full statement from Crocs after the jump.

Here's A List Of Words That Liverpool Footballers Aren't Allowed To Use Anymore

Including "midget", "princess" and "fairy". Warning: offensive language ahead.

37 Reasons Everyone Should Love Charlie Brooker

He's vowed to cut down on writing. Say it ain't so.

Those Much-Needed New Twitter Buttons In Full

These would all come in handy.

Sex Bucket List | Women's Health Magazine

Here's a to-do list you won’t mind checking off: Use this list of new, pleasure-filled ideas to spice up your sex life

6 Perfect Ice Cream Flavours For Book Lovers

Ben and Jerry's please, make these now. Via Quirk Books.

33 Signs You Live In Austin

One of the best little cities in Texas

14 Fashions That Grumpy Cat Would Hate

You know what's great about these fashion and accessories inspired by Tarder Sauce aka Grumpy Cat? NOTHING!

Tattoo Tuesday: Most Amazing Moon Tattoos Photo

After the inspiration Lunar Day left me, I found myself finding some of the most incredibly dope moon and space tattoos that I wanted to share with all of my MoonBabies Would you ever get a moon tattoo?  xo k More For You: -Lunar Day -Trend Alert: White Ink Tattoos

8 Reasons K-Pop Fans Are The Most Passionate Of All Fans

You think Beliebers and Directioners are passionate? Have you met a Shawol? A B2uty? Or a VIP?

30 Squirrely Signs You Went To Mary Baldwin College

Being a Fighting Squirrel isn’t just pearls, great legs, and pretty smiles. That’s just the tip of the iceberg…or Cannon Hill. Whichever.

This Is The Most Racist Music Video You Will See Today

The band Day Above Ground just released a song called "Asian Girlz" and literally everything about it is problematic.

The 24 Most Irish Things Ever

And not a potato in sight.

Insane Close Up Video From A Tornado In Italy

Eyewitness video captured on a mobile phone Monday showed flying debris crashing into large windows as a tornado approached an industrial zone in Milan. Several buildings and vehicles were destroyed in the storm but no serious injuries were reported.

The Amazing Story Of A Disabled Puppy Learning To Walk For The First Time

Mick, an 8-week-old Boston Terrier, was born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome, a rare disease that makes it impossible for him to use his legs to walk, stand or even sit. Many dogs born with the defect never see their first birthday.

8 Reasons Why Cher Is The Queen Of Twitter

She rarely makes any sense, but her tweets are the best in the game. Here are 8 reasons why the Goddess of Pop is also the Queen of Twitter.

Moreos Are Oreos That Let You Pile On As Much Cream Filling As You Want. Now They Just Need To Become Real.

You have to hand it to Nabisco. After creating the most essential snack cookie of all time, the Oreo, they didn't just call it a day. No, they continued to blow our minds with the Double Stuff Oreo and the...Candy Corn Oreo (mind-blowing for very…

15 Harshest Female Pop Lyrics

Daaaaaaaaamn, girl. Tell us how you really feel!

15 Sloth Facts From Sloths

The sloths give you some knowledge that will make you the most interesting person at the dinner party. Unless "Weird Al" Yankovic shows up.

11 Reasons We Love Italian Director Dario Argento

Everyone has their favorite horror helmsman, but for those of us who need to be simultaneously creeped out, horrified and intrigued, 72-year-old Italian filmmaker Dario Argento is our guy.

9 Reasons To Love Your Scars

Scars are just souvenirs you never lose, "tattoos with better stories."

Drake's Top 10 Moments On "Degrassi"

Before Drake became the rapping sensation he is today, he was Aubrey Drake Graham, actor, who played basketball-star-turned-wheelchair-bound Jimmy Brooks on Canadian teen TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation. Here are some of his best moments.

16 Signs It May Be Time To Stand Up For Yourself

And just a handful of ways to go about it

Immigration Reform Activists Prepare Major August Blitz For Republican Support

Advocates already have “196 scheduled events of various types between now and the end of the recess … there will be more. We’re just getting rolling,” top union official says.

35 Signs You Grew Up In Atlanta

You know you got excited in 2004 every time you heard those Atlanta shoutouts from Usher. A-town down.

Anthony Weiner Spokeswoman Apologizes For Calling Former Intern A "Slutbag"

"In a moment of frustration, I used inappropriate language in what I thought was an off-the-record conversation."

8 Well-Played Hands Of Cards Against Humanity

Because sometimes being a total asshole can be hilarious.

Teresa And Joe Giudice Could Be Totally Screwed

The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple has been indicted on 39 counts of fraud and tax charges. Here's a breakdown of what the government said they did — and why they could be going to jail for a very long time. (Or, as Teresa would put it, they could "go away" for a long time.)

The 16 Worst Things Walter White Has Done On "Breaking Bad"

In his transition from father and high school chemistry teacher to dangerous drug lord, Walter White has made some questionable choices. Here are his biggest transgressions, which will make you wonder if he deserves to make it through Breaking Bad alive. WARNING: Major spoilers through the first half of Season 5.

Watch President Obama Deliver The State Of The Union Address

President Barack Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union Address from the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

12 Saturday Morning Cartoons From The ‘80s You Probably Forgot Existed

You'll probably want to eat a big bowl of cereal while reading this post.

Liberty-Loving Members Of Congress Silent On Bradley Manning

Paul, Wyden, and Amash take a pass. Love the leak, hate the leaker?

Holy Crap. These Guys Reinvented The Peanut Butter Jar.

No more peanut butter knuckle? Sign me up!

You Know You Went To University Of Arizona When...

The Dirty T might not be the most beautiful place but all of us who have had the honor of attending the U of A know that it's a slice of paradise.

The Best Damn Places To Drink In North Lake Tahoe

Because South Lake Tahoe is, well, gross, we're rounding up the absolute best places to get your booze on in North Lake, from barely public boat dock bars, to a place that sells something called The Chupacabra.

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