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    Soldiers Are Using Craigslist To Hook Up With Each Other In Afghanistan

    Even after DADT, they could still face consequences.

    Men deployed in Afghanistan are meeting up with each other through Craigslist.

    According to the Daily Mail, they may use the "Iraq" page because hundreds of thousands of soldiers used to be stationed there. Also, there is no "Afghanistan" Craigslist page.

    Extra-marital sex between service members while they are deployed is forbidden.

    Jay Price/MCT

    Although Don't Ask, Don't Tell was struck down almost two years ago. Under that law, any soldiers caught doing this could have been discharged.

    One US Marine Lance Corporal faced negative consequences after he attempted too meet up with someone.

    Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/MCT

    He was caught when the person he was meeting up with turned out to be an undercover cop. He lost $1,600 in pay, had to do 45 days of extra duties, and faced 45 days of restrictions.

    The Craigslist page features mostly men seeking men, often including graphic images of genitals and sex acts.

    Some examples of subjects read, "Anyone on night shift," "Hey guys," "Discreet Soldier Pasab," and "need some straight military dick." The posts with pictures obviously hide the identity of the poster.

    But one guy is just happy his fav site got some attention: