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July 4, 2013

Clafouti Patisserie Et Cafe - Forget You, Cronuts

Okay, okay. So maybe America's tired of hearing about those delicious croissant-donut hybrids of international fame. That's fine. But in a move that's the first awesome thing to come out of Canada since the Bryan Adams hit song, "Why Do You Have to…

20 Pieces Of Fan Art Inspired By Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail"

Re-imagined album covers, a nod to the producers, and even some creative nail art!

32 Selfies From Tahrir Square

The revolution will be Instagrammed. There will be duckfaces.

Hotwheels Powered By Fireworks

You probably don't want to try this at home

200-Year-old Rockfish Caught In Alaska

Henry Liebman, an insurance adjuster, broke all kinds of records with the fish he caught neat Sitka, Alaska last week.

10 Of The Whiniest Ever First World Problems

This week: sex, alcohol, ice cream, and ripped jeans "headaches."

Welcome To The Strangest Music Video Of Your Life

Also one of the smartest and most glittery.

The Complete Guide To 4th Of July Fireworks

Consumers will spend over $600 million on fireworks this holiday. Fun facts via a cool infographic by H&R Block.

10 More Insane Local Russian Ads

Sick of America today? Take a trip to the Motherland, where local advertising is сумасшедший.

15 Things That Escalated A Little Bit Too Quickly

A friendly reminder to take things slow, because sometimes they can get out of hand, like, really surprisingly fast.

27 People Having The Worst Summer Ever

"Summertime, and the living is - ARGHHH."

7 Occasions When Corey Feldman Has Been Out With More Than One Woman

What is it about Corey that makes girls okay with sharing?

Why The Heck Does This Spider Have Antlers?

The answer may shock you: mind-control zombie fungus.

17 Dogs That Hate Wearing Dog Clothes

Dog coats and costumes may look cute to some people, but many dogs aren't impressed. In fact, some of them have been emotionally scarred by them.

Murdoch Says He Knew About Journalists' Bribes To Officials

In a secret recording obtained by a U.K. news organization, Rupert Murdoch indicates that he knew of the practice of paying for information.

24 Awkward Modeling Poses Acted Out By Cats

Because if anyone's used to being in an uncomfortable position, it's a cat.

One College Student Takes On The Gay BFF Stereotype

"It became so easy to use my homosexuality as a wall to get people to instantly like a two-dimensional version of me that I found it hard to even be real with people."

The 4th Of July Experience In 30 Seconds

In case you're stuck in a cave. Or Canadian.

What Life Is Like When You're Just About To Graduate

*desperately Googles for a fashionable way to wear a gown*

Giant Cats Are Coming For Us All

It's the way we always thought we'd go. Just never thought it would come so soon. :( @thejefflarson, via Dan

Abuse Of The Statue Of Liberty In Foreign Ads

As a great president now known simply as "W" once said, "They hate our Freedom." The statue reopened to the public today.

12 Fashion Models React To Fireworks

They just never get excited about anything. Such a shame.

The Forbidden Love Between Dogs And Fireworks

So dangerous and yet so intriguing. Show these six videos to your dog to inspire them to be brave this holiday weekend.

The 20 Most Brighton Things To Ever Happen

Fish and chips and seagulls.

A Guide To Your Perfect Anti-4th Of July

Not feeling the 'Murican spirit? Here are some ways to spend the day without having to hear "You're a Grand Old Flag" on repeat.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars

What if William Shakespeare wrote Star Wars? Boing Boing has an excerpt.

13 Graphs That Suggest The Planet Might Be Totally Screwed

Well this is alarming. Taken from 10 Billion, a new book by Stephen Emmott.

The Internet's 20 Funniest Andy Murray Jokes

Of course, we're rooting for him. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a few gags at his expense.

Keep Your Hands Down!

Kitty is the boss!

Spitz Steals The Bunny!

Cute pets playing. Awwwwwwww

50 Facts About The 50 States

--of Amerigo Vespucci

Hose Problems? Get A Pocket Hose

that's what she said

John Fugelsang: America's Not A Christian Nation

"Yeah, the Pledge of Allegiance mentions God — as of 1954. And 'In God we trust' is on our money — as of 1956. Which technically means people who believe in the separation of church and state are the real conservatives." — John Fugelsang

What's Your Favorite Hershey's Miniature?

Admit it, you always steal your favorite out of the bag before anyone else can get the chance.

14 Cool DIYs Using Toy Animals

These clever plastic animal crafts will have you raiding the toy bin!

Amazing Video Of An Emu Chick Emerging From An Egg

And seeing the world for the first time. Happy birthday, little buddy.

62 LGBT Candidates In Nepal To Run In Upcoming Elections

The Nepali LGBT advocacy group the Blue Diamond Society announced Wednesday that 28 lesbians, 21 gays, 12 transgenders and 1 bisexual would run in the November 19 election.

Things Millennial Gays Love

Inspired by this, which was inspired by this. I INSIST ON GIVING CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.

Doggie Seat Belt, The Seat Belt For Dogs

travel with your pets, without dying in a crash

Interviews With Drunk Oxford University Students

Want to find out what Oxford Uni students think about Gove's educational reforms the moment the fall out of a nightclub at 3 in the morning, as well as whether they prefer one night stands or a long term relationship? Well now you can.

The Big Brother Cast Is Horribly Racist, Horribly Sexist, Generally Horrible

The reality show is deep in controversy with this year's cast and the repercussions have already began

INTERVIEW: HLN Anchorwoman Rita Cosby

Rita Cosby has won three Emmys for her reporting, worked at Fox News and MSNBC and topped bestseller lists with her books. A fill-in anchor for HLN and the host of New York's WOR 710 talk radio program, The Rita Cosby Show, she breaks down why she lives up to her first name's Hindi origin, "absolute truth."

Egypt’s Revolutionaries Reckon With New Allies

The military, and a formerly passive majority. “I trust the couch party.”

31 Hypothetical Celebrity Baby Names Inspired By North West

Kimye's decision to call their firstborn North West has provoked a whole new trend of ironic, oxymoronic, and just plain moronic celebrity baby names.

12 Fireworks Displays Competing With The Fourth Of July

These fireworks are tryna front, but we all know who comes out on top.

Top 13 Underrated '90s Nickelodeon Shows

We all know by now what a fabulous time the '90s was for Nickelodeon, and how fondly we remember growing up with their quality programming. When nostalgia tripping, people always bring up the obvious classics like Rugrats, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, or Hey Arnold! For every All That, though, there was a Roundhouse.

19 Things About "The Lone Ranger" That Are Way Worse Than Johnny Depp Playing Tonto

If you were afraid that Depp's portrayal would be racist, well — yes. But he's still the best thing in this terrible movie. SPOILERS!

12 Celebrities That You Might Not Know Wrote Novels

Some very surprising celebrities have moonlighted as novelists.

25 People Who Are Having A Worse Time At The Airport Than You

Trust me, that long line isn't so bad.

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