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July 17, 2013

Nelson Mandela Is Improving, Says Daughter

In an interview with Sky News on the eve of his 95th birthday, the daughter of Nelson Mandela, Zindzi Mandela said her father is "making remarkable progress" and “responds very well,” communicating with his eyes and hand.

"Machete" Director: I'm Not Suing Texas

Robert Rodriguez denounces a lawsuit filed against the Texas Film Commission by the production company behind his movie, calling it "completely without grounds." Updated

Billionaire Hedge Funder Slams Dell Board, Says He's Ready For A Proxy Fight

Activist investor and hedge fund billionaire Carl Icahn launched his final campaign to keep Dell a public company during the CNBC Institutional Investor "Delivering Alpha" conference in New York. The contentious and close vote between Icahn and founder Michael Dell over ownership of the computer giant is scheduled for tomorrow.

H&M Finally Updates Us On Their E-Commerce Situation

The wait to shop H&M online may soon be over. The Swedish brand has been flaky on the subject and today tweeted demanding some answers. H&M responded claiming online shopping will be available to US customers this August. With any luck, you can finally eliminate that all-encompassing dread you feel upon attempting to look through the physical store's mountains of disorderly merchandise.

27 Best Summer Party Hacks

Barbecues are awesome by nature and they don't need to be fancy. But use even one of these tips and you will feel like a genius — and have more time to hang.

13 Ads That Are Assholes

My old ad profs said "the best ads have a personality." Well, these ads are all real jerks.

The 5 Best One Liners From Wall Street's Top Cop

Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, loves two things: using aggressive tactics like wiretapping to take down white collar criminals and making occasionally corny (but sometime hilarious) jokes. Here are some of his best.

Moneymen Are Taking Over Time Warner

Phil Kent, the longtime head of Turner Broadcasting, announced Wednesday that he was leaving the company, to be replaced by John Martin, the current chief financial officer of Time Warner. The elevation of Martin puts another business, rather than creative, executive in charge of a Time Warner division.

Books You Love To Re-Read

Some books are better the eighth time around. What book do you find yourself pulling off the bookshelf over and over again?


It's still a strange place. 10 photos.

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